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Disney Pixar and Erik Erikson's Eight Stages of Development. Disney Pixar and Erik Erikson's Eight Stages of Development. Questioning Toolkit. Essential Questions These are questions which touch our hearts and souls.

Questioning Toolkit

They are central to our lives. They help to define what it means to be human. Most important thought during our lives will center on such essential questions. What does it mean to be a good friend? If we were to draw a cluster diagram of the Questioning Toolkit, Essential Questions would be at the center of all the other types of questions. All the other questions and questioning skills serve the purpose of "casting light upon" or illuminating Essential Questions. Most Essential Questions are interdisciplinary in nature.

Essential Questions probe the deepest issues confronting us . . . complex and baffling matters which elude simple answers: Life - Death - Marriage - Identity - Purpose - Betrayal - Honor - Integrity - Courage - Temptation - Faith - Leadership - Addiction - Invention - Inspiration. Essential Questions are at the heart of the search for Truth. Essential Questions offer the organizing focus for a unit. Key & Peele - TeachingCenter. Educators Rising. Youtube. Group Games for Fun eBook 2016. First Semester @ILC. "One student has had some self-discovery through exposure to content area in HPA.

First Semester @ILC

This particular student was questioning her decision of a career in the health care field. She said she enjoyed the class, but did not think that she wanted to work as a nurse or doctor. A few weeks ago I had a guest speaker that is a registered dietician come to speak to the class about what R.D. credentialing means, and the varied positions that she has held in the past 30 years. This student independently checked out some of the websites provided by my speaker, and is now very excited about the possibility of a career in this area. We have spoken about relating class topics to nutrition, and how next semester she will be able to explore this area further through more independent study. What a great start to the year. {Anticipation} #12DofD. My son Cooper, is 4 years old and like many households around the country, Elf on the Shelf or “Elfie” as Cooper calls him, has been visiting each day since December 1st.

{Anticipation} #12DofD

Cooper wakes each morning with anticipation of finding “Elfie” in the house and is overwhelmed with joy when he finds him. What would our schools look like if our students, teachers and building leaders woke each morning with anticipation of returning to work to see what the new school day had in store? Each level of school district personnel play a role in building this anticipation. Central office leaders, play a role in ensuring our building leaders anticipate the next time they are in a meeting or the next time they pick up the phone with an idea that is outside of the box, modeling the risk taking we want to see from our teachers.

Teachers play a role in building anticipation for students, who want to return each day, eager to own their learning. E-Portfolio. John Riley sur Twitter : "Great 1st day with #AcademyEDU. We learned how to tie a tie and then competed in the marshmallow challenge. #HCSD1. Twitter. Key & Peele - TeachingCenter. Mark Cuban: The Big Mistake You Don't Know You're Making on Social Media.


Final TGIF 1 on Vimeo. b9c22f68ed48ed79f99084ac717ea410dc572596.googledrive. John Riley on Twitter: "Congrats to #AcademyEDU Ss for becoming members of the FEA Honor Society. @HCSD_ILC @TollesTech #hcsdilc. John Riley sur Twitter : "#AcademyEDU learning about #growthmindset from @t_livinthedream. Teaching is influence. @HCSD_ILC @TollesTech. John Riley sur Twitter : "#AcademyEDU students meeting, learning and being challenged by @rickwormeli2 @TollesTech @HCSD_ILC #mindset. Future of Education. Edutopia sur Twitter : "Neat image & metaphor. MT @BryanMMathers: Formative & Summative Assessment... The Extreme LEAPers - Blog.

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John Riley sur Twitter : "What path did you take to get into education? @JAWsclcounselor talks to #AcademyEDU... How Google Impacts The Way Students Think. How Google Impacts The Way Students Think by Terry Heick It’s always revealing to watch learners research.

How Google Impacts The Way Students Think

When trying to understand complex questions often as part of multi-step projects, they often simply “Google it.” Why do people migrate? Google it. Where does inspiration come from? How do different cultures view humanity differently? Literally Google it. And you see knowledge as searchable, even though that’s not how it works. 1. Google is powerful, the result of a complicated algorithm that attempts to index human thought that has been digitally manifest. The result? 2. When students are looking for an “answer,” good fortune sees them arrive at whatever they think they’re looking for, where they can (hopefully) evaluate the quality and relevance of the information, cite their source, and be on their merry way.

But with the cold logistics of software, having come what they were looking for, learners are left with the back-button, a link on the page they’re on, or a fresh browser tab.

Job Interview

John Riley sur Twitter : "#AcademyEDU learning about @OUPattonCollege programs to become future educators. @HCSD_ILC @TollesTech. Importance of Reading. Blogging. Blooms. Brain Research. Building rapport. Bullying. Classroom Management. Differentiation/Multi-Cultural. Exit Slips. FEA. Flipped Classroom. Genious Hour. Grading. Hooks. ILC. Job Information- Salary, Outlook, Etc. Learning. Movenote. Motivation/video. Observations/Field Experience. Reading Levels. School Profile/Report Card. Social Media. Senior Confessions. Special Education. Why teach/what is teaching. Tech Resources for the Classroom. Trends in Education. Who is an ILC STUDENT.