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Lorie Links. NotLoire. Lorie Novak. João Paulo Serafim. Eugenio Dittborn (Chilean, born 1943) Chilean painter, printmaker, draughtsman and video artist.

Eugenio Dittborn (Chilean, born 1943)

He studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes of the Universidad de Chile in Santiago (1961–5), at the Escuela de Fotomecánica in Madrid (1966), the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst in West Berlin (1967–9) and at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. School of Visual Arts  > Milagros de la Torre. Installation Preview of "Observed: Milagros de la Torre" Bringing Life To Still Images.

The extension of visible: shapes of time, acoustic images & chromatic figures. Articles Shiro Takatani.

The extension of visible: shapes of time, acoustic images & chromatic figures

The extension of visible Articles Essays Performing Art Techno Theatre. Filipa César : "Luta ca caba inda" (La lutte n'est pas finie) au Jeu de Paume. Chris Marker. O cineasta Chris Marker morreu no dia 30 de Julho.

Chris Marker

The Family Project : Matías Costa. Certain things have a way of returning unexpectedly, often after a lengthy absence.

The Family Project : Matías Costa

The Emigrants W.G.Sebald The Family Project. Vol 12, No 2 (2011) Chris Marker. Vol 12, No 2 (2011) Vol 11, No 1 (2010) Vivan Sundaram. Vivan Sundaram (born 1943) is an Indian contemporary artist.

Vivan Sundaram

His parents were Kalyan Sundaram, Chairman of Law Commission of India from 1968 to 1971, and Indira Sher-Gil, sister of noted Indian modern artist Amrita Sher-Gil. He is married to eminent art historian and critic Geeta Kapur. Training[edit] Sundaram was educated at The Doon School, the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda, and at Slade School of London.[1][2][3] In London he met the British-American painter R. Work[edit] Eyal Sivan. Eyal Sivan (born 1964) is an Israeli filmmaker and critic noted for his criticisms of Israeli policies.

Eyal Sivan

Biography[edit] Born in Haifa, Sivan attended school in Jerusalem, but dropped out to pursue photography. Though he found work as a fashion photographer in Tel Aviv, Sivan left Israel in 1985 for Paris, where the political climate was more tolerant of his views.[1] Career[edit] Fazal Sheikh. Stan Douglas: Inconsolable Memories. At the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery until March 19.

Stan Douglas: Inconsolable Memories

The Universal Now: Vintage Book Plate Collages. By Maria Popova What London landmarks have to do with quantum physics and vintage photography.

The Universal Now: Vintage Book Plate Collages

Nearly two years ago, we looked at examples of exploring layers of the present through images of the past in Photographic Time Machine. In The Universal Now, UK artist Abigail Reynolds takes this approach to an entirely new, more conceptually elaborate and aesthetically sophisiticated level. She collects vintage tourist guides, then search for photographs taken from a similar vantage point and printed at similar scale. Artist of the week 80: Idris Khan. You'd be forgiven for not realising Idris Khan's photos were actually photos at all.

Artist of the week 80: Idris Khan

With their accretions of smudgy black marks, they look more like hand-rendered charcoal drawings than flat snaps realised at the push of a button. Get up close, though, and the thick black lines dissolve into a spore-like buildup of words or musical notes. His images are composites built from layered sheets of music, book pages, paintings or other photographs that seem to squeeze journeys in time – like reading or hearing music – into a single picture. Every … Stave of Frederick Chopin's Nocturnes For the Piano (2004), for instance, is just what its title claims. The music sheets are photographed and manipulated on a computer by Khan to become a lone image whose blurred hieroglyphs seem to convulse.

In fact, although the 31-year-old London-based artist was awarded the Photographer's Gallery prize in 2004, he doesn't consider himself a photographer. Idris Khan. Born in 1978, Birmingham Lives and works in London, England 2010Idris Khan: Last 3 Piano Sonatas . . . after Franz Schubert, I.D.E.A.

Idris Khan

Space at Colorado College, Colorado Springs Idris Khan, Victoria Miro Gallery, London 2009Elementa, Dubai Lines - Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin. Musings: Jackson Patterson’s Recollected Memories – PROOF. How do you tell a story that began before you were born? As visual storytellers, we look for new ways to tell a story, ways that can make the viewer look at the world—and perceive time—differently. We look for things that make you take a second glance. Homepage - Marlene Dumas. Exhibition Review: Being Singular Plural. Introduction Being Singular Plural, running until June 6 at the Guggenheim in Manhattan, was first staged at the Deutsche Guggenheim in 2010.1 Funded by Deutsche Bank and curated by Sandhini Poddar (a native of India and Assistant Curator of Asian Art at the Guggenheim in New York1) the exhibit features “recent and new film, video, and sound-based works by seven of the most innovative and visionary contemporary artists, filmmakers, and media practitioners living and working in India today,” according to the museum guide.1 I learned while scanning the Guggenheim’s website that the exhibit takes its name from an essay and book by French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy,2 and that is what first caught my attention.

Trespassers Will (Not) Be Prosecuted click above link for audio of Trespassers Will (Not) Be Prosecuted (2012), taken via my iPhone. India Foundation for the Arts India Foundation for the Arts. Extending Arts Practice - Maharashtra - 2006-07Grant Period: One year Shumona Goel has been making short personal films on 35mm and 16mm film formats for several years now. Her main concern has been the exploration of issues of displacement and migration. Description: This grant supports Shumona’s project Family Tree––a film installation, for public space––which will enable her to extend her current practice and deconstruct the film form as she moves from single screen to multiple screens.

A family tree is a map people use to locate themselves in history. They draw branches to forge links to ancestors or roots and subsequently assume that family members share similar traits. For Family Tree, Shumona intends on using source materials that are not literal, but expressive. Susan Hiller. Susan Hiller: The J. Street Project. In 2002, Susan Hiller was invited to Berlin for an artist’s residency. Walking around the city, she was startled to encounter a street sign bearing the name Judenstrasse (Jews’ Street). She found the sign strangely ambiguous.

It was meant to commemorate the Jewish community that once inhabited the area, but for Hiller it marked instead a history of discrimination and violence. Housed Memory. Video with sound, 8h 53′, 2000-2005 Housed Memory constitutes an exhaustive video archive of the collections held by the Wiener Library, London. Glenn Ligon. Glenn Ligon (born 1960 in the Bronx) is an American conceptual artist whose work explores race, language, desire, sexuality, and identity.[1] Ligon engages in intertextuality with other works from the visual arts, literature, and history, as well as his own life.

Early life and career[edit] Work[edit] Projects 91: Artur Zmijewski. Jo Mitchell - home. Felix Gmelin. Born in 1962, in Heidelberg Lives and works in Stockholm. Iain & Jane. Rod Dickinson and Tom McCarthy. Rod Dickinson and Tom McCarthy Beaconsfield Gallery, London, UK. Art review: Daniela Comani at Charlie James Gallery. In her first solo exhibition in the U.S., Berlin artist Daniela Comani presents three projects at Charlie James Gallery that exploit the malleability of digital imagery to reveal shifting definitions of gender and history.

Marina Abramović - Freeing the Memory. Artists Past & Present: Kota Ezawa. Artists Past & Present: Craigie Horsfield. Archive Fever: Uses of the Document in Contemporary Art. by leading contemporary artists who use archival documents to rethink the meaning of identity, history, memory, and loss. Pierre Huyghe’s Third Memory and a Bear Rocking Out. James Coleman. James Coleman (Irish artist) My best shoot: Tacita Dean. Philippe Parreno on The Bride and the Bachelors at the Barbican. Philippe Parreno. Pierre Huyghe. Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba. Idris Khan. The Joseph Cornell Box. Uta Barth. Jeremy Deller. MIKE KELLEY. Mike Kelley's final project. William Kentridge. Krzysztof Wodiczko. Stan Douglas.

Bert Teunissen Photographer. Mike Kelley (artist) Christian Boltanski (French, born 1944) Stan Douglas. Miroslav Tichý - photographer - home. Eija-Liisa Ahtila. Gerhard Richter.