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Critical minerals hub slated for the Central West, but no funding or timeline yet. Australia's first "critical minerals hub" has been announced for the New South Wales Central West, but for now the plan is a strategy with no funding or timelines attached.

Critical minerals hub slated for the Central West, but no funding or timeline yet

Key points: The government says Australia has the chance to be in the box seat when it comes to the world's supply of critical minerals and metalsNSW has launched its Critical Minerals and High-Tech Metals StrategyThe Central West hub could also host e-waste recycling for eastern Australia, but funding and timelines are yet to be detailed The government is promising to make the state a major global supplier of critical minerals and metals such as cobalt, nickel and copper with local advanced manufacturing. A large number of projects in NSW have been deemed investment-ready. There are three operating mines capable of producing critical minerals, five projects at an advanced stage of development and more than 15 exploration projects targeting critical minerals.

VicForests accused of returning logged public forests as weed-infested fields. Sydney architect Ian Moore likes the feel of timber from Victoria's ash forests.

VicForests accused of returning logged public forests as weed-infested fields

It's marketed as "Victorian Ash" or "Vic Ash" and sold by Australian Sustainable Hardwood (ASH). "Ash is a really nice timber for me to use, which is similar to American oak and European oak," he says. The blonde colour, according to Mr Moore, means it brings the warmth of wood without the orange or red hues that come with some other hardwoods. Central to Ian Moore's work is sustainability and Victorian ash is pitched as "the most environmentally friendly building product available". ‘Outlaw’ loggers VicForests and a regulator's 'charade' put drinking water at risk, data reveals. Across the mountainous peaks of Victoria's central highlands, alpine and mountain ash trees stretch as far as the eye can see.

‘Outlaw’ loggers VicForests and a regulator's 'charade' put drinking water at risk, data reveals

Standing as high as 100 metres, Eucalyptus delegatensis and Eucalyptus regnans — as the trees are scientifically known — are a sight to behold. Mountain ash is the tallest flowering plant in the world. But, here in the Thomson water catchment, north-east of Melbourne, it's on the forest floor where these trees work their magic. The ash trees play a crucial role in filtering drinking water that winds its way down the steep slopes, and into Melbourne's largest reservoir. The sleepy seaside town of Hawks Nest in the Obeids’ sights. As corrupt politician Eddie Obeid fought to stay out of prison this year, his family was secretly backing two controversial coastal property developments.

The sleepy seaside town of Hawks Nest in the Obeids’ sights

An investigation by Four Corners has found the Obeids have concealed their involvement in a $100-million beachside apartment project in the tiny town of Hawks Nest. The proposal has split the local community, fearful it could see the entire area opened for development. Yarra Ranges forest the size of 94 MCGs donated to conservation. About an hour north east of Melbourne, on the side of Mount Toolebewong near Healesville, is a damp eucalypt forest that's home to endangered possums, as well as wombats, powerful owls and lyrebirds.

Yarra Ranges forest the size of 94 MCGs donated to conservation

Key points: The conservation covenant is one of the largest in the greater Melbourne areaMoora Moora was founded in the 1970s to encourage sustainable community livingTheir donation will help secure habitat for the endangered Leadbeater’s possum And this 188 hectare forest, the size of 94 MCGs, can never be bulldozed. The land is owned by about 60 people from the Moora Moora Cooperative Community, and they have signed a conservation covenant, meaning the land can never be developed.

Decades-old conflict to develop Daintree still flaring up in Queensland's steamy far north. In the Daintree rainforest, cassowaries raise their chicks above the thick detritus of the forest floor.

Decades-old conflict to develop Daintree still flaring up in Queensland's steamy far north

Elusive Bennett's tree-kangaroos make their homes in the canopies above, while crocodiles lie in wait in the estuaries and rivers that push into the forest from the Coral Sea. Home to an assembly of flora and fauna not found anywhere else on Earth and fringed in the east by a coral reef, the Daintree in far north Queensland is believed to be the oldest continual patch of tropical rainforest in the world, with some of its plants dating back to the earliest-known flowering plants, more than 110 million years ago.

Link between native forest logging and bushfires prompts calls for rethink of forest management. There is growing pressure on the Tasmanian government to rethink its native forest management practices, after new University of Tasmania research found regenerating forests are more prone to high-severity bushfires than mature forests.

Link between native forest logging and bushfires prompts calls for rethink of forest management

Key points: A University of Tasmania study has found younger forests have a higher bushfire risk than mature forestsSimilar research in Victoria found logged and regenerated forests were more likely to burn at higher severityThere are calls for new forest management techniques to increase resilience to bushfires in the wake of climate change The study focused on Tasmanian eucalyptus forest, aiming to assess how fire danger changes as forests mature, to help predict bushfire behaviour. Wildfire ecologist James Furlaud said the study found fire risk in older forests was much lower than in young forests, and clear-felling — the practice of removing all trees from a coupe — could increase fire risk. Darwin council aldermen to move motion to save Lee Point despite NT government's refusal to budge.

Aldermen are calling for urgent action to protect one of the last vestiges of natural bushland in Darwin from urban sprawl in the form of an official motion to the City of Darwin Council.

Darwin council aldermen to move motion to save Lee Point despite NT government's refusal to budge

Two aldermen will move a motion to save Lee Point at the next Darwin City Council meetingThe Chief Minister and Environment Minister say the project will go aheadLee Point is home to endangered animals and protected bird species Bulldozers have swept through hectares of threatened cycad species and natural habitat at Lee Point, a northern suburb of Darwin, in the Northern Territory, as plans for 800 Defence Housing Australia homes forge ahead. But council alderman Rebecca Want de Rowe, who will be submitting the motion at next Tuesday's council meeting along with alderman Justine Glover, says the "development completely goes against everything that council is fighting for". "This is not a done deal, the Minister has the right to stop this," she said. South Coast Marine Park proposal sparks tense talks among community stakeholders.

Esperance stakeholder groups are calling on the West Australian government to shed more light on a new marine park its planning on the community's doorstep.

South Coast Marine Park proposal sparks tense talks among community stakeholders

Last month, the McGowan government announced that as part of its promise to create five million hectares of new conservation areas by 2024, it would be moving forward with the proposed South Coast Marine Park. Pending consultation, it could span from east of Bremer Bay through to the South Australian border. The move has been welcomed by some of the regions traditional owners, who will be offered the chance to design and manage the park alongside government, rather than input being limited to just the consultation process. But although other community groups will have the chance to give feedback at a series of information sessions kicking off next week, some have already asked government to justify why a marine park is warranted. A call for clarity. 'Wilderness' evokes untouched landscapes, but can erase Indigenous people. Is it time to stop using the term? What image does the word "wilderness" conjure in your mind?

'Wilderness' evokes untouched landscapes, but can erase Indigenous people. Is it time to stop using the term?

Maybe it's damp moss encircling a giant myrtle-beech in takayna/Tarkine, or dry red earth and rocky outcrops deep in the centre of the continent. Or it might conjure nothing at all. TransGgrid route changes for Snowy Hydro 2.0 please some, upsets those in Gilmore Valley. Changes to the proposed corridor for a high-voltage transmission line in southern New South Wales has brought relief for some farmers but heartache for others. Key points: The footprint for the project has been reduced from 500km to 350kmTransGrid says it will prioritise consultation with landholders affected by the changesThe proposed route is being refined with an environmental impact statement expected next year.

A line in the sand. Residents on South Australia's wild west coast are grappling with Mother Nature to save their cherished town from being swallowed up by the dunes. Encroaching mountains of sand peer over backyard fences in Fowlers Bay. Like an impending tidal wave, its appearance serves as a reminder to the isolated and exposed village that an impressive natural force is right next door. Dunes have migrated in the region considerably in recent memory. Original parts of the town – High Street and a cluster of homes known as Kent Town — are already buried. Former Silicon Valley couple dedicate their retirement funds to regeneration near Robe.

Good jobs, a nice home near Stanford University, views of the Santa Cruz Mountains … there was a lot going for John and Jill Davidson's life in California's startup capital, Silicon Valley. Which is why their decision to leave in 2009 and invest their super into revegetating 60 hectares of farmland near Robe on South Australia's Limestone Coast doesn't make sense to some people.

"We've taken some quite good friends out there and they just look at us as if we're completely mad," Jill said. Like Silicon Valley, Robe has its share of wealthy locals. Forest logging agreement ranging from Sydney to Queensland to be challenged in court. An agreement that allows coastal logging to continue between Sydney and the Queensland border is to be challenged in the Federal Court. Key points: The Regional Forest Agreement on logging, ranging from Sydney to the Queensland border, was first signed in 1999The RFA was renewed in 2018 for another 20 yearsThe agreement will now be challenged in the Federal Court The North East Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) was signed in 1999 and renewed in 2018 for another 20 years.

Chief executive of the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO), David Morris, said it would argue the Commonwealth made the decision without regard to endangered species, the state of old-growth forests, or the impacts of climate change. "We're using that assessment to permit continued native forest logging for another 20-plus years. " Wildlife 'win' as Queensland government moves to acquire land for Currumbin eco-park from developers. Almost 150 hectares of southern Gold Coast land is to be transformed into one of the largest eco-parks in the country through compulsory acquisition from the defiant owners. Key points: The state government plans to compulsorily acquire 148 hectares in the Currumbin ValleyThe Currumbin Eco-Parkland will be one of the largest in the countryA community group say it's "a step in the right direction" for eco-tourism and an Aboriginal cultural centre The state government has today announced it will begin the process to acquire 148 hectares for the Currumbin Eco-Parkland — locally known as Martha's Farm or Martha's Vineyard.

The government is working to strike a deal with the commercial owners, who have a council-approved plan for a 348-residential lot, a marine precinct and artificial lake. Chinese company Shenhua Watermark Coal to sell portfolio of land in northern NSW food bowl. Rosebery mine facing significant opposition from protesters concerned about the Tarkine. Sensitive bushland to be cleared to make way for road to Andrew Forrest's company's eco-resort road. Environmental concerns mount amid the rise of cotton growing in Northern Territory. Independent environmental monitor finds 'high level of compliance' at McArthur River Mine. High in the Himalayas, China is planning to build the mother of all mega dams. 'Death by 1,000 cuts': Environmental advocate calls for overhaul of Darwin's planning. Liverpool Plains coal mine scrapped after NSW government pays Shenhua to walk away. Melbourne's drinking water and catchment areas put at risk by ‘systemic' illegal logging on steep slopes, experts say.

Government's own report finds 'sufficient uncertainty' about CSG proposal near contaminated site. How 'agromining' — farming plants that contain metal — could help power the future. Meet the woylie, an eco-engineer bringing life back to degraded ecosystems. Pembroke's Olive Downs coal mine approved despite department's concerns about waterways. National Arboretum 'future-proofed' against drought after months of rain, managers say. Fortune Agribusiness bid for NT water licence challenged by native title holders.

'We've had a gutful': Traditional owners threaten to close parts of Kakadu National Park. Massive NSW property Narriearra Station hailed by conservationists as ecological treasure trove. Northern Territory Government set to ban seabed mining following nine-year moratorium. Bob Brown Foundation loses Federal Court bid to end native forest logging in Tasmania. Why understanding blue flowers is crucial for bees. Villagers fight to preserve a rare piece of untouched forest in Solomon Islands - ABC News. Mining company Bravus, formerly Adani, fined for 'misinterpreting' environmental approval conditions - ABC News. Environmentalists hope a court victory will end native forest logging. This is what you need to know - ABC News. Controversial mineral sands mine at Glenaladale rejected in East Gippsland Shire Council vote - ABC News. Chinese submarine sends first live video back from the bottom of the Mariana Trench - ABC News.

NT Government shaves $120 million off McArthur River Mine environmental security bond - ABC News. Denmark locals mourn loss of decades-old fig tree bulldozed by developer on WA's south coast - ABC News. Water from Murray-Darling Basin plan not being delivered to wetlands, Australian-first report finds - ABC News. Volunteers rejuvenating culturally significant Aldinga Washpool Lagoon now want it protected - ABC News. Bees are back: NSW hives recover strongly after heavy toll of drought and bushfire, and farmers are delighted - ABC News. Wagina Island residents win bid to stop bauxite mining plan in Solomon Islands - ABC News.

Police attend main camp attempting to remove protesters from Western Highway upgrade site - ABC News. Gwen and Jeff Young plant thousands of trees to create 9-hectare haven for birds on their Port MacDonnell farm - ABC News. Byron Bay emergency beach erosion work begins, but will it be enough? - ABC News. Deforestation in Australia: How does your state (or territory) compare? - ABC News. How the regenerative farming movement transformed Charles Massy's sheep station - ABC News. Consequences for Rio Tinto over Juukan Gorge catastrophe are the new norm - ABC News. 'We are relying on a pinky promise': The problem with the Government moving its environmental powers to states - ABC News.

Traditional owners on APY Lands concerned illegal cattle grazing could damage country, sacred sites - ABC News. Antarctic biodiversity increasingly under threat as human activity spreads across continent - ABC News. The next pandemic is coming – and sooner than we think, thanks to changes to the environment - ABC News. BlazeAid needs more volunteers to help bushfire recovery, sees solution in paying backpackers - ABC Rural - ABC News. Greater glider habitat illegally cleared by grazier, department finds. Adani agrees to plead guilty for giving 'false or misleading documents to an administering authority' Mount Lofty Defence housing plan ignites debate on loss of koala habit to development. Call for protection of Fitzroy River as Western Australia election deadline looms.

Threatened ghost bats a 'main issue' for Northern Territory gold mine's green light. Eco-tourism proponent slammed for 'ridiculously low' lease of island in World Heritage Area. Darwin River Dam at lowest level since 2006, but NT Government quiet on action. We have already had countless bushfire inquiries. What good will it do to have another? The world is 'running out of sand', and it's fuelling murders, mafias and ecological devastation. Black Saturday firefighters want you to listen to them, not call them 'heroes' VicForests plans to log native ash trees on public land, a year after the law changed to stop it happening. Top End and Ord Valley cotton strengthens as national production plummets.

Trees tumble as developer tries to enact 1984 council approval at caravan park site. Plea for peace as end to Tasmanian forest logging moratorium draws closer. Amazon deforestation leads to firing of scientist after President Jair Bolsonaro takes issue with data. From polite persuasion to radical activism — the birth of the modern environment movement. Native Vegetation Act amnesty angers partner of slain environment officer Glen Turner.

'This is about humanity': Inside a protest camp in the heart of coal country. Is there enough water for agricultural expansion at Ti Tree or not? NT Farmers 'drowning in bureaucracy' - ABC Rural - ABC News. Floods across subcontinent displace millions in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Water trading's 'unintended consequences' across Australia's southern Murray-Darling Basin - Politics. Murray-Darling water plan walks a fine line between efficiency and the environment. How taxpayers are funding a huge corporate expansion in the Murray-Darling Basin. Uranium among contaminants sparking proposed bore water ban in Thebarton. Mining bill passes SA Parliament but rebel MPs say 'it's just the beginning' - ABC Rural - ABC News.

Climate change could be paused by planting trees, researchers say, as they map out available land - Science News - ABC News. $50/ha fines 'are not deterrents': Calls for tougher penalties for land clearing as Zenith investigated.