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Decoration Samples from Toilet Paper Roll - Bipudra.


Aluminum Cans. Wood Ash. The Wild Pig Smoker : 18 Steps. After you get your tank back from the professional who rendered it safe, you should mark and cut out your doors.

The Wild Pig Smoker : 18 Steps

Measure around the tank and divide by 4 to get the dimension for 1/4 of the tank. (195) Pinterest. Repurpose Old Water Heater: 9 Uniquely Different Ideas. Thinking of water heater disposal is, more often than not, the last thing on a homeowner’s mind while installing a new one.

Repurpose Old Water Heater: 9 Uniquely Different Ideas

But, you do need to figure out how to get rid of the old water heater. You might be pleasantly surprised but there are a number of options available to repurpose old water heaters. Recycled Materials. Reimagine Your Environmental Impact. Climate change has been accepted by most of the world as a scientific fact.

Reimagine Your Environmental Impact

People of all ages are making an effort to decrease the negative impact their actions have on the environment on a daily basis. Some of the most proactive options include making more intentional choices in where one’s energy comes from, limiting the amount of waste put into landfills, and choosing energy friendly modes of transportation. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint What is a carbon footprint? It is the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the environment as a direct result of your daily actions. There are larger changes individuals can make such as flying less frequently and choosing environmentally friendly energy sources.

10 Steps To Planning A Rural Regional Recycling Strategy. Developing a successful rural recycling program is a challenge.

10 Steps To Planning A Rural Regional Recycling Strategy

When state legislatures wrote waste reduction and recycling mandates into law and placed responsibility with local governments, few gave special consideration to rural areas. These communities are striving alongside their urban counterparts to meet recycling and reduction goals of 15 to 70 percent. Rural areas' efforts, however, can be hampered by low population and tax base, limited local government budgets and personnel, low-density housing and limited commercial development. For some areas, solid waste volumes fluctuate due to seasonal residents or tourists .

Antique Sewing Machines

Bike Parts. Cardboard. Car Tires. Chicken Wire. Computer Parts. Crockery. Furniture. Glass Bottles & Jars. Metal Cans. Mixed Projects. Mirrors. Old Brics. Old Buttons. Old Crutches. Old Keys. Old Metal Pipes. Old Toys. Old Ttrampoline. Paper & Books. Playing Cards. Plastic Bottles. Plastic Emballage. Plastic Pipes. Retro. Scrap & Reclaimed Wood Projects. Textiles & Fabrics. Tire Rims. Upcycled Wearable. Vinyl Records. Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Stencils To Beautify Your Home. Upcycle Belts Into Beautiful, Ornate Wreaths! Upcycle Belts into creative wall art or holiday decor, such as these ornate wreaths!

Upcycle Belts Into Beautiful, Ornate Wreaths!

Upcycled Wrist Watch Earrings. I had two old wristwatches that were not functional.

Upcycled Wrist Watch Earrings

Recyclart. Steigerhouten tafel rvs. Foto geplaatst door welkewonen91 op Old Tire Rims Make For The Best DIY Fire Pits. How to Re-Engineer Paper Back into Wood. Recycling vs Upcycling.

How to Re-Engineer Paper Back into Wood

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average person produces about 4.38 pounds of waste per day. Multiply that by the 300 million consumers in the US and we're left with about 250 million tons of waste every year, and only about a third of that gets thrown into the blue bin. But let's face it, the recycling system in the United States is not perfect. While recycling paper saves money and energy, it also creates a dastardly new substance. Budgettips: Återanvänd gamla grejer. This 27-year-old designer invented a way... - Collective Evolution. 70 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles.□ You Got To Try These Before You Trash One More. Salad Vertical Garden. GoodsHomeDesign. Sweden gives its "fixer" citizens tax breaks for repairing, not replacing, what's broken — Quartz.

At my local farmers market in upper Manhattan, one of the more popular vendors is Pop Up Repair, where people can bring their broken radios, toys, or waffle makers and get them fixed for a small fee.

Sweden gives its "fixer" citizens tax breaks for repairing, not replacing, what's broken — Quartz

For all the people it draws with nowhere else to turn for basic repairs, it draws even more for the mere spectacle, and nostalgia, of seeing someone fix what’s broken. Pop Up Repair is onto something: a small “fixer” movement that has gone global in the last few years, as more people see the wisdom in extending the lives of things they own rather than buying things anew.

Over the past decade, “repair cafes” have formed in Europe, the US, Australia, and Sub-Sahara Africa. And since it launched in 2003, the website iFixit, a kind of wiki for repair information, has collected nearly 90,000 solutions for fixing a range of household products and computing devices. Still, more often than not, repair shops are a breed near extinction, especially in rich countries. Dave Hakkens. Home — Precious Plastic. Reuse Chairs. Suitcase ChairAn old khaki canvas suitcase has been recreated into a slick Suitcase Chair.

Reuse Chairs

The chair has a steel reinforced internal structure, is upholstered in black leather, with timber stained tapered legs. South Africa's $1500. ABC 123 Chair These blocks are easy finds at Garage Sales... Coat Check Chair Joey Zeledón. Lights ! The Colourball By the amazing Heath Nash of South Africa.Multicolour flower and butterfly shapes attached to a handmade wire structure.Small: 400mm diam - 240 flowers, Medium: 500mm diam Large: 600mm diam, Extra large: 800mm diam The process: * Lots of bottles are found, sorted and collected. * They are washed very thoroughly (with bio-degradable detergent) and dried. * The handles and bases are carefully removed, and each bottle is splayed open into a semi-flat ‘sheet’. * As many flowers as possible are cut from each bottle * Now each flower has to be formed from a ‘flattish’ shape into a more 3-dimenional form - each petal is folded in half, and individual lines are creased into each (by hand).

Lights !

This forms the flower, and makes it more translucent where the lines are… adding to the detail and finish of the finished piece. (So if a flower has 6 petals, and there are 9 lines on each one, someone has creased 54 lines! Old Boats Become. Furniture made from Old Boats The fishermen from the West coast of Africa decorate their boats with brightly coloured geometric designs. The team of Artlantique searches for, and buys old, no longer seaworthy boats to transform... Instead Of Throwing Empty Bottles Away, She Transforms Them Into Something I NEED In My Home. It seems that day after day, the price of most things is going up. Sometimes pinching your pennies is wise, especially when it comes to small decorations.

With so much knowledge at our fingertips, making our own beautiful creations is extremely easy. Here are a bunch of ideas that not only save money, but also re-use some bottles you may have laying around. 1. Reusing Things: 100 Ideas of How to Reuse Commonly Thrown Away Items - Modern Homesteading. Back in the 50's, a gal named Joan Ranson Shortney wrote a book, How to Live on Nothing, that sums up more of what eventually became MOTHER's use-it-up-wear-it-out-make-it-do-or-do-without philosophy than anything else I've ever seen. Cohabitat - Photos du journal. Cohabitat - Photos du journal. The proof that the wastes are not necessarily useless - Earthlight MissionEarthlight Mission. What Began As An Old Tub Became Something Completely Amazing!... See For Yourself. I Can’t Believe How Easy It Is To Make These 21 Things Myself. The Results Are STUNNING. An Ugly Shed Gets Some Love From Eley Kishimoto.

Shed Inspiration: 12 Recycled, Reclaimed & Eco-Friendly Structures - WebEcoist. Greenhouses from Old Windows and Doors. Piet Hein Eeks Turns Local Community Center Into a Recycled Art Gallery in The Netherlands. Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets. The Daily Pallet. A Beautiful House Made from Trash & Recycled Materials. Driftwood railings line the rickety bridge leading to the cattle-bone numbers next to the front door of this unique recycled home – featuring far more than the sum of its scraps and parts, a beauty that emerges from the textured materials of which it was made (by hand).

It starts with stacked corks and bottles, old newspapers, scrap wood and recycled metal … and culminates in layered color-sample ceiling tiles and shards of mirrored glass arranged piece by piece to assemble an amazing interior wall mosaic. Old t-shirts form the floors in one room while an antique wood-burning stove adorns the next and glass wine bottles allow light and distorted views from one space to another. Less an interior design or decorating project and more a work of collaborative art, it is clear that each contributor to the construction process added their own custom (and often unplanned) elements.

Trash Treasure: Rome Villa is an Entirely Recycled Sanctuary.