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Employment in Industries

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This collection offers information on some industries only and further personal research is important. Some content relates to the statistics of employment in various industries and efforts will be made to ensure the most current data.

Aged-care industry aims to attract workers with job security and personal satisfaction. It is an industry crying out for employees to fill growing demand, but Australians must first change the way they think about it, an aged care educator says.

Aged-care industry aims to attract workers with job security and personal satisfaction

Key points: The aged care sector will need 1 million extra workers by 2050, which is a quadrupling of the current workforceLow pay has been one of the major challenges to attracting people to work in aged careAged care educator Tracey Newcombe said people need to stop thinking about ageing as a period of decline and disability The aged care sector is in the midst of a skills shortage and a damning royal commission showing weak regulation and poor wages, but attracting the workforce in the first place remains a major challenge.

From Matt Damon to Zac Efron, Hollywood stars are decamping for Australia. So are their lucrative film projects. If the history of Hollywood were a film, 2020 would be the dark night of the soul — the moment when all hope appeared lost.

From Matt Damon to Zac Efron, Hollywood stars are decamping for Australia. So are their lucrative film projects

In North America, last year saw the lowest number of cinema tickets sold per capita in at least 40 years, if not a century. And as the coronavirus situation steadily worsened, it made it difficult not just to screen movies but to shoot them. Shearer shortage due to COVID restrictions sparks 'unofficial auction' for workers. A worker shortage crisis has kicked off a bidding war between farmers and contractors for shearing crews.

Shearer shortage due to COVID restrictions sparks 'unofficial auction' for workers

Key points: Farmers face lengthy, and potentially costly, delays in getting their sheep shornCOVID-19 border restrictions and drought-breaking rains combine to create a skills "crisis" in the sheep industryShearing delays can cause animal welfare issues for sheep Shearing Contractors Association of Australia secretary Jason Letchford said some producers were paying shearers premiums of between 20 and 50 per cent per sheep in an "unofficial auction system". Rex Corbett Hughes made the chairs in WA's Parliament House, but that's just part of his story. A Pilbara man learned the classic art of deep-button upholstery from some of the masters, leading him to make the chairs in Western Australia's Parliament House.

Rex Corbett Hughes made the chairs in WA's Parliament House, but that's just part of his story

Key points: Rex Corbett Hughes learned deep button upholstery from Italian and English mastersHe now teaches the craft through the Ashburton Aboriginal CorporationHe urges others not to let fear prevent them pursuing their goals Now, after years of battling alcohol addiction, Rex Corbett Hughes has his own business and is passing on his knowledge. Talking to the ABC, he still felt comfortable in one of the Legislative Assembly chairs he made more than a decade ago. "Still the same. "My quality lasts that long. Outback sewage truckers — an essential service, but not for the faint-hearted. It's exhilarating, as a passenger on a 36-metre pink road train, watching the world whiz by from up high in the cab of this gigantic truck.

Outback sewage truckers — an essential service, but not for the faint-hearted

Only, I'm trying not to think about how this will all end. In roughly 1,260 kilometres we'll be surrounded by sewage, as far as the eye can see. Asylum seekers put their hands up to fill labour shortage in regional Victoria. Just a few months ago, Mizamu Mahari could not have imagined he would be living on a farm two hours from Melbourne, gingerly stepping into a saddle on a horse.

Asylum seekers put their hands up to fill labour shortage in regional Victoria

"To be honest, it's not like the city," he said. The 28 year-old electrical specialist from Ethiopia is one of six asylum seekers who came from Melbourne in mid-November to help fill the huge demand for agricultural labour. "I've never been outside of the city, so I was afraid for the first time ... now, it's getting better and better and we adapt to this," Mr Mahari said. The six asylum seekers come from countries including Ethiopia, Iran, and Bangladesh. They are just some of the asylum seekers and refugees who are filling agricultural jobs across the country. Where to look for job opportunities in 2021 after a year of record unemployment. "Tech heads, Geo Junkies and Supercomputer Heroes please apply!

Where to look for job opportunities in 2021 after a year of record unemployment

" Key points: Of all occupations, demand for labourers grew the most in 2020STEM jobs were also very resilliant in 2020In 2021, data analysts, call centre operators and health workers are expected to be in demand That's the rather unusual call out for staff to work at a burgeoning Australian high-performance computing company. DUG Technology had its humble beginnings in a backyard shed in the Perth suburb of Subiaco in 2003. Today, it employs about 300 staff across four international offices, including Perth, where a bright orange supercomputer named "Bruce" is used to store and interpret big, complex data sets for an increasing list of clients.

Labour shortage during NT mango harvest gives Congolese refugees first job opportunity. The shortage of labour on the Northern Territory's mango orchards has given some Congolese refugees their first job opportunity.

Labour shortage during NT mango harvest gives Congolese refugees first job opportunity

Key points: A new program is encouraging willing refugees to join the harvest trail in the NTThe initiative has been set up amid labour shortages during the mango harvestFor some Congolese refugees, the harvest work is their first job opportunity in Australia Bachunge Furaha fled civil unrest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo five years ago and struggled to find a job in Australia, until now.

This season, she worked in Nutrano Produce's mango packing shed in the NT town of Katherine, 300 kilometres south of Darwin. "It is my first job in five years, and when I tried to apply many people asked me to prove my experience, but I didn't have any experience," Ms Furaha said. New Australians on the harvest trail. Vegetarian taxidermists are challenging stereotypes about the art of animal preservation - ABC News. Taxidermist Jo Bain has worked with dead animals for 40 years, but the idea of consuming meat fills him with horror.

Vegetarian taxidermists are challenging stereotypes about the art of animal preservation - ABC News

Key points: Jo Bain is a taxidermist at the SA Museum, and is currently working on flamingosDespite four decades in the business, he has been a vegetarian for even longerAnother taxidermist says the combination is more common than might be expected "I've been vegetarian since I was 10 years old," he said. "Just the smell of raw meat makes me feel sick. " Visas approved in days for 'world's most highly skilled migrants', raising concerns of fraud - ABC News. Young leaders in emerging sectors are being approached out of the blue to provide nominations for a new visa at the heart of the Government's migration revolution.

Visas approved in days for 'world's most highly skilled migrants', raising concerns of fraud - ABC News

Key points: Applicants for the new Global Talent visa need a nomination from a person or organisation with a national reputationPeople in industry associations have reported to the ABC they have been approached out-of-the-blue for nominationsAustralia faces competition from other countries to attract talent, but currently offers a relatively COVID-free environment The scheme is being lauded by some for its swift processing and flexibility. But as it gets up and running, concerns have been raised that the scheme may be a magnet for fraud. Leaders from the visa's target sectors — including one in their 20s — have told the ABC they are being approached out of the blue to provide nominations for applications for the Global Talent visa.

Global Talent explosion The Government launched the Global Talent visa last year. Agents on board. They deliver your mail, but Australia's postal workers play a much bigger role in suburban life - ABC News. Joel Bull is a man by many names. To some in north-east Melbourne, he's a confidant; an unlikely source of comfort during their darkest days. To others, he's a friend; a familiar face in times marred by uncertainty.

But if you ask Joel? Well, he's just a plain old postie. The 40-year-old is one of thousands of postal delivery workers across the country, who play a unique — and often unrecognised — role within the communities they serve. They are a fly on the wall of suburban life; a witness to the highs and lows. Wool scour's resurrection could save the industry, from fibre to fabric, in face of China trade tensions - ABC News. Blackall in western Queensland has a population of fewer than 1,500 people, but the little town is positioning itself as the big solution to Australia's wool industry woes. Key points: A $198 million wool processing and handling facility is proposed for Blackall in central west QueenslandThe facility would see wool go from fleece to fabric in Australia, rather than relying on overseas processorsIt's estimated it would generate $116.3 million in gross regional product annually The local council wants a new wool scour built to manage the entire wool handling process locally — from fleece to fabric — rather than sending it overseas.

It could provide a long-term fix to the problems posed by China's suspension on importations of a range of Australian commodities, including beef, barley, wine, and wool. Australia is the world's largest greasy wool producer. Mothballed NT iron ore mines reopen amid soaring demand for steel in China - ABC News. Northern Territory iron ore miners are making a comeback as Chinese demand for steel soars and prices sit at a seven-year high. Key points: Two mothballed mines in the NT have reopened amid 7-year high pricesThe reopening of Roper Bar mine, 600 kilometres south east of Darwin, will create 250 jobsAn iron ore market analyst says high prices are being driven by record Chinese steel production Two mothballed mines have restarted operations in the past few months and are expected to be in full production in 2021.

The revival of the NT's iron ore sector comes as trade tensions rise between Beijing and Canberra and Chinese demand drives prices above $US135 a tonne. "We need to be very careful, and I think there's reason to be concerned, but the fundamental reality is that China's reliance on imported iron ore is very high and rising," Iron ore market analyst Philip Kirchlechner said. Mothballed mines reopen. New platforms are making the artist-fan connection more intimate — and more lucrative - ABC News. Recently, the Melbourne singer-songwriter Didirri Peters was asked to play for an audience of one. The musician, who plays under his first name, received the request via a platform called Serenade, which lets fans order a personalised video performance of a song direct from the artist. "It was, 'Hi Didirri, my friend is quite sick and one your songs is his favourite song, would you please perform it for them'," Didirri told the ABC.

And so he did, from his bedroom, where he uses a piano and a guitar, a $17 LED strip from Bunnings and bedsheet to soften the light. (He has cellophane, too, if the occasion calls for it.) Hospitality jobs go unfilled around the country as COVID-19 backpacker exodus starts to bite - ABC News. If you're heading out to a restaurant this weekend or even spending a few hours at the pub, you may notice something missing from the pre-pandemic era — foreign workers. Key points: Restaurants that laid off workers are now struggling to find staffIt comes despite a national unemployment rate of 6.9 per cent in SeptemberFood writer Dani Valent says March will be a "crunch time" for the industry As the hospitality industry tries to rebound from COVID-19 — no more so than in Victoria, where restaurants were closed for months — venues around the country are facing a staff shortage crisis.

Wes Lambert, the chief executive of Restaurant and Catering Australia, said there was only one skilled applicant for every 10 jobs advertised because of the loss of working holiday and visa workers. Those workers were the backbone of many restaurants around the country but returned home after finding themselves ineligible for the Federal Government's Jobkeeper or Jobseeker payments. Australia can no longer ignore need to move away from coal as customers commit to reducing emissions - ABC News. "Isn't it amazing what this little black rock can do? " Regional Australia has 45,000 job vacancies, with more available in some places than before coronavirus, data shows - ABC News. Farmers and workers both claim to lose out in changes to horticultural labour rules - ABC Rural - ABC News. Farmers and some workers say they are losing money because of changes to the award wage for casual horticultural employees.

New roads and other major projects face delays thanks to a lack of skilled workers and resources - Politics. Posted about 5 hours agoThu 15 Aug 2019, 6:13pm. Insiders editor Huw Parkinson started making videos to entertain his friends, they've now been viewed by millions - Television - ABC News. ABC Insiders' editor Huw Parkinson nominates his favourite mash-ups and explains how he dreams up the Walkley-winning clips and inserts politicians into movies and TV shows.

Bush pilots pull off risky remote aeroplane rescue near Derby, WA. Updated yesterday at 11:17amSat 27 Jul 2019, 11:17am. Are there really 54,000 people employed in thermal coal mining? - Fact Check. RMIT ABC Fact Check Updated Thu at 1:21amThu 11 Jul 2019, 1:21am. The cattle-mustering queen of the North, running a contract crew in the remote outback.

Updated earlier today at 10:06amSun 23 Jun 2019, 10:06am. Signing off from South-East Asia after fulfilling a 20-year dream - News coverage - ABC News. Melbourne Theatre Company tour takes mainstage theatre to young people in regional Victoria and Tasmania. Posted about 4 hours agoFri 21 Jun 2019, 9:22pm As I sat patiently awaiting the start of Melbourne Theatre Company's production of Finegan Kruckemeyer's The Violent Outburst That Drew Me to You, I surveyed my fellow audience members — teen girls chatting, teen boys trying to get their attention, and most of the 100 or so with phones in hands, ready to switch to silent. Not your usual MTC audience, then — not least because many of them were about to see professional theatre for the first time.

Human cannonball Warren Brophy is a circus performer keeping his family dream alive. Posted 40 minutes agoMon 17 Jun 2019, 2:09am. Overwatch composer Adam Burgess still loves performing — even with a billion-dollar game in the can. IT jobs boom sees TAFE struggle to meet demand for networking specialists. I'm a career cleaner and I'm sick of the lack of respect for my profession. Welcome to the Labour Market Information Portal. Female tradies promote 'male-dominated' jobs to school leavers. DG Design Network. Gender gap: Do men dominate Australia's music scene?

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Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication - Dinah Beach to Woolner Road - Department of Infrastructure - NT Government - Australia. Primezone. I Wanna B - Episodes. In The Beginning construction industry. Construct My Career. Construct My Career. DG Design Network. STEM Career Resources - RiAusRiAus - Australia’s Science Channel. Almost 40 per cent of Australian jobs could be replaced by technology by 2025, report finds.

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