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FORMULOR* Self reversing screws : Linear Products : ABSSAC Power Transmission. The self-reversing screw product does not require the driven screw to change its direction of rotation to enable the nut to return to its original start position.

Self reversing screws : Linear Products : ABSSAC Power Transmission

The reciprocated bi-directional movement is achieved by using a follower blade in the nut, that is matched to the particular groove width and screw turn round on the screw. (Our self reversing screws, do not utilise ball bearings in their linear travel). There is not a standard range of this screw type as all designs are manufactured to meet the customer's individual specification.

Typically, the self reversing lead screws take about 5 - 7 weeks to be manufactured. Springs Machined : Specialist Products : ABSSAC Power Transmission. Machined springs available from Abssac Limited are a formidable package and for those engineers familiar with the traditional wound spring format we are offering a new way of looking at both performance and attachment.

Springs Machined : Specialist Products : ABSSAC Power Transmission

As the name suggests, we supply a spring that is machined from one peice of material. The most demanding extension, compression, torsion, and lateral bending and translation spring applications can benefit from machined springs because of their superior function and inherent versatility. THE STARTUP GENOME PROJECT DISCOVERS THE 'DNA' OF SUCCESSFUL TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP. If you spend much time with Web entrepreneurs or investors these days, it quickly becomes clear that "pivot" is the hottest term in Silicon Valley.


It signifies a young company's shifting of focus, and everyone has an opinion about whether it's something start-ups should be doing or not. The answer, it seems, is yes. And as long as it's done at the right pace, it can even be an extremely lucrative and important step. In fact, young Web outfits that pivot once or twice can raise two-and-a-half times as much money, see 3.6 times the user growth, and are half as likely to scale too soon than start-ups that either never pivot or that do so more than twice. That was one of the major conclusions of the initial report of the Startup Genome project, an initiative put together by a group of Silicon Valley investors that aims to identify the DNA of successful Internet start-ups and the teams and investors that build them. Startup Genome - Our mission is to amplify the power of entrepreneurs. With the Startup Genome Project we want to do for startups what Pandora did for Music in order to understand how innovation happens at a fundamental level and the spread the knowledge.