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Employment in Industries

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This collection offers information on some industries only and further personal research is important. Some content relates to the statistics of employment in various industries and efforts will be made to ensure the most current data.

Female tradies promote 'male-dominated' jobs to school leavers. Updated Workshops aimed at teaching young women how to use tools are being offered around the country in a bid to break the gender imbalance.

Female tradies promote 'male-dominated' jobs to school leavers

A recent national report found women made up just 14.7 per cent of technicians and trade workers. DG Design Network. Gender gap: Do men dominate Australia's music scene? Analysis By Ruby Jones Posted Scroll through your favourite playlist on your phone.

Gender gap: Do men dominate Australia's music scene?

Chances are the majority of musicians are men. Turn on your radio — it is statistically likely you'll hear music made by a man. Go to a summer music festival. When triple j's Hack crunched the numbers, it discovered last year's Splendour in the Grass and Falls Festival booked almost 70 per cent male acts. So what is it like to be woman making music in Australia? "I've got a boyfriend who is a musician as well, and he never gets asked the kind of questions that I get asked in interviews. Earlier this year, new festival Spilt Milk announced a line-up with 16 acts. Soon after, Spilt Milk announced several more female acts, with the promoters saying: "You spoke, we listened. Adam Lewis books musicians for venues across Sydney, as well as boutique music festival Secret Garden. He says over the past few years, he has seen the industry start to become aware of gender imbalance. News Detail - e-Skills.

Help for young workers and students - Fair Work Ombudsman. Starting work can be an exciting time.

Help for young workers and students - Fair Work Ombudsman

While every workplace is different, there are rights and responsibilities that apply to all employees. Follow the tips below to help prepare for a new job: Know your rights When you accept a job offer there are some things you should find out from your employer as soon as possible, including: your pay rate whether you're full time, part time or casual (this affects your hours of work, pay rate and leave entitlements) your hours of work what your job duties will be whether there’s an award or registered agreement covering your job if there's a probationary period for your job. There are also minimum workplace rights that can't be taken away from you, called the National Employment Standards. Know your responsibilities You also have responsibilities as an employee. Prepare for your first day Your first day can be overwhelming. Resolve issues Issues can occur in the workplace. Get the most out of your job Unpaid work.

Women in Industry - SkillsOne. Careers in Racing. Juggling Careers in the Circus Part Two: Behind the Scenes - SkillsOne. Juggling Careers in the Circus Part One: Front of House - SkillsOne. Harvest Trail TV. LIME Network. The LIME Network Indigenous Pathways into Medicine Online Resource is designed to help future students determine which university will be the best fit for them as they study to become a doctor.

LIME Network

There are many paths to gain entry into a medical degree. Video Gallery Entry flowchart. The Futures Channel Educational Videos and Activities. Part 3 - study pathways. Home. Anybody can learn. Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. Becoming an architect - Australian Institute of Architects - AIA. Learn about architecture Primary & secondary schools The Institute and its partners have produced a range of educational resources for primary and secondary school students.

Becoming an architect - Australian Institute of Architects - AIA

A Career in Radiaion Oncology. A Day in the Life. A career Opportunity for every Indigenous Australian. ADF Education: Overview. Homepage - AgriFood Skills Australia. You'll love where a career in agrifood can take you!

Homepage - AgriFood Skills Australia

© Copyright 2011 AgriFood Skills Australia | Site by Voodoo Creative. Pathways & Careers - AgriFood Skills Australia. Welcome To Master Builders Northern Territory - Master Builders Association Northern Territory. Ace Day Jobs - The Lab. Geneticist Studies and researches genes and DNA in different organisms.

Ace Day Jobs - The Lab

"The big research breakthroughs give you such a rush. We had a theory that devil facial tumour disease spreads because of a lack of genetic diversity in key immune genes in the Tasmanian devils. This proved correct and we are now working with zoos to maximise genetic diversity in the insurance program. " About » Rail Careers – A Network of Opportunities. Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication - Dinah Beach to Woolner Road - Department of Infrastructure - NT Government - Australia. Woolner Road to Berrimah Road During construction of the Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication traffic management will be in place for the safety of road users and construction workers.

Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication - Dinah Beach to Woolner Road - Department of Infrastructure - NT Government - Australia

The project team is working hard to keep disruptions to a minimum, however speed restrictions and delays will be required at times to allow safe movement of heavy vehicles in and out of the construction site. Although it may appear at times as though a lower speed limit is in place when nothing is happening, this is about safety for everyone and is required so that the heavy vehicles can move onto Tiger Brennan Drive on their way to other areas of the site.

For the safety of our workers and all road users, please take care in the area and follow all traffic management direction and signage. Primezone. There are exciting and diverse career opportunities available in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries in Australia.


More information is found by accessing the following website resources: Rural Skills Australia's new Rural Career Guide. It is a combined resource for students and job seekers, new entrants to the industry, parents and educators, counsellors and employers. I Wanna B - Episodes. In The Beginning construction industry. Construct My Career. Construct My Career Providing career options in the construction and property services industries Font Size: Video In the Beginning.

Construct My Career

Construct My Career. DG Design Network. STEM Career Resources - RiAusRiAus - Australia’s Science Channel. Almost 40 per cent of Australian jobs could be replaced by technology by 2025, report finds. Updated Technology could make almost 40 per cent of Australian jobs, including highly skilled roles, redundant in 10 to 15 years, a new report has found. The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) report highlighted the need for more funding and a cooperative approach to prepare for huge changes in the workforce. Almost five million jobs face a high probability of being replaced in the next two decades, while a further 18.4 per cent of the workforce had a "medium probability" of their jobs being eliminated, the report found.

CEDA chief executive Professor Stephen Martin said the world was on the cusp of another industrial revolution being driven by technology, and it was not just low-paid, manual jobs at risk. The report said jobs that involved "low levels of social interaction, low levels of creativity, or low levels of mobility and dexterity" were most likely to be replaced by automation. 'Image problem' hampering IT industry's ability to attract people to profession, Computer Association says.

Posted Media player: "Space" to play, "M" to mute, "left" and "right" to seek. Audio: Listen to David Taylor's report (The World Today) The information technology sector is suffering from an "image problem" and this could hamper its ability to attract people into the profession, according to a new report by Deloitte Access Economics. Workplace analysts predict Australia will need an extra 100,000 information and communications technology workers by the end of the decade. Nicknames for professions. Welcome to the Discover Hospitality website where you can discover more about one of Australia's most dynamic and fast growing industries – Hospitality!

Restaurant & Catering - Home. RIM Career Information Kit (2) Skillshortagelistnt 2. Automotive Industry careers. GTNT - Now Recruiting. Apprenticeships Jobs in Darwin NT. 2015 Occupational Projections five years to November 2019. DEEWR Regional projections to November 2017.