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The National Security Archive NATO Archives The NATO Archives revisits the Alliance’s international arts heritage 01 Jun. 2016 As NATO prepares to move to its newest headquarters in Brussels, the NATO Archives took a look back at the Alliance’s international arts heritage with an exhibition featuring the national artworks gifted for the decoration of the first new NATO headquarters built at Porte Dauphine, Paris in 1959. more “The Grandmother of Kabul” pays a special visit to the NATO Archives 09 Dec. 2015 The 2015 Archives Committee meeting held at NATO HQ in Brussels provided an appropriate setting to welcome an extraordinary guest. more The NATO Archives commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the IFOR peacekeeping mission 05 Jan. 2016 The Dayton Peace Agreement (formally known as the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina) was signed on 14 December 1995 at the Paris Peace Conference to mark the cessation of hostilities that tore that country apart between 1992 and 1995. more

BDIC - Bibliothèque de documentation internationale contemporaine - Archives Carnet d'écolière : Arlette Vauchelet, Landres et Saint Georges (08), mon histoire pendant la guerre, 1914-1919. Fonds Académie de Lille. Carte de membre de la Chorale du camp de prisonniers de Zossen, Première Guerre mondiale. Le Caporal Maupas, fusillé pour l'exemple et réhabilité suite à la Campagne de la Ligue des Droits de Homme, (1920-1926). L' Affaire du Bonnet Rouge. Réquisition de beurre et d'oeufs par l'autorité d'occupation allemande, Brouchy (Somme), 8 juillet 1915. Les archives écrites Les magasins de la BDIC accueillent près de 2 km linéaires d'archives privées. Au fil des ans, les archives ont été signalées de diverses manières dans les catalogues de la BDIC, en fonction de leur date d’entrée dans les collections.Jusqu’en 1992, année de mise en place d’un catalogue informatique des collections de la bibliothèque, elles étaient distinguées comme « dossiers BDIC » dans le catalogue manuel (sur fiches) Auteurs et titres d’anonymes. Consultation Reproduction

The International Non-Govermental foundation for socio-economic and political studies (The Gorbachev Foundation) - Archival and exhibition center - Archive and library The Archives and Exhibition Center (AEC) is one of the Gorbachev Foundation’s structural units. It comprises the Foundation’s archives, library, reading room and exhibition center. The archival collection reflects the evolution of the Russian state and society, mostly in the period from the late 1980s to the current day. The center’s collection of documents is based on the records donated to the Foundation by Mikhail Gorbachev and his family. They cover Mikhail Gorbachev’s activities as head of the Communist Party and state leader, and his subsequent political and public initiatives since 1992. The archives also contain personal records of Mikhail Gorbachev’s close associates - Anatoly Chernyayev, Georgy Shakhnazarov, Valentin Zagladin, and others. Given the role the Soviet leaders traditionally played in Russia’s domestic and foreign policies, these archival holdings are an invaluable source of historical information. Contacts

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum The Reagan Files British-Soviet Relations Archive Project Academician Alexandr Oganovich Chubarian (Russian Academy of Sciences) Professor Arne Westad (Harvard) Professor Vladimir Olegovich Pechatnov (MGIMO) Dr Svetozar Rajak (LSE) The relationship between the UK and the Soviet Union was one of the key political and military relationships of World War II and the Cold War that followed it. In 2004 Academician Alexander Fursenko of the Russian Academy of Sciences initiated a project to document British–Soviet relations during the Cold War. With the assistance of dedicated teams in Moscow and London the part of the project covering 1943-1953 has now been completed. In Moscow, Professor Vladimir Pechatnov served as executive editor in charge of the Russian editorial group. In London, Dr. We should like to thank Professor Natalya Kapitonova (MGIMO) and Dr.

British Cartoon Archive - British Cartoon Archive - University of Kent