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VicForests accused of 'spying' on protesters and environmentalists. Amazon deforestation is stopping forest from recycling rainwater, which affects temperatures. For 55 million years, heavy rain has brought life and splendour to the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon deforestation is stopping forest from recycling rainwater, which affects temperatures

But a rapid increase in deforestation is threatening the very water systems that make the forest … well, a rainforest. Key points: Experts have stressed the impact the Amazon has on global temperaturesClear-cutting of the rainforest continued to rise last year, with over 11,000 square km of rainforest lostBrazil has joined an international pledge to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030, surprising many observers The destruction of the Amazon threatens water security, both in the rainforest itself, and further south in more temperate climes. In the week leading up to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Brazil surprised many observers by joining an international pledge to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030.

Clear-cutting continued to rise last year, when an estimated 11,088 square km of rainforest in Brazil was lost. Transform approach to Amazon or it will not survive, warns major report. The world’s approach to the Amazon rainforest must be transformed to avoid an irreversible, catastrophic tipping point, according to the most comprehensive study of the region ever carried out.

Transform approach to Amazon or it will not survive, warns major report

More than 200 scientists collaborated on the new report, which finds that more than a third of the world’s biggest tropical forest is degraded or deforested, rainfall is declining and dry seasons are growing longer. In recognition of the critical situation, the authors have formed a new Science Panel for the Amazon (SPA), which released its first report on the final scheduled day of Cop26 in Glasgow. The group aims to serve a similar synthesising function for research on the Amazon rainforest as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) does for studies on the climate.

The nightmare of India's tallest rubbish mountain. 'Wilderness' evokes untouched landscapes, but can erase Indigenous people. Is it time to stop using the term? What image does the word "wilderness" conjure in your mind?

'Wilderness' evokes untouched landscapes, but can erase Indigenous people. Is it time to stop using the term?

Maybe it's damp moss encircling a giant myrtle-beech in takayna/Tarkine, or dry red earth and rocky outcrops deep in the centre of the continent. Or it might conjure nothing at all. People banned from walking on Anglesea beach as cliff shows signs of imminent collapse. It's one of Anglesea's most iconic landscapes, but the reason for its beauty is why it's now off-limits.

People banned from walking on Anglesea beach as cliff shows signs of imminent collapse

A 2-kilometre section of coastline in Anglesea called Demons Bluff was temporarily closed in March but the risk to human life of an inevitable landslip has led the Great Ocean Road Authority (GORA) to make the closure permanent. The cliff line at Demons Bluff has eroded over tens of millions of years, creating the sandy beach below and towering red cliff face. Landmark pact to protect Amazon rainforest shows little progress. When the presidents of South America’s Amazonian nations met in Colombia’s jungle town of Leticia two years ago, to discuss how to better protect the world’s largest rainforest, they signed a landmark deal that raised hopes deforestation would decline.

Landmark pact to protect Amazon rainforest shows little progress

The Leticia Pact aimed to drive sustainable forest use and reforestation, restore degraded land, improve information sharing and the use of satellite data to monitor deforestation and wildfires, and empower women and Indigenous groups. The 18 Most Memorable Trees in Literature ‹ Literary Hub. They were there at the beginning, trees in literature, centuries before humans had the idea of putting literature on (the pulped, bleached, and pressed remains of) trees.

The 18 Most Memorable Trees in Literature ‹ Literary Hub

The Tree of Jiva and Atman in Vedic scripture, the Tree of Life in the Hebrew Bible, the withered poplars of the I Ching. Trees are bigger than us and they usually outlive us—no wonder they loom large in our imagination. The growing debate about the future of biodiversity. This story is part of Down to Earth, a Vox reporting initiative on the science, politics, and economics of the biodiversity crisis.

The growing debate about the future of biodiversity

In 2017, an evolutionary biologist named R. Alexander Pyron ignited controversy with a Washington Post commentary titled “We don’t need to save endangered species. Remembering Mauritius’s worst environmental disaster. At 1am on July 25, 2020, in Tokyo, Junichiro Ikeda, then-CEO of shipping company Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), was most likely already in bed.

Remembering Mauritius’s worst environmental disaster

At the same time in London, Bernard Looney, CEO of British Petroleum (BP), was probably enjoying a most pleasant weekend. Both probably had a rather routine day, in many ways a forgettable one. Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs. The Amazon rainforest is now emitting more carbon dioxide than it is able to absorb, scientists have confirmed for the first time.

Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs

The emissions amount to a billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, according to a study. The giant forest had previously been a carbon sink, absorbing the emissions driving the climate crisis, but is now causing its acceleration, researchers said. Most of the emissions are caused by fires, many deliberately set to clear land for beef and soy production. But even without fires, hotter temperatures and droughts mean the south-eastern Amazon has become a source of CO2, rather than a sink.

Growing trees and plants have taken up about a quarter of all fossil fuel emissions since 1960, with the Amazon playing a major role as the largest tropical forest. Chinese resort company brought to task for environmental damage in Fiji. Australian surfer Navrin Fox thought he secured a piece of paradise when he bought a 99-year lease for an acre of land on one of Fiji's popular tourist islands, Malolo, with fellow surfer Woody Jack several years ago.

Chinese resort company brought to task for environmental damage in Fiji

Key points: Freesoul was found guilty of violating the terms of development for its planned multi-million-dollar resort It was convicted on two counts of undertaking unauthorised developments and for destroying extensive parts of a reef Fiji's Environment Minister says the verdict sent a clear message to international and local developers But a phone call in 2018 from their neighbour Ratu Jonah Joseva about a Chinese resort development adjacent to their land soon found them caught up in a landmark case on "environmental vandalism". Mr Fox, Mr Jack and Mr Joseva alleged the Freesoul Real Estate Development company caused extensive environmental damage by dumping waste and ripping out part of a reef without legal approvals.

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INCREDIBLE PLACES. National Parks. Hiking. The Arctic (cooler than a polar bear's toenails) Climate change. Fauna. We accidentally found a whole new genus of Australian daisies. You've probably seen them on your bushwalks. When it comes to new botanical discoveries, one might imagine it’s done by trudging around a remote tropical rainforest. Certainly, that does still happen. But sometimes seemingly familiar plants close to home hold unexpected surprises. We recently discovered a new genus of Australian daisies, which we’ve named Scapisenecio. And we did so on the computer screen, during what was meant to be a routine analysis to test a biocontrol agent against a noxious weed originally from South Africa. À lire aussi : Tree ferns are older than dinosaurs. The term “genus” refers to groups of different, though closely related, species of flora and fauna.

US President Donald Trump at debate: Look at India. The air is filthy. Born in the ice age, humankind now faces the age of fire – and Australia is on the frontline. What has been the most shocking event of 2020? Was it awakening on New Year’s Day to more news of terror in Australia’s southern forests, to the realisation that the future was suddenly here, that this spring and summer of relentless bushfire was a planetary event? Was it the silent transmission of Covid-19, already on the loose and soon to overwhelm the world and change the very fabric of daily life everywhere at once? Or was it the surging race riots and protests, especially across America, where police brutality triggered grief, anger and outrage about the inequality and injustice still faced by black people?

Could we even distinguish them from each other, this overlapping sequence of horrors? Fire, plague and racism are always with us, percolating away, periodically erupting, sometimes converging. More than 14m tonnes of plastic believed to be at the bottom of the ocean. At least 14m tonnes of plastic pieces less than 5mm wide are likely sitting at the bottom of the world’s oceans, according to an estimate based on new research. Analysis of ocean sediments from as deep as 3km suggests there could be more than 30 times as much plastic at the bottom of the world’s ocean than there is floating at the surface. Australia’s government science agency, CSIRO, gathered and analysed cores of the ocean floor taken at six remote sites about 300km off the country’s southern coast in the Great Australian Bight.

A Timeline of Tragedy. American environmentalism's racist roots have shaped global thinking about conservation. The United States is having a long-overdue national reckoning with racism. From criminal justice to pro sports to pop culture, Americans increasingly are recognizing how racist ideas have influenced virtually every sphere of life in this country. This includes the environmental movement. Recently the Sierra Club – one of the oldest and largest U.S. conservation organizations – acknowledged racist views held by its founder, author and conservationist John Muir. In some of his writing, Muir described Native Americans and Black people as dirty, lazy and uncivilized. It’s about time we recognised that nature documentary makers regularly deceive us – and we’re partly to blame.

David Attenborough is regarded as a national treasure, and to take issue with anything the great man does seems to amount to treason, or thought crime at the very least, but I for one can’t abide the programmes he presents about the natural world. Events. Australia Remastered restores ABC Natural History Unit films, not seen for decades, to share with a new audience - ABC News. DETER — Coordenação-Geral de Observação da Terra. World of Change: Amazon Deforestation. Pedagogy. Developers v Durrell: the battle over Corfu's 'jewel of nature' Ship leaking tonnes of oil off Mauritius splits apart. 'Landscape of fear': what a mass of rotting reindeer carcasses taught scientists. Australia university reforms slash funding for environmental studies. News, federal-politics, environmental studies, university reforms Australia, job-ready graduates package University environmental studies courses will have almost $10,000 less funding per student under the federal government's higher education reforms, a move that educators say is another blow to the environment.

Would Earth be better off without us? The plan to turn half the world into a reserve for nature - BBC Future. With the climate crisis and coronavirus bearing down on us, the age of disconnection is over. Things to know about palm oil and Indonesia's raging forest fires. Forest fires raging across Indonesia have sent air quality levels across Southeast Asia plummeting as they belch out emissions that aggravate global warming. The man who grew his own Amazon rainforest. Best Environmental Commencement Speech Ever? A Surge of New Plastic Is About to Hit the Planet. Yoga pants are destroying the earth. The plastic backlash: what's behind our sudden rage – and will it make a difference? Port Neches plant rocked by multiple explosions has history of environmental missteps.

A Surge of New Plastic Is About to Hit the Planet. Giant Ngāwhā swamp kauri log dated to 40,500 years old. Terrorism police list Extinction Rebellion as extremist ideology. The Victorian Government's killing off one of the state's oldest industries — but was it close to death anyway? Victorian police defend use of pepper spray and horses at IMARC mining conference protests. Publications and Documents. 2019 Brazil wildfires. We must rip up our environmental laws to address the extinction crisis. Destruction of nature as dangerous as climate change, scientists warn. There's a growing push to give nature legal rights, but what would that mean? - Science News - ABC News. Club of Rome. Trees are worth billions to Australia's economy — but how we value them is changing - RN.

Wildlife conservation masterplan. Steve Boyes, Adventurers of the Year 2016 - National Geographic. ZSL Instant Wild. Plants and Human Conflict. Buy an Acre protects threatened dry forest in Ecuador - World Land Trust. All birds images and sounds, bird watching and ornithology app. Biodiversity at the periphery: We must urgently act to safeguard it - Greenpeace Africa. Australia’s faunal extinction crisis. Shining a light on Australia’s biodiversity crisis. Home page. All Presentations. SWIFFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams. Threatened Species Recovery Hub. Conservation news - Environmental science and conservation news. Earth Island Institute. The WWW Virtual Library on Urban Environmental Management. About Guy Dauncey:

I’m an environmental journalist, but I never write about overpopulation. Here’s why. Economic Costs Of Soil Erosion. Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan. Environment. Pant by numbers: the cities with the most dangerous air – listed. Google Search. How not to save the world: five wrong 'right things to do' Patterns in nature. Tallest tree in the world Mountain Ash Victoria Australia. Tall Trees - Victoria's Giant Trees. Community Powered Photo-led Exploration to Indian Wilderness. New map reveals shattering effect of roads on nature.

Environment. Club of Rome′s new book reads like an eco manifesto. Green Gone Wrong. National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development - Contents. Will change the curriculum to create environmental consciousness: Javadekar - Social News XYZ. Earth Love Fund. The Sustainability Secret. Is Eating Organic Really Better for You and the Environment? Environmental lab explores intersection of art, science. Environmental Law Australia. Weather Underground. When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing, It Was Almost Too Late To Escape. Eco-Friendly Nation of Bhutan Celebrates the Birth of Its Prince By Planting 108,000 Trees.