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The Languages of Africa. How Anti-Asian Activity Online Set the Stage for Real-World Violence. Negative Asian-American tropes have long existed online but began increasing last March as parts of the United States went into lockdown over the coronavirus.

How Anti-Asian Activity Online Set the Stage for Real-World Violence

That month, politicians including Representative Paul Gosar, Republican of Arizona, and Representative Kevin McCarthy, a Republican of California, used the terms “Wuhan virus” and “Chinese coronavirus” to refer to Covid-19 in their tweets. Those terms then began trending online, according to a study from the University of California, Berkeley. On the day Mr. Gosar posted his tweet, usage of the term “Chinese virus” jumped 650 percent on Twitter; a day later there was an 800 percent increase in their usage in conservative news articles, the study found. Mr. In a study this week from the University of California, San Francisco, researchers who examined 700,000 tweets before and after Mr. Representatives for Mr. 7 myths about immigration and open US borders, debunked. Julia Chinn was the enslaved wife of Richard Mentor Johnson, Martin Van Buren’s vice president.

Dec. 25, 1837: Seminole Anticolonial Struggle. By William Katz On Christmas day in 1837, the Africans and Native Americans who formed Florida’s Seminole Nation defeated a vastly superior U.S. invading army bent on cracking this early rainbow coalition and returning the Africans to slavery.

Dec. 25, 1837: Seminole Anticolonial Struggle

Though it reads like a Hollywood thriller, this amazing story has yet to capture public attention. It is absent from most school textbooks, social studies courses, Hollywood movies, and TV. Print shows an attack by the Seminole Indians possibly on a fort on the Withlacoochee River in December 1835. Source: Library of Congress.

Gisele Barreto Fetterman verbally assaulted by woman in grocery store yelling racist remarks. Claudette Colvin: The 15-year-old who came before Rosa Parks. 10 Pics Of People Before And After They Were Asked To Smile (New Pics) The Dalai Lama said, "A simple smile.

10 Pics Of People Before And After They Were Asked To Smile (New Pics)

That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others. " Edwebet99 - Diversity. (1) First taste of chocolate in Ivory Coast - vpro Metropolis. Muslims lived in America before Protestantism even existed. The first words to pass between Europeans and Americans (one-sided and confusing as they must have been) were in the sacred language of Islam.

Muslims lived in America before Protestantism even existed

Christopher Columbus had hoped to sail to Asia and had prepared to communicate at its great courts in one of the major languages of Eurasian commerce. So when Columbus’s interpreter, a Spanish Jew, spoke to the Taíno of Hispaniola, he did so in Arabic. Not just the language of Islam, but the religion itself likely arrived in America in 1492, more than 20 years before Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door, igniting the Protestant reformation. Moors – African and Arab Muslims – had conquered much of the Iberian peninsula in 711, establishing a Muslim culture that lasted nearly eight centuries. Fatoumata Diawara - Nterini.

African American Lit. Native cartography: a bold mapmaking project that challenges Western notions of place. Aeon email newsletters are issued by the not-for-profit, registered charity Aeon Media Group Ltd (Australian Business Number 80 612 076 614).

Native cartography: a bold mapmaking project that challenges Western notions of place

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Unsubscribing. Kelly-marie-tran. Ibtihaj Muhammad: 'Being made to feel different is what makes it all the more difficult' Ibtihaj Muhammad made history at the 2016 Olympics as the first American to compete in hijab and the first Muslim-American woman to win a medal, but the fencer has delivered a damning insight into a toxic Olympic team culture she describes as “psychological warfare” where she was treated as a “pariah” during the lead-up to the Rio Games.

Ibtihaj Muhammad: 'Being made to feel different is what makes it all the more difficult'

Muhammad, who won an Olympic bronze medal as part of the United States sabre team in Brazil, alleges that, while a member of the US fencing team, she endured years of bizarre behavior from teammates and staff where she was left off official team sheets, omitted from team emails, ignored by teammates, and not invited to team dinners. We Are America ft. John Cena. The Heroes of America's Startup Economy Weren't Born in America. According to the Entrepreneurship Rate indicator of the Inc.

The Heroes of America's Startup Economy Weren't Born in America

Entrepreneurship Index, Inc.'s proprietary benchmarked score representing the health of American startups, the percentage of entrepreneurs who are immigrants is currently close to a 20-year high. Today, they are a large reason the Inc. Entrepreneurship Index has remained relatively stable at 87 out of 100 in the first quarter of 2018, down almost imperceptibly from 88 out of 100 in the quarter prior. It's no coincidence then that the heart of America's startup scene--Silicon Valley--is San Jose. The most prolific startup markets in the country are flush with foreign-born founders Percentage of immigrant entrepreneurs among U.S. metro areas.

American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL) Nujabes - Aruarian Dance [Performed by 4th grade South Korean Students] History shanghai's Jewish quarter pre WWII click 2x. 'Tank Man': The iconic image that China doesn't want you to see. This picture sent ripples throughout the world on June 5, 1989, the morning after the Chinese military violently suppressed the Tiananmen Square protests.

'Tank Man': The iconic image that China doesn't want you to see

The sheer strength of this photo — one unarmed man, alone and helpless against several tanks — resonated with the entire globe — but not with China’s leaders. Today, more than 26 years later, we still don’t know who this man is and what happened to him, and the entire event is massively censored in China. The Tiananmen Massacre The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 (commonly known as the June Fourth Incident in China) started as a student movement in Beijing. Students gathered in the Tiananmen Square to mourn former Communist Party General Secretary Hu Yaobang, a liberal reformer. Initially, the government took a conciliatory stance toward the protesters, but after the movement spread to other cities, they decided to use force.

This is a Japanese drum line! RHYTHM "FOLI" THERE IS NO MOVEMENT WITHOUT RHYTHM, ORIGINAL VERSION. thomas roebers and leeuwenberg. Multicultural Literature for Adolescents. There's No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label.

This story is part of The Race Issue, a special issue of National Geographic that explores how race defines, separates, and unites us.

There's No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label

How Native American Slaveholders Complicate the Trail of Tears Narrative. When you think of the Trail of Tears, you likely imagine a long procession of suffering Cherokee Indians forced westward by a villainous Andrew Jackson.

How Native American Slaveholders Complicate the Trail of Tears Narrative

Perhaps you envision unscrupulous white slaveholders, whose interest in growing a plantation economy underlay the decision to expel the Cherokee, flooding in to take their place east of the Mississippi River. What you probably don’t picture are Cherokee slaveholders, foremost among them Cherokee chief John Ross. What you probably don’t picture are the numerous African-American slaves, Cherokee-owned, who made the brutal march themselves, or else were shipped en masse to what is now Oklahoma aboard cramped boats by their wealthy Indian masters.

These uncomfortable complications in the narrative were brought to the forefront at a recent event held at the National Museum of the American Indian. Titled “Finding Common Ground,” the symposium offered a deep dive into intersectional African-American and Native American history. MFON Celebrates the Work of Black Women Photographers. During the recent unveiling of the official portraits of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, conversations about the intersection of art and race took center stage. Artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald became the first African American painters to paint the first African American president and first lady of the United States. Gapminder: statistics for a fact based world view. 7 Casually Racist Things That White Authors Do.

American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL) Diverse Literature. Tablet Magazine’s 100 Most Jewish Foods List. Culturally Responsive Teaching. "Black Panther" is the best Marvel film yet. The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. Who really discovered America? (Spoiler alert: it's not Columbus) If not Columbus, then who? There are several theories as to who discovered America, some more documented than others. We know for sure that Vikings were there centuries before Columbus. Genes for Skin Color Rebut Dated Notions of Race, Researchers Say - The New York Times.

Cultural Competence. Photos Reveal the Changing Face of Saudi Arabia’s Women. Tribes react to polar bears - Tribes, Predators and Me - BBC Two. Without a Home, and Without Hope. By Brook Larmer Photographs by William Daniels Since this article was published, the Myanmar military has escalated its attacks on Rohingya villages, spurring more than hundreds of thousands Rohingya to flee their homes as of September 11 and stream toward the overcrowded refugee camps in Bangladesh.

On Aug. 25, Rohingya militants attacked security forces, killing at least a dozen. The army has responded in brutal fashion, according to refugee accounts, burning villages and killing hundreds. “Dance!” After enduring an invasive body search, Afifa had watched soldiers drag two young women deep into the rice paddy before they turned their attention to her.

The Importance of Kindness When Interacting With Children. One of the biggest challenges of parenting is remaining calm when a child has pressed all of your buttons. When the whining seems like too much to endure, when I feel my exhaustion running high and patience running thin, and when I feel that the child is not listening or caring, I remind myself to “just be kind,” and it sets me right every time. Nobody is immune to having their buttons pressed, and sometimes, children will intentionally push your buttons so that they can learn how you will react. Anjan Chatterjee: How your brain decides what is beautiful. Multicultural Literature for Adolescents. IF THE WORLD WERE 100 PEOPLE UPDATED. World Best Motivational Videos for Students.

8 Mistakes I Made as a Mom of an Autistic Child. A Court Case Could Spell Doom For Ethnic Studies In Public Schools. Hidden reason poverty.urgent need to address - world. If The World Were 100 People. Stanford History Education. Ancient Civilizations for Kids.China 2 clicks. East Asia also has dry areas. Hijabi by Mona Haydar. Finland Will Become The First Country In The World To Get Rid Of All School Subjects. In an era of technology and easily accessible information, our schools still expect from us to know everything from the books, without considering whether this is going to be what we will actually need in our professional development.

The world’s required reading list: The books that students read in 28 countries. How much money teachers earn around the world. The world’s required reading list: The books that students read in 28 countries. How-finland-is-finally-putting-an-end-to-bullying. Why Kindergarten in Finland Is All About Playtime (and Why That Could Be More Stimulating Than the Common Core) 9 Examples of Indigenous Sense in a Nonsensical Time.

Original americans 500 Nations

Maps of Native American Tribes and Reservations in the United States. First Humans Entered the Americas Along the Coast, Not Through the Ice. First Peoples - In Our Own Words 2 clicks. Iraqi Refugee Empowers Youth To Share Their Stories With 'Narratio' Good thing Steve Jobs did not attend school in TEXAS 2 clicks. Changemaker Schools. Lost at School by Dr. Ross Greene. A mini history lesson about the concentration camps on American soil. During World War II, a young boy was forced from his home with his family, placed on a cramped train, and sent to an isolated camp across the country with no knowledge of when he would be able to return home.

CristinaSkyBox: A Girl's World - The Fat and the Skinny. U.S. to track religious discrimination in schools as anti-Muslim sentiment grows. The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you - Anthony Hazard. A Nonprofit In Harlem Wants To Bring Dance To Every Public School In America. Where did Russia come from? - Alex Gendler. Gay, Lesbian Teens More Likely to Suffer Rapes, Attacks: CDC. Ancient Civilizations for Kids.China 2 clicks. The contributions of female explorers - Courtney Stephens. Stopping School Bullying: Are We Taking the Completely Wrong Approach? How to be more empathetic. How to Develop Mindsets for Compassion and Caring in Students. Teaching kids empathy: In Danish schools, it’s … well, it’s a piece of cake.

Kids explain mindfulness. The best free cultural & educational media on the web - Open Culture.