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The media theory site

The media theory site

Doctor Disruption National Media Museum About us « MODE multimodal methodologies Digital technologies are profoundly changing society. These changes create significant challenges and opportunities for social scientists. An education researcher, for instance, now asks: How can I investigate the interactive whiteboards and visualizers used in schools to facilitate learning? A sociologist may ask: How do digital technologies change the way people organize their work? They may both ask: How can we make use of the digital artefacts that the people we study produce such as websites, games, mobile devices, virtual environments, ‘touch based’ technologies, and videos, as well as the digital data automatically produced by technologies, such as CCTV video recordings? MODE is a node of the National Centre for Research Methods and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Video and other digital data: How to gather materials such as video-recordings and logs of people’s online presence and how to systematically analyze these materials using multimodal methodologies?

Cruzine - the place, where knowledge becomes live. index O'Reilly Books & Videos Learn something new today. 1-800-998-9938 / 707-827-7000 / We the Media Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People By Dan Gillmor July 2004 Pages: 320 | Online Book | Table of Contents | Index | Sample Excerpt | Colophon Open Book Content License/CopyrightTable of ContentsIntroductionChapter 1: From Tom Paine to Blogs and BeyondChapter 2: The Read-Write WebChapter 3: The Gates Come DownChapter 4: Newsmakers Turn the TablesChapter 5: The Consent of the GovernedChapter 6: Professional Journalists Join the ConversationChapter 7: The Former Audience Joins the PartyChapter 8: Next StepsChapter 9: Trolls, Spin, and the Boundaries of TrustChapter 10: Here Come the Judges (and Lawyers)Chapter 11: The Empires Strike BackChapter 12: Making Our Own NewsEpilogue and AcknowledgementsWeb Site DirectoryNotesIndex Back to: Open Books Project Back to: We the Media

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences The International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) is an online resource for social science and interdisciplinary research. It supports the needs of students, researchers, lecturers, librarians and information specialists. IBSS includes over 2.5 million bibliographic records relating to the four core social science subjects of anthropology, economics, politics and sociology. About IBSS Since 1951 IBSS has been indexing a wide range of social science and related interdisciplinary material including journal articles, reviews, books and selected chapters published throughout the world. IBSS provides comprehensive and specialist online databases. IBSS covers over 2,800 social science journals from every region of the world. How to access the IBSS online service IBSS is available free of charge to students, researchers, academics and staff at UK higher and further education institutions, ESRC-recognised independent research institutes and central government departments.

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