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Government Equalities Office Issue We want the UK to be a leader in equality and human rights. At our best, we are defined by our tolerance, freedom and fairness. There is also a strong economic argument for equality. We are working toward a fairer society by improving equality and reducing discrimination and disadvantage for all, at work, in public and political life, and in people’s life chances. Actions We prevent discrimination (including discrimination based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation) by: We support and protect the rights of women by: We protect the rights of children by: making sure UK government policies take account of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) We support and protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, including by opening up marriage to same-sex couples. Background The strategy set out a new approach, aimed at:

Employment law update - Acas Mobile Acas are the employment relations experts and a trusted source of advice for employers, employees, Government and others. The Government has announced several proposed changes to employment law. It has also launched a number of consultations on further proposed changes. A round up of these changes is listed below to help people understand them and their potential impact. Employment Law updates timetable Acas employment law update training View course listings, dates and locations available for Acas employment law update training, providing managers and HR professionals with essential information on recent and upcoming change. Whether you are an employer, employee or representative, you can call the national Acas Helpline on 0300 123 1100 for free and impartial advice from Monday to Friday, 8am - 8pm and Saturday, 9am - 1pm. Acas Helpline Call our Helpline on 0300 123 1100 for free support and advice or to check your workplace policies and practices. "Acas is invaluable.

Portail des revues de l'interculturalité Le Salon des revues plurielles Bibliothèque francophone multimédia de Limoges2 place Aimé Césaire, 87000 Limogesvendredi : 15h-21h - samedi : 10h-18h, entrée libre. Débats, lectures, déambulations, le Salon des revues plurielles s'installe à Limoges. Au programme :Vendredi 16 décembre 18h30 : INAUGURATION rythmée par les déambulations musicales balkaniques de Siyka Katzeva et Bernard Chaulet. 19h30-21h00 : SOIRÉE SPECTACLE (auditorium G. Samedi 17 décembre 14h30-15h30 : GROS PLAN sur la revue Apulée (éditions Zulma), créée par Hubert Haddad : " Sortir du manichéisme ordinaire, montrer la proximité charnelle, la nécessité où nous sommes d'admettre la contiguïté existentielle, la convivance des uns et des autres, tout le reste étant masquage idéologique ou aveuglement sectaire. 16h00-17h30 : GRAND DÉBAT "Quelles cultures ? Expériences et témoignages de revues et d'acteurs associatifs en diront la diversité et la difficulté. Le gynécée hors-les-murs Christine Eyene | lire l'article

English Regions Equality Network Good practice at work - Acas Mobile As well as ensuring legal rights and responsibilities are met, there is a lot more that businesses can do to support their staff, ensure they are motivated and help them be more productive. Good people management and engaged staff are key to both business success and job satisfaction. This section explains what you should be doing as a business to engage your staff or what your employer should be doing to support you at work. Many of the subjects here may also form part of internal policies in some businesses and so be covered by the rules at your workplace. Read more here about, for example, people and performance management, employee engagement, staff wellbeing and handling social media. Try Acas Helpline Online This new automated system learns from your questions and, as more people use it, will get better at providing the most relevant answer to your query. Acas is looking for users of our Helpline Online tool, to participate in a research project to help improve it. Acas publications

ODSE - Observatoire du droit à la santé des étrangers Welcome To Press For Change | Press For Change Early Conciliation - Acas Mobile The better way to resolve workplace disputes Acas' advice is that it is always best to resolve workplace disputes as early as possible. You should always use your organisation's appeals or grievance procedure, if they have one, and let it run its course. The Acas Helpline can give advice on internal processes and policies to help you through this (0300 123 1100). If you can't sort things out directly with your employer, you must notify Acas of your intention to lodge an employment tribunal claim, and we will offer you the opportunity to use Early Conciliation. Remember, there are time limits for making a claim to the employment tribunal. Reaching a settlement through conciliation is quicker, cheaper and less stressful for all concerned than a tribunal hearing. Find out more about how Acas can help you resolve your dispute in Conciliation explained [120kb]. The Early Conciliation process Acas will aim to contact you within two working days (although this can take longer at peak times).

ORIV Alsace - Observatoire Régional de l'Intégration et de la Ville