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Career Choice and Employment

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Resources here are specifically related to career choices and employment, some relating specifically to disability. VERY few resources and guidance out there, but I will keep looking.

‘I saw being autistic as an employment opportunity, not a weakness’ Jonathan Andrews was once advised to hide his autism from prospective employers.

‘I saw being autistic as an employment opportunity, not a weakness’

Instead, he is making his name by doing just the opposite. “I saw it [being autistic] as an opportunity, not a weakness,” says Andrews, 22, who recently won campaigner of the year at the European Diversity Awards 2016. Watch Career Videos & Stories – icould. Ahead - Job Seeking Tips. Finding work interactive ebook - NAS.

Product number Finding work interactive ebook - a digital workbook to help autistic adults with job searching and work preparation Author.

Finding work interactive ebook - NAS

Disclosure. By Helen Cooke, disability consultant and director of MyPlus Students' Club.


The application stage is the first interaction between you and the employer. It is therefore important that you present yourself in the best way that you can. The information to include in your application and how it should be phrased are two important considerations for every applicant. If you have a disability or long-term health condition, there may be extra factors to consider such as: Requesting reasonable adjustments and support in the recruitment process.Including mitigating circumstances in order to explain elements of your application.Demonstrating the competencies you have gained as a result of your experience.

Share what is relevant in your 'openness statement'. When progressing through the recruitment process, one reason for being open with an employer about your disability is to get the support and adjustments that you may need. Research the process and request the adjustments you need. Share. MyUniPlan Sample Chapter. How Families of Youth with Disabilities Can Assist in Job Search and Retention. Issue 27, April 2011 This InfoBrief explores the important role families and other caring adults play in the career planning, job search, and job retention of youth with disabilities.

How Families of Youth with Disabilities Can Assist in Job Search and Retention

“Consumers benefit from the expertise their families bring to the process, their commitment to their welfare, and the personal family networks that lead to job opportunities.” 26th Institute on Rehabilitation Issues Families and other caring adults play a vital, yet unrecognized role in helping young people with disabilities explore careers, build work skills, and be successful in employment.

Reasons why families are unrecognized in the career development process vary. Families themselves may not see the connection between work skills and everyday activities in the home. Students! Explore your future in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) Planning the transition from school. Click the Buy Now button below to purchase and download a printable PDF version of the workbook, or scroll down to learn more about what's inside.

Planning the transition from school

If you would like to order a full colour, spiro bound version of the workbook, please contact us at for shipping costs. Designed to support students with additional needs or disabilities from the age of 15 years upwards. This resource is divided into into six skill units, providing parents, families, teachers and other professionals with resources for planning successful transitions from secondary school. The workbook helps students to identify strengths, challenges, needs and aspirations, and to turn these into achievable goals, focusing on: Building personal skills Developing learning skills Exploring post-transition options Using human and technological support Learning to be independent Managing the transition bridge Click on the Buy Now button below to purchase and download a printable PDF version of the workbook. Vocational profile workbook. Rish Association of Supported Employment. Help and support for young disabled people to find and stay in work. This guidance provides links to websites that help young disabled people find and stay in work.

Help and support for young disabled people to find and stay in work

It is aimed at young disabled people, their parents and the professionals who work with them. 1. Role models Role models are a great way to see how other people have risen to challenges, overcome barriers and succeeded. Get advice and inspiration from our videos of role models. Moving On magazine – careers and qualifications. Disclosure. Disclosure means informing someone or to make the information known, in this case to the employer or your college, about your disability, specific learning difficulty or mental health difficulty.


Deciding to disclose is your choice and often the decision to disclose or not is made on the basis of; weighing up the benefits of reasonable accommodation workplace considerations and the environment awareness against the cost of labelling potential discrimination or differential treatment It is important to remember, that if you do not disclose, then the employer or college is not legally obliged to provide you with any supports or reasonable accommodation. Read the Legal Entitlements section for more information on this along with examples of different kinds of reasonable accommodations. Looking For Work. Welcome to Specialisterne United Kingdom - Autism recruitment. Irish Association of Supported Employment. For graduates: WAM from AHEAD. A WAM placement is a minimum 6 month, paid, mentored work placement in a company for graduates with disabilities.

For graduates: WAM from AHEAD

Placements can be in the private or public sector and are typically mainstream graduate entry level positions. Graduates must compete for roles that are available, as they would when applying for any job. The following process outlines how a typical WAM Placement works: Recruitment & Selection WAM Needs Assessment The WAM Mentoring Model Pre Placement Training The WAM Placement Evaluation Recruitment & Selection WAM advertises opportunities available through the programme to those who are registered on WAMworks, our graduate database and across other networks. Please Note: WAM is a mainstream competitive process and there is no guarantee of an interview or a placement with the WAM Programme. WAM Needs Assessment Successful candidates, who are offered a placement, must complete a WAM Needs Assessment before beginning their placement.

The WAM Mentoring Model. Planning your Career : Disability Service:Trinity College Dublin. Whether you are reading this as a 1st year student, a student going on placement or a year abroad on Erasmus, a final year student or a postgraduate student, there are key things you can do to prepare yourself for work or further study options.

Planning your Career : Disability Service:Trinity College Dublin

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