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Y2 Academy is the #1 SAT Test #preparation #coaching Classes & #ACT Test Prep #courses academy in Cherry Hill, NJ, United States.

Y2 Academy: SAT & ACT Test Prep Classes. Interview Tips, Questions College Board USA. Registration Form - Y2 Academy. Y2 Academy Online Study System - Step towards digitalization. Y2 Online Study Systems SAT Prep Classes USA. SAT II Preparation Programs College Board USA. Most universities, including Ivy Leagues, require students to take the SAT as well as the SAT Subject Test, which is a subject specific test.

SAT II Preparation Programs College Board USA

The scores from at least 2 subject tests are required, but it is beneficial for students to take 3-5 subject tests. A student is allowed to choose the top 2 scores out of all the subject tests he/she takes. Moreover, it is better to prepare for more than 2 subject tests because colleges may require different subjects. For example, if a student wants to major in engineering, math, or pre-med, he/she is expected to take the SAT Subject Tests for math and science. Overseas Study Agency PA, SAT Prep Programs USA. Y2 Academy was built in 1995 and is known as one of the best educational institutions in the Northeast U.S.

Overseas Study Agency PA, SAT Prep Programs USA

Not only among Asians, but also among other Americans and students from every part of the world, Y2 Academy is known as a successful learning center. For instance, approximately 30 students who study at Y2 Academy each year make perfect scores on their SATs. Most of the students who maintain excellent grades will enter Top 30 colleges including Ivy Leagues. The English language is becoming universal; consequently, many students from Korea and other parts of Asia wish to study abroad or are already here studying in the USA. Numerous educational institutions exist to help these students, but some are untrustworthy. Y2 Academy considers its trustworthiness and the maintenance of that trustworthiness as one of its top priorities.

GPA Management Class, SAT Prep Programs USA. GPA (Grade Point Average) Management Class is similar to an Individual Tutoring Program.

GPA Management Class, SAT Prep Programs USA

The Y2 Academy GPA Management Class is comprised of two different options: The first option pertains to the advanced student. Advanced students do not need extra help with coursework; however, this student may want to advance beyond the classroom. By giving this student a platform for higher development, he/she will be better suited in attaining the levels colleges have come to expect from students. The second option pertains to the student who is behind. Our curriculum of GPA Management Class entails Essay Writing, SAT Subject Test Prep, AP Test Prep, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Study Abroad Program for English USA. Study Abroad Programs are offered twice a year.

Study Abroad Program for English USA

Summer sessions begin in July and go until the middle of August. Winter sessions begin in January and go until the middle of February. The courses are offered for elementary, middle school, and high school students who are not familiar with the English language. Early Decision vs. Early Action. Most early admission programs are divided into two categories: Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA).

Early Decision vs. Early Action

Single Choice Early Action (SCEA) programs are a particular kind of early action program. ED and EA programs both involve an earlier application deadline than the normal admissions process does, and (as their names imply) earlier notification of admissions decisions. Accepted applicants enjoy several benefits. A high school student who already knows that he/she has been accepted to his/her top choice college can take chances he/she might not otherwise. The student might take a challenging college-level course that he/she would pass on if they were worried that their spring grades might affect the college applications.

SAT Prep Guide, Scholastic Aptitude Test Programs USA. Y2 Academy’s New SAT Program supports students in achieving exceptionally high scores on their Official SAT Test and generates at least 200 SAT perfect scorers subject by subject every year.

SAT Prep Guide, Scholastic Aptitude Test Programs USA

We guarantee a 270 point increase in their score or a minimum score of 1500 out of 1600. Their starting score comes from the first placement test taken before Y2’s SAT class and the final score comes from their Official SAT score taken when the semester has finished. As long a student has few or no absences and works diligently in class and at home we are confident that he or she will be able to reach their goal. If their goals are not achieved, students receive free tuition until their goal is ultimately reached in future semesters. New SAT Essay - Y2 Academy. Y2 Academy. America’s high schools are divided into 4 groups: Public Schools, Private Schools, Non-public Schools and Charter Schools.

Y2 Academy

Non-public schools are usually run by a certain religious group. Any Catholic or Christian School is an example of a non-public school. Charter schools are private schools that are built to satisfy the needs of public schools that exist in the same areas. The main difference between charter schools and non-public schools is that Charter Schools receive support from the state and they have no religious affiliation. ACT Science - Y2 Academy. ACT Science Test Description The Science Test is a 40-question, 35-minute test that measures the skills required in the natural sciences: interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem solving.

ACT Science - Y2 Academy

You are not permitted to use a calculator on the Science Test. The test assumes that students are in the process of taking the core science course of study (three years or more) that will prepare them for college-level work and have completed a course in Earth science and/or physical science and a course in biology. The test presents several sets of scientific information, each followed by a number of multiple-choice test questions. The scientific information is presented in one of three different formats: ACT Reading - Y2 Academy. Reading Test Description The Reading Test is a 40-question, 35-minute test that measures your reading comprehension.

ACT Reading - Y2 Academy

You’re asked to read several passages and answer questions that show your understanding of: What is directly statedStatements with implied meanings Specifically, you will use referring and reasoning skills to: Determine main ideasLocate and interpret significant detailsUnderstand sequences of eventsMake comparisonsComprehend cause-effect relationshipsDetermine the meaning of context-dependent words, phrases, and statementsDraw generalizationsAnalyze the author’s or narrator’s voice and method The test comprises four sections, each containing one long or two shorter prose passages that are representative of the level and type of reading required in first-year college courses.

ACT Reading Test Question Types(40 questions in 35 min.) *The content above is quoted and modified from ACT English - Y2 Academy. Content Covered by the ACT English Test Six elements of effective writing are included in the English Test: punctuation, grammar and usage, sentence structure, strategy, organization, and style.

ACT English - Y2 Academy

The questions covering punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure make up the Usage/Mechanics subscore. The questions covering strategy, organization, and style make up the Rhetorical Skills subscore. New SAT/ACT Comparison - Y2 Academy. American College Test Prep, ACT Practice Guides. SAT Prep Guide, Scholastic Aptitude Test Programs USA. New SAT Math - Y2 Academy. ACT Format - Y2 Academy. Summer batch 2016 schedule for SAT & ACT courses. Join Y2 Academy, Cherry Hill for ACT & SAT test preparation. Competitive exam papers are tricky and the students need to have smart academic skills to clear them with a good score. Visit the main campus of Y2Academy at Cherry Hill (NJ) which runs the professional courses for SAT & ACT test preparation. Academy teaches the students to sharpen their academic skills by following the syllabus included into it.

The qualified tutors of Academy guarantee that each student they teach can increase 270 points or achieve a minimum score of 1500 in the SAT test. Under their guidance, students attempting the ACT exams can acquire 6 points increase or a minimum score of 33. They are very sure of their quality teaching. Why the Students Choose Y2Academy? Each student's common dream is to be selected in the top college for further studies. Detail of all the courses is mentioned on the website. If you are unable to reach any of the location or can not find them near you, Y2 Academy has defined the online study system. SAT & ACT Test Prep Courses, Coaching Classes Cherry Hill NJ.