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Des cartes / infographies pour l'Histoire

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Index (FranceArchives) Le déclin démographique de l'Irlande. OG infographics from the New Deal #dhdjMiami. Le 11 Septembre et ses conséquences à plusieurs échelles. Hidden codex may reveal secrets of life in Mexico before Spanish conquest. One of the rarest manuscripts in the world has been revealed hidden beneath the pages of an equally rare but later Mexican codex, thanks to hi-tech imaging techniques.

Hidden codex may reveal secrets of life in Mexico before Spanish conquest

The Codex Selden, a book of concertina-folded pages made out of a five-metre strip of deerhide, is one of a handful of illustrated books of history and mythology that survived wholesale destruction by Spanish conquerors and missionaries in the 16th century. Researchers using hyperspectral imaging, a technique originally used for geological research and astrophysics, discovered the underlying images hidden beneath a layer of gesso, a plaster made from ground gypsum and chalk, without damaging the priceless later manuscript. The underlying images must be older than the codex on top, which is believed to have been made about 1560 and was donated to Oxford’s Bodleian library in the 17th century by the scholar and collector John Selden.

IECA / Junta de Andalucía » Espejo de marinos para la navegación del mar occidental… La publicación por el marino y cartógrafo neerlandés Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer del "Spieghel der Zeevaerdt van de nauigatie der Westersche Zee…" traducido como Espejo de marinos para la navegación del mar occidental…(Leiden: Christopher Plantin, 1583-1584), con cartas de las costas europeas del Atlántico occidental y septentrional grabadas por Joannes y Baptista van Doetichum, supuso la aparición del primer atlas marítimo impreso, una obra que alcanzó un notable éxito en su época.

IECA / Junta de Andalucía » Espejo de marinos para la navegación del mar occidental…

Spyglass on the Past: #New_York_City 1836 and Today. WhatWasThere - Put history in its place! Carta Històrica · MUHBA. Une géographie des esclavages.

Guerre froide

Antiquité. Napoléon. Première et Seconde Guerres mondiales. Histoire immédiate - Actualités en cartes. La traite des esclaves en Afrique du VIIIe et XVe siècle - Cartes historiques. Atlantean Puzzle Pieces.

See the following Nahuatl (Aztec Words) before beginning this article: Atl = Water.Atlan = In, by, alongside, under water.Atlah= Abundant water.Ahtlantica=A big stretch of abundant water (A Nahuatl name for the Atlantic Ocean.).Atlantona = Resplendent Lady of Water (Another Nahuatl name for the Atlantic Ocean).Atlantech/Atlantesh = Place under, by, in, alongside water.Atlantes = Nahuatl name for Atlas holding up the world.

Atlantean Puzzle Pieces

Atlantean Puzzle Pieces Copyright by Ed Ziomek, Stamford, CT, and Johnny Ziomek (Los Angeles) The following are plausible explanations and theories, leading us closer to the historical truths we all seek. I suspect 1000 authors or more have found these connections before me, in the last 500 years. Historische Karten von Berlin. HistoMap Berlin: historische Karten von 1925-2013, natürlich georeferenziert.

Historische Karten von Berlin

Ein Projekt von Landesarchiv Berlin und Beuth Universität. *"Socialisme, communisme, syndicalisme en Allemagne depuis 1875" par les visualisations.*… La conquête du Pacifique - EOSGIS Cartografia Magazine. Life After the Bombs - Map: A Reign of Bombs. The Vietnam War spilled into Laos with terrible force.

Life After the Bombs - Map: A Reign of Bombs

To break enemy supply lines and maintain control of the strategic Plain of Jars—endeavors that eventually failed—the U.S. and its allies flew hundreds of thousands of bombing sorties over Laos. Between 1964 and 1973 some two million tons of ordnance were dropped on Laos—up to 2,000 pounds for every Laotian man, woman, and child. The U.S. concentrated bombing on the highland plateau during its “secret war” against North Vietnamese and Laotian communists. North Vietnam’s supply line to South Vietnam threaded through the rugged Laotian border. Azincourt 1415 : d'où venaient les chevaliers français morts à la bataille ? Sur la carte et dans le tableau ci-dessous,500 noms.

Azincourt 1415 : d'où venaient les chevaliers français morts à la bataille ?

Ils ne représentent que 8% des combattants qui périrent en cette terrible "journée d'Azincourt", le 25 octobre 1415 face à une armée anglaise moins nombreuse mais d'une redoutable efficacité. Modern Cartographer on Flipboard. Mapping India. A map showcasing the 18th Century theatre of war in the Carnatic and along the Coromandel Coast From 15th century pilgrimage trails to 19th century political maps, an exhibition by Prshant Lahoti takes viewers on a virtual tour of India’s past A unique exhibition exploring the Indian sub-continent through maps from early 15th century will be on display at the National Museum beginning next week.

Mapping India

Carte de Paris en 1871. Wired Map Lab sur Twitter : "During the Cold War, the Soviet military secretly tried to map the entire world. Machu Picchu. Codex Azcatitlan. Vingt ans après Srebrenica: marcher pour ne pas oublier. Brandissant des drapeaux blancs frappés de fleurs de lys, comme celui de la Bosnie du temps de la guerre intercommunautaire de 1992-95, les marcheurs vont traverser forêts et collines pour arriver à Srebrenica vendredi, à la veille du 20e anniversaire du massacre dans lequel environ 8000 hommes et adolescents ont été tués par les forces serbes bosniennes.

Vingt ans après Srebrenica: marcher pour ne pas oublier

Cheveux grisonnants, la quarantaine sportive, Nedzad Mujic, est venu des États-Unis où il a émigré deux ans après la fin de cette guerre qui a fait 100 000 morts. «Je participe chaque année à cette marche pour que ce que nous avons vécu ne soit pas oublié. Aucun survivant ne doit oublier ce qu'il a vécu ici. A map of Europe based on how many colonies each country had. No prizes for guessing which European country is history's most prolific coloniser (or any prizes for the colonising itself).

A map of Europe based on how many colonies each country had

This chart from Statista, inspired by this map and based on this list, gives an indication of how extensive Britain's colonial history is, with twice as many colonies as either France, Spain or Portugal. HT Jakub Marian Map: The richest people in Europe, by country More: How selected consonants sound around Europe, in 9 maps No prizes for guessing which European country is history's most prolific coloniser (or any prizes for the colonising itself). World Map of the The Geography of Homer. Vintage Infodesign [122] - Visualoop.

Guillaume Duval on Twitter: "(excellent) graphe allemand sur nombre faillites d'Etat subies par les différents pays depuis 1800. #grexit ;-) Glossaire et légendes. Auvergne : « Alvernia, province de la France, qui a Clermont pour capitale, et qui est bornée au levant par le Forez, au midi par le Rouergue et le Gévaudan, au couchant par le Limousin et la Marche, et au Nord par le Bourbonnnais.

Glossaire et légendes

Elle a environ 40 lieus de long sur 30 de large, et occupe le païs des anciens Arverni, qui se défendirent si bien contre Jules César, lorsqu'il vint faire la conquête des Gaules. On la divise en haute et en basse le climat de celle-ci est fort tempéré, mais celui de la haute est très-froid, à cause de la neige qui couvre les montagnes presque pendant toute l'année. Libé – Aux détours du Tour : parcours type et territoires favoris du Tour de France. 40 maps that explain the Middle East. Maps can be a powerful tool for understanding the world, particularly the Middle East, a place in many ways shaped by changing political borders and demographics. Here are 40 maps crucial for understanding the Middle East — its history, its present, and some of the most important stories in the region today. Middle East History The fertile crescent, the cradle of civilization The fertile crescent, the cradle of civilizationIf this area wasn't the birthplace of human civilization, it was at least a birthplace of human civilization.

Business Insider sur Twitter : "This beautiful chart shows the history of America's fiscal situation since 1948. Stuff in Space. Map shows how religion spread around the world - Business Insider. # HISTORY /// Chrono-Cartography of the 1871 Paris Commune. On January 29, 2014, friends Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli posted an interesting article on Socks (check out their new interface!) Based on photographs taken by Mike Ma of a map illustrating the chronology of the bloody week (May 21-28 1871) that eradicated the socialist Paris Commune. Seeing this map made me want to, not only retrace it in a “cleaner” version but add to it other valuable information so to obtain a comprehensive “chrono-cartography” of the 1871 Paris Commune.

You can download a high-resolution of this map (28 Mb) here under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (i.e. use it in any way you want providing that you’re not making money out of it and that you’re referring to the original map’s credits). This article is built on five chapters that distinguishes each component of the map. Iconographic Plan of Mexico City Showing the General Layout of its Pleasant and Beautiful Streets: As well as the repair and elimination of the negative features of the various neighborhoods, ...

The National Map: Historical Topographic Map Collection. Historical Topographic Maps - Preserving the Past In 2009, USGS began the release of a new generation of topographic maps (US Topo) in electronic form, and in 2011, complemented them with the release of high-resolution scans of more than 178,000 historical topographic maps of the United States. The topographic map remains an indispensable tool for everyday use in government, science, industry, land management planning, and recreation. The National Map: 125 Years of Topographic Mapping. Planisphère de Martellus - Une carte du 15e siècle révèle ses secrets. Medieval European Trade Map. Legendary Lands: Umberto Eco on the Greatest Maps of Imaginary Places and Why They Appeal to Us. By Maria Popova “Often the object of a desire, when desire is transformed into hope, becomes more real than reality itself.” Celebrated Italian novelist, philosopher, essayist, literary critic, and list-lover Umberto Eco has had a long fascination with the symbolic and the metaphorical, extending all the way back to his vintage semiotic children’s books.

Half a century later, he revisits the mesmerism of the metaphorical and the symbolic in The Book of Legendary Lands (public library) — an illustrated voyage into history’s greatest imaginary places, with all their fanciful inhabitants and odd customs, on scales as large as the mythic continent Atlantis and as small as the fictional location of Sherlock Holmes’s apartment.

Eco writes in the introduction: Map showing the Thames river with various docks... La traite négrière transatlantique résumée en une infographie de deux minutes. D'habitude, quand nous évoquons «l'esclavage américain» ou «la traite américaine des esclaves», nous faisons référence aux colonies américaines ou, plus tard, aux Etats-Unis. Mais quand on s'intéresse à la traite négrière dans son ensemble, l'Amérique du nord ne joue qu'un rôle secondaire. Depuis le début de la traite, au XVIe siècle, jusqu'à sa fin, au XIXe siècle, les marchands d'esclaves ont transporté la plupart des Africains asservis à deux endroits: dans les Caraïbes et au Brésil. The Geography of Genius 1400 - 1950. By Frank Jacobs Genius follows its own law of gravity. It migrates in ever greater numbers to where it thrives. Hence places like Silicon Valley – and attempts to replicate it elsewhere, like London's Silicon Roundabout.

The phenomenon is older than the microchip, of course, as proven by these maps. Focusing on four creative disciplines, they chart the geography of genius in Europe and, over three consecutive periods (1400-1600, 1600-1800 and 1800-1950), the drastic changes to that geography. In the 15th and 16th century, three distinct areas emerged as the centres of creative genius. Histoire de l'Ecosse: de la chute de l'Empire Romain à l'émergence du royaume d'Alba. La carte de Cassini. 1866_U.S._Coast_Survey_Nautical_Chart_of_Map_of_New_York_City_and_Harbor_-_Geographicus_-_NewYorkCity3-uscs-1866. 10000 ans d'économie. JunIBIS. Paris. The Agas Map. Our new (as of the beginning of 2015) implementation of the Agas Map is based on the OpenLayers 3.0 library. It presents the map as a zoomable, rotatable tiled image with several hundred locations plotted on it. In the default view, the locations are initially hidden; you can show them by checking checkboxes in the navigation panel which appears at the top right of the map.

Locations in the navigation panel are sorted into categories; click on a category name to expand it and see all the locations. Some locations appear in more than one category. Zoom in and out using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or the zoom control at the top left. Apart from this, these are the main things you will want to do with the map: Find one or more specific locations and show them This is best done by searching in the navigation panel. Les cartes marines. Antwerpen, Belgium. Map images. Map: Time-lapse of American seizure of indigenous land, 1776-1887. I found out yesterday that I am 1/32nd Cherokee. I know nothing more—not if the coming-together was a happy one or otherwise. But, growing up in Colorado, I have as many always loved our Native American foremothers and forefathers, and the sadness of our American genocide should not be forgotten. A history of the 20th century in maps – in pictures. Bibliothèque numérique patrimoniale des ponts et chaussées.

Charles-Joseph Minard, né à Dijon le 27 mars 1781, intègre l’École polytechnique en 1796 puis l’École nationale des ponts et chaussées en 1799. Ses activités professionnelles le mènent à Angers, Rochefort et en 1811 aux ports de Flessingue et d’Anvers. En 1815, il est attaché au service municipal de Paris où il élabore un projet de canal et de chemin de fer pour amener à Paris les pavés et les eaux de la vallée de l’Yvette. En 1822, nommé ingénieur en chef, il est chargé du canal du Centre puis en 1824 du canal de Saint-Quentin. World History Maps & Timelines. Titre d'ensemble : Carte générale de la France Notice du catalogue : - Volumes in the same set - 182 results. A Map of Currents and Seaweed, 1886. JF Ptak Science Books Post 2457 I think that if you squinted your eyes a little to deform your visual field and then looked at this map of the Earth's ocean currents that what you might see is...Mars.

At least that's what I can see if I concentrate on it, or at least the Mars of 1880 or thereabouts, with its large and blotchy seemingly mobile and ambiguous forms skirting around the planet. "This map may be purchased at the blog's bookstore, here. That said this map does represent a high achievement, displaying the elements of the still young-ish science of oceanography (or at least in the form presented by Matthew F. Maury) and showing the movements of the ocean currents. This maps comes about a century after the first map to truly distinguish the Gulf Stream (the B. Agnese : Tous les messages sur agnese. Afternoon Map: The First Printed Ottoman Map of Palestine, 1804. Today, more great Palestine maps from Zach Foster: Mahmud Raif Efendi (d.1808) is well known to Ottoman history buffs, but few others.

He was behind the publication of the first Ottoman printed map of Palestine. Raif Efendi was a Reis ül-Küttab, or Foreign Minister, as well as the first Ottoman diplomat stationed in London. Raif Efendi penned a world Atlas in French sometime in the early 19th century, a genre of literature that did not exist in the Ottoman world. Category:Images from Geographicus.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. Kartografija i geoinformacije (Cartography and Geoinformation) Rose of Bohemia, style in Prague and roots in Vienna. Manuscript Maps sur Twitter : "Ha! What an amusing old #map from 1793! Pic RT @Libroantiguo #cartography #maps #cartoons #frenchrevolution #history.