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Synth Hacking

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Interface Yamaha Breath Controller. Birthofasynth. View Forum - Thomas Henry designs. Modular Synths The Core of the Synth Walkthrough LMNC. Music From Outer Space - Your Synth-DIY Headquarters. ELECTRONOTES. Synthtopia – Synthesizer and electronic music news, synth and music software reviews and more! The SOS Guide To Choosing A Modular Synth. No longer the preserve of men in laboratories or capes, the modular synth business is thriving, and it's now easier to go modular than ever before.

The SOS Guide To Choosing A Modular Synth

Read on and we'll show you how... Modular synths, eh? Monolithic beasts emitting squeals and stridulations under the hands of caped sonic crusaders. Modular Synth Comparison Chart. A side by side shot of two popular VCOs from Blacet and MOTM, showing the different form factors.

Modular Synth Comparison Chart

The Blacet VCO is 5.25" high x 3" wide x 6.25" deep. The jacks are 3.5mm, panel .062 aluminum. The knob width is .45". Space required is 98.4 cubic inches. Eurorack standard specs - Mutable instruments' users community. The Secret World Of Modular Synthesizers. Bedroom-based boffins the world over are manufacturing increasingly bizarre and esoteric synth modules.

The Secret World Of Modular Synthesizers

Come with us as we step away from the modular mainstream and take a look at some of the more eccentric Eurorack synth modules this weird world has to offer. Al James Welcome to the wild west. 5 Open Source Synthesizers You Can Build And Hack - Hongkiat. Shruthi – DIY resources. This section contains all the information allowing you to build your own Shruthi or hack its firmware.

Shruthi – DIY resources

The Shruthi contains two section: a digital section (“control board” or “digital board”), containing the display, main microcontroller, switches and pots ; and an analog section (“filter board”) hosting the VCF, VCA, input mixer and the output stage. Several variants of the filter board are available to provide a broad range of sounds. Control board. View topic - impedance standards. Old Part Day: Voltage Controlled Filters. For thirty years, the classic synths of the late 70s and early 80s could not be reproduced.

Old Part Day: Voltage Controlled Filters

Part of the reason for this is market forces — the synth heads of the 80s didn’t want last year’s gear. The other part for the impossibility to build new versions of these synths was the lack of parts. Synths such as the Prophet 5, Fairlight CMI, and Korg Mono/Poly relied on voltage controlled filter ICs — the SSM2044 — that you can’t buy new anymore. If you can source a used one, be prepared to pay $30. New old stock costs about $100. Now, these chips are being remade. The list of synths and music boxes sporting an SSM2044 reads like a Who’s Who of classic electronic music machines. This news follows the somewhat recent trend of chip fabs digging into classic analog designs of the 70s, realizing the chips are being sold for big bucks on eBay, and releasing it makes sense to spin up a new production line.

Interface Yamaha Breath Controller. What is your favorite expression controller? I've used a few over the years.

What is your favorite expression controller?

MIDI on the ATtiny - 27 May 2015Progress: Complete.

MIDI on the ATtiny -

Kastle - pocket sized lo-fi modular synth - Bastl Instruments. NS1nanosynth – soundmachines. Product Description We at soundmachines thought about a simple and cheap platform that will transport the main characteristic of a modular analog synthesizer in a small and friendly format, to be well recognised by musicians, makers and tinkerers worldwide.

NS1nanosynth – soundmachines

A small, but loyal to its roots, instruments of sound creation. With a digital platform added as a bonus. TINYSIZER - Synthesizer analog modular - ANYWARE-INSTRUMENTS. Factory Birth - Hardware Version. A Tour and Performance of my DIY Modular Synthesizer – cb fishes. A few months ago I started dabbling in electronics with the intention of building an analog modular synthesizer.

A Tour and Performance of my DIY Modular Synthesizer – cb fishes

I had my doubts that I could create something that worked, let alone something useful and musical. But yesterday I placed a plywood panel in the last slot on my second rack, effectively filling up the two 19″ x 12″ pallet wood cases I built to house my synthesizer. I thought this would be a fitting time to stop soldering for a moment and share some details– and sounds– of the instrument I built. My Specs.


Hardware. Power Supply. Envelop. Filter. Controls. CS-01. CX5M. DX7. Tymkrs (The Toymakers) Store on Tindie. Handmade.Electronic.Music.The_.Art_.of_.Hardware.Hacking.pdf. CMOS Synthesizers - Beavis Audio Research. Chip Basics For our experiments, we'll use a couple basic chips: 40106 Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger: This chip contains 6 individual Schmitt triggers.

CMOS Synthesizers - Beavis Audio Research

A Schmitt trigger is a comparator circuit that incorporates positive feedback. What this means is that when a high signal (positive voltage defined as '1') is applied to the input pin, the output pin generates a low signal (ground voltage defined as '0). This simple circuit can be connected to a resistor/capacitor pair to rapidly turn on an off. 4040 Binary Counter/Divider: This simple logic chip takes an input square wave and generates oscillations at 8 outputs with a frequency related to the input frequency. 4051 Eight Channel Analog Multiplexor/Demultiplexor: The voltage status of the three address pins A, B and C determines which of the eight channels presents its voltage to the common connection pin.

Intro to Lunetta CMOS Synths - Google Docs. Mickeymouselogic. CMOS Mickey Mouse Logic Article by Ray Wilson Understanding Mickey Mouse Logic (MML) NOTICE: The 74HC14 (and all 74HC gates) have a limited supply voltage capability (2 to 6 volts) whereas the 74C14 and CD40106 can both be powered from 3 to 15 volts. These characteristics of the CMOS hex Schmidt trigger make MML possible: CMOS gate inputs have ultra high input impedance (practically no current flows in or out of them). Refer to Figure 1 Mickey Mouse Logic Circuits for the following. MIDI Library, For Communication With Musical Instruments. MIDI, by Francois Best, allows you to control and receive data from musical instruments. MIDI 2.6 and 3.2 and later support all Teensy models. Hardware Requirements MIDI uses the UART to communicate with standard MIDI devices at 31250 baud.

This is completely separate from, and can be used together with USB MIDI. Send and Receive MIDI with Arduino : Receive MIDI Messages with Arduino. Most Arduino MIDI projects send MIDI messages out, but you can also use the Arduino to receive MIDI data. Here are some ideas: an Arduino synthesizer that uses MIDI messages to construct audio waveforms a device which uses MIDI to trigger mechanical events, like the ringing of different sized bells a MIDI to control voltage(CV) device- communication between MIDI and analog synthesizers Parts List: MIDI connector Digikey CP-2350-ND 220Ohm 1/4watt resistor Digikey CF14JT220RCT-ND 1N4148 diode Digikey1N4148-TAPCT-ND 10kOhm 1/4watt resistor Digikey CF14JT10K0CT-ND 470 Ohm 1/4watt resistor Digikey CF14JT470RCT-ND (I used 2x220 instead) 6N138 optocoupler Digikey 751-1263-5-ND The hardware setup is slightly more complicated for receiving MIDI than it is for sending.

Code Tinker Hack: How to turn Piano toy into MIDI keyboard (using Arduino/Atmega) Interesting WTPA2 MIDI Opto Repair - Narrat1ve Nerd Camp. So, while I was testing these pre-assembled units, I found one that had intermittent MIDI functionality. The symptoms were these: Mess with MIDI keyboard, MIDI works normally. Wait 20 seconds. The first NOTE_ON or NOTE_OFF after that fails. MIDI input with optocouplers! - Mutable instruments' users community. SamplerBox - The definitive guide to MIDI IN with Raspberry Pi's GPIO. By Joseph, on 2015 May 6th Do we need a USB MIDI interface to use MIDI with the Raspberry Pi? No! Is it possible to have MIDI IN into Raspberry Pi's GPIO? Yes! Raspberry Pi plays MIDI without an operating system.

Designing and building custom MIDI controllers.

  1. crc Oct 20 2018
    hi g555 ! i saw you are thinking of what kind of connector to use on diy synth panels. i am building mfos based modules using panels made of birch plywood thats 1/8 thick. over that im gluing a printed paper with all text an grafics . but the best is im using the pins and sockets normaly used as crimp on pins for dsub connector, as my main connector type. i hot-glue the sockets on the panels and use male pins on patch cords. .. works great ... way cheaper than banana...about 10 cents per connector. This construction technique is working just fine. ...i used to do aluminum panels and 1/4 phone jacks and letroset labels...all of those are expensive and troublesome. i cut the panel wood with a table saw. make the cover printouts with autocad, glue paper on , spray with clear acrilic , drill the panel holes for pots and pins and then attach panel parts and circuit card. im also aggregating all the the patch connections to the right side of the synth frame so all patching is away from the controls. if your interested i can send photo of this method