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Patianne Stevenson: Cardboard Food Sculptures. Mykl Wells - Chimera, Cardboard Sculpture. My name is Mykl Wells, I’m an artist currently living in Tucson Arizona. I am known for using recycled materials in my work. I built this large cardboard sculpture in 2008. Titled, “Chimera” it is over nine feet tall and is made entirely out of recycled cardboard. The title refers to the Mythological greek creature and also the medical term, meaning the merger of two distinct genetic groups. The beast is a blending of human and feline elements. ++ More information at Mykl Wells website !

David Stark Sketchbook: Cardboard Artist. Share on Facebook We had a whole lot of fun helping our buddies at West Elm celebrate the opening of their exciting and comprehensive new store at 870 Broadway last week.

David Stark Sketchbook: Cardboard Artist

About 700 people came by to say hi, have a drink, admire the new digs, and generously bid on a silent auction of objects we created out of the store’s packing and catalogue waste to benefit the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. The idea was hatched over drinks one night last summer when Alex Bates, West Elm’s amazing Senior Vice President and Creative Director, described to me how much refuse was unavoidably part of opening a store. What a shame, of course, but also . . . WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! We created a 10 foot tall lamp from larger packing boxes to command the ground floor window space at 870 Broadway and to beautifully complement West Elm’s natural furnishings. Although our lamp lit up, I thought it would be fun to have an oversized cardboard plug curled to its side. So how did this all happen? Giles Oldershaw: Carved Cardboard Portraits. Eiji Hiyama: Cardboard Art Examples For Children.

Mykl Wells - Snowdrop. Here is a story that brighten our day, thanks Mykl for this positive feedback !

Mykl Wells - Snowdrop

I have a little success story to share with you. 5 Amazing Cardboard Artists and Their Sculptures : WebUrbanist. Out-of-the-Box Sculptures: 5 Amazing Cardboard Artists Article by msaleem, filed under Sculpture & Craft in the Art category.

5 Amazing Cardboard Artists and Their Sculptures : WebUrbanist

Who doesn’t love art that breaks the mold? Ann Weber Cardboard Sculpture. Andy Rudak: Cardboard Cities. London-based still life advertising photographer Andy Rudak has recently embarked on a more personal project, creating a series of cityscapes made entirely from cardboard.

Andy Rudak: Cardboard Cities

With the help of master set-builder Luke Aan de Wiel, Andy recreated dream-like views of London, New York, Mumbai, Paris and Tokyo. "I knew I wanted the shots to portray a scene of serenity" Andy says, "I had decided I wanted these scenarios to be void of any obvious human presence so I used an animal for each shot as the main focal point. From this I was drawn to the idea of the taxidermy animals. I felt they were crucial to achieving the feeling of serenity I was after. " A book following the process of construction from start to finish is being published with an exhibition of final images touring agencies and galleries this autumn and winter.

Find out more about Andy's work here. via [It's Nice That] Mark Langan - Corrugated Art. Chris Gilmour. Cardboard Sculptures by Daniel Agdag. If you ask Melbourne-based artist Daniel Agdag what he does, he’ll tell you that he makes things out of cardboard.

Cardboard Sculptures by Daniel Agdag

However this statement hardly captures the absurd complexity and detail of his boxboard and PVA glue sculptures that push the limits of the medium. Agdag is an award-winning creator of stop-motion films and this new series of work, Sets for a Film I’ll Never Make, feature a number of his structural experiments which he refers to simply as “sketching with cardboard”. Miraculously, each work is created without detailed plans or drawings and are almost wholly improvised as he works. You can see these latest sculptures at Off the Kerb Gallery starting October 26, 2012 in Melbourne’s inner north suburb of Collingwood.

The Coolest Cardboard Artists You Don’t Know « The Art of Cardboard. More than likely, when you think of art, cardboard doesn’t come into play.

The Coolest Cardboard Artists You Don’t Know « The Art of Cardboard

However it is increasingly entering the spotlight with innovative approaches, 3D sculpture, and wholly usable and functioning furniture applications that is often art in itself. 100% biodegradable, compostable, reusable and upcyclable, corrugated board is easily repurposed and lends itself to amazing shapeability and unlimited vision. Forget the artistic greats like Monet and Picasso that you learned about in school, and take a look at what’s being presented these days. Chile- Beautiful Mountains, Excellent Wine and Don LuchoDon Lucho of Santiago, Chile, presents an interesting study in 3D cardboard sculpture with his life-sized, real-world portrayal of happenings like car crashes and downed planes. Powerful and intriguing, a cardboard car almost halved by a terrible ‘crash’ into a light pole is a sobering reminder to every driver to slow down.

12 Cardboard Artists Who Think Outside the Box. Paper Crafty: 12 Cardboard Artists Think Outside the Box Article by Steph, filed under Sculpture & Craft in the Art category.

12 Cardboard Artists Who Think Outside the Box

Cardboard is a mundane material, so often cast off and thrown away or recycled – but these 12 artists have transformed it into objects that are anything but disposable.