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Home Page Teachers Primary Pupils Secondary Students Events and PD Dominoes Featured Topic: Using Domino Mats to Build Number Sense Dominoes have become a staple in most primary classrooms. They build upon dice patterns and are often used to model decomposition of numbers, building student knowledge of addition facts. They are an excellent manipulative for primary students to use and these are some examples of how students might use dominoes in the math center. The student needs some dominoes, counters and a domino mat.

Using Low Threshold High Ceiling Tasks in Ordinary Classrooms Using low threshold high ceiling tasks in ordinary classrooms We're not sure if we invented it*, but here at NRICH the phrase 'Low threshold, high ceiling' (LTHC) has certainly become one of our favourites. We like to think that many of our tasks can be used in this way, and in many of the projects where we work with schools we take LTHC as the title. We thought therefore it would be a good idea to explore what LTHC means, and indicate which activities on the site are particularly good examples. What does LTHC mean?

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