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A First Vim Tutorial I've started using vim again. I thought I would post some of my vim notes. I generally use vim 50% in the terminal, and now 50% as Cream (UPDATE: After learning more Vim commands I switched from Cream to regular Gvim). Cream is a version of gvim that makes using vim really easy. If you want an easy introduction to vim, try Cream first. 5 Brainwashing Tricks That Work No Matter How Smart You Are #2. Everyone Has the Same Moral Code, They Just Use It Differently Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images Question: Do you consider yourself morally superior to the people who used to burn witches (and in fact, still do)? This page assumes that you have read and understood the basic concept of the unique induced electrical field – and the 4 basic electrogravity axioms. Also, note there are two things that dictate the strength of an electrogravity field: divergence and magnitude (with direction) Reverse Electrogravity Top of the Web Follow Springo on : Find top sites My top sites Top Sites

Reality New York (CNN) --- At this funky middle school in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, pretty much every class period begins this way: "What we're going to do today is play a really cool game." That's Ameer Mourad, a spiky-haired 20-something who teaches a sixth-grade class called "The Way Things Work," which is a blend of science and math. His school, Quest to Learn (also called Q2L or just "Quest"), is one of only two public schools in the United States that bases its curriculum on game theory and game mechanics. On this spring morning, Ameer -- the kids here call teachers by their first names -- didn't spend too much time lecturing students on the topic at hand: the metric system.

SQLZOO Learn SQL using: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, and PostgreSQL. Reference: how to... How to read the data from a database. 2 CREATE and DROP 10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World Reality is not as obvious and simple as we like to think. Some of the things that we accept as true at face value are notoriously wrong. Scientists and philosophers have made every effort to change our common perceptions of it. The 10 examples below will show you what I mean. 1. Great glaciation. Meta Research Bulletin of 6/15/94 The Speed of Gravity – What the Experiments Say Tom Van Flandern Meta Research [as published in Physics Letters A 250:1-11 (1998)] Abstract. how to be creative Accept that you’ve got the creative urge and it’s never going to go away. Make friends with it. Drink some tequila if you need to.

The use of Game Based Learning (GBL) in MOOCs Wednesday, 10 July 2013 18:09 Margarida Romero The use of Game Based Learning (GBL) in MOOCs Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) has produced the effect of a disruptive innovation in the field of Higher Education (HE). App Inventor Get Started Follow these simple steps to build your first app. Tutorials Step-by-step guides show you how to build all kinds of apps. Getting Started with Google Draw One of the lesser known Google Apps is Google Drawing. Google Drawing is really powerful and easy to use! Use Google Drawing to make your posters and flyers. Like other Google Docs, Google Drawing is collaborative. This means you do not need to print out your flyer and walk across campus to get it approved. Simply share the Drawing with a colleague and let them make any changes that are needed.

The Island of Stability Does a solitary island of stable elements exist at the remotest corner of the periodic table? | iStockphoto/Thinkstock This week’s Fw:Thinking video was about materials with special properties: graphene, carbyne, etc., which are so strong that they could be used to make practically indestructible objects. But I wanted to talk about another kind of material that might have unknown special properties: specifically, superheavy elements within what’s called the “island of stability.” In August of this year, Physical Review Letters accepted a paper describing how researchers led by Dirk Rudolph of Lund University in Sweden used a heavy ion accelerator to confirm the existence of element 115. The substance with atomic number 115 is currently known by the periodic table symbol Uup.

Why Americans Are the Weirdest People in the World IN THE SUMMER of 1995, a young graduate student in anthropology at UCLA named Joe Henrich traveled to Peru to carry out some fieldwork among the Machiguenga, an indigenous people who live north of Machu Picchu in the Amazon basin. The Machiguenga had traditionally been horticulturalists who lived in single-family, thatch-roofed houses in small hamlets composed of clusters of extended families. For sustenance, they relied on local game and produce from small-scale farming.

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