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Connectable modular camping tents. Ag Devices App.


New tech allows more than 1000 drones to be controlled from one screen. Wood carving. Best Sellers– iTechworld. Basketball. Shed. Gym. The Ultimate Mini Ex Overview: A Comprehensive Analysis of the 2021 Compact Excavator Market. By Keith GribbinsFebruary 22, 2021View Profile.

The Ultimate Mini Ex Overview: A Comprehensive Analysis of the 2021 Compact Excavator Market

Wifi. Fireplace. Alt energy. Container farming. Container homes. FireArt fire pits. Charcoal Accessories Archives - Barbecues In The Hills - BBQ, Weber Q, Charcoal Kettle BBQ, Large Gas BBQ 's. Fireplace cookers - The Wood Fired Co. Born from the campfire our mission is to create an authentic Australian wood cooking experience.

Fireplace cookers - The Wood Fired Co

Our multicultural nation combines techniques passed down through generations honing their craft while gazing into the flame. It is no new philosophy that cooking brings people together. Across time, across cultures, bringing family and friends together involves – perhaps requires – food. Favourite family dishes become famous family dishes, replicated and re-imagined for generations to enjoy.

The fundamental element – fire! While new ways of cooking have and will be engineered, fire offers more. Top 3 Best Smokeless Fire Pits for Bonfires of 2020. The classic fire pit has been reinvented and made even better than ever!

Top 3 Best Smokeless Fire Pits for Bonfires of 2020

Smokeless fire pits offer all the warmth and ambiance of a traditional fire pit, without the annoying smoke. There are only a few options available on the market; however, they vary significantly in terms of features and build quality. Best Smokeless Wood Fire Pit Overall: Solo Stove Bonfire / Yukon Solo Stove's Yukon model is seen above with the stand. Our pick for the best smokeless wood fire pit overall also happens to be the best stainless steel option too - Solo Stove’s Bonfire or Yukon model. 38 Must-Have Outdoor Fire Pit Accessories. You’ve selected your fire pit and now it’s time to deck out your outdoor evening escape with all the fixings.

38 Must-Have Outdoor Fire Pit Accessories

This is our list of over 30 accessories perfect for those who want to relax by the fire or cook over it and everyone in between. Creating the Future of Agriculture : Social Innovation Hub : Hitachi. Adam Danyal on LinkedIn: #technology #innovation #offroad. Off-grid dream becomes reality as bushfire threat creates new era for power networks - ABC News. In the days after last summer's bushfires, Srisa Heffernan trampled around her mother's farm to see if she could find anything that hadn't been incinerated in the ferocious blaze.

Off-grid dream becomes reality as bushfire threat creates new era for power networks - ABC News

Key points: Essential Energy says 3,200 poles were destroyed across New South Wales in bushfires last summerEnergy companies are increasingly looking to replace power lines with standalone solar systemsConsumer advocates say laws around standalone power systems need to catch up with industry. - Water.


Mum’s unbelievable 'bag, water and coin' hack to banish flies using no chemicals at all. Mums are going wild over a very unlikely hack for banishing flies for good during summer - with no chemicals at all.

Mum’s unbelievable 'bag, water and coin' hack to banish flies using no chemicals at all

Sharing on Facebook groups in the UK, DIY fans have revealed how they “haven’t seen a fly for weeks” since trying the simple trick. The hack involves placing a handful of coins in the bottom of a zip-lock bag and filling it with water and sealing. You then tie the bag above your back or patio door - or anywhere you expect to see flies - to keep the pesky insects at bay. It’s believed that the water and coins create a prism that reflects colours and “projects the image of water”.

How it Works – Biting Midge and Mosquito Barrier. How to Use This product works best in yards which contain plenty of vegetation such as hedges, trees, bushes and thick foliage which is able to be sprayed.

How it Works – Biting Midge and Mosquito Barrier

We call this harbourage area. Mosquito Control Trap Pestrol Outdoor Dominator Trap - Buy Online. Pestrol Outdoor Dominator is an effective Mosquito Control Trap, simple and safe answer to your mosquito control problems.

Mosquito Control Trap Pestrol Outdoor Dominator Trap - Buy Online

Using a powerful combination of mosquito lures: black light, heat and colour to effectively lure and eliminates mosquitoes.


Dam. Gelion Endure - A Non-Flow Zinc Bromine Battery - Solar Quotes Blog. Solar benches shine light on promising new battery contender, Gelion. Sydney-based energy storage start-up Gelion has delivered the first commercial rollout of its zinc-bromine gel battery technology in six smart solar benches installed on campus at the University of Sydney.

Solar benches shine light on promising new battery contender, Gelion

Gelion Technologies, which was spun-out from the same University by founder and chemist, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, has supplied the solar and battery-powered benches as part of the University’s living laboratory project. The installation is part of a $1 million contract with the University that kicked off in early 2019, when Gelion’s Endure battery storage system was integrated into a portable, automated solar light tower, also at the University of Sydney. Each of the six solar benches, unveiled on Monday at the University’s Camperdown and Darlington campuses, incorporate two seating benches and a solar roof that doubles as shelter, and are designed to extend lighting zones without mains power.

Greywater Treatment. Natural Greywater Treatment Free download: The Ultimate Guide to Greywater Systems Nature Clear Greywater filter – GWS10 Nature Clear GWS10 provides a simple and low-cost effective means of treating greywater.

Greywater Treatment

Not only is the equipment low cost, but also, if your site is suitable, the only significant excavation work required to install the system will be the trenching. The ongoing costs will be similar to those of a standard septic system. Greywater system buyers guide - Renew. Irrigation: using the water In many respects, capturing and diverting greywater is the easy part of greywater reuse; distributing it through your garden can be more complicated and requires careful planning in order to deliver the right amount of water to each area.

There are many irrigation alternatives that all have their pros and cons. Some of the commercially available greywater systems offer the installation of the irrigation system as part of the package. Agi-pipe One of the simplest ways to deliver greywater below the surface is through perforated pipe (agi-pipe), laid in filled trenches, 100 to 200 mm below the surface. Simple Off-Grid DIY Permaculture Based Grey-Water Treatment System. We are often asked how to deal with grey water in a tiny house on wheels, so when we discovered this amazing DIY grey water treatment system created by Murray for his tiny house, we had to show you! In this episode, we explore all the details of the system, and let you know how it all works so you can create your own. Grey water refers to all the waste water in a home which doesn’t contain any fecal matter.

Depending on what is in your grey water system, it can easily be used on site for irrigation but in some cases you may want to run it through treatment first to remove any undesirable biology from the water. Lawn Mower Attachments - ABI Attachments. 10 best UTV quad bikes on the market. The Honda Pioneer 500, is a compact, light, two-seat side-by-side with a 475cc single-cylinder engine and a semi-auto transmission, operated by nifty little paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

Honda has obviously gone to some trouble to keep this thing as compact as possible without making it too small for the average human being to get in and drive. There isn’t a huge amount of space in the cab, though, and not a lot of storage space either.