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The Lighten Blend Mode in Photoshop CC *Video* A few weeks ago I conducted a tutorial showing off the various Blend Modes in Photoshop, but I hesitated to get too far into the Lighten Blend Mode.

The Lighten Blend Mode in Photoshop CC *Video*

The Lighten Blend Mode can be a powerful asset in photo post processing. Most people use it to create the star trail paths that look like giant circles in the sky. In many cases those images are created from a series of long exposures not one photo. 5 Ways Blend If in Photoshop Will Blow Your Mind! Blending Photos with Blend If - f64 Academy. I have done quite a few tutorials about the powerful tool, Blend If.

Blending Photos with Blend If - f64 Academy

I have shown many technical ways to use it, from Noise Reduction and Sharpening to the basics and better vignettes, but I have yet to show you how to use it in a creative way. In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to merge two photos and make them blend seamlessly together, it is pretty wild! How to Use the Pen Tool in Photoshop - f64 Academy. By far the most requested tutorial on f.64 Academy is “How to use the Pen Tool in Photoshop?”

How to Use the Pen Tool in Photoshop - f64 Academy

For the longest time I kept saying, “ughhh, gosh, the freakin’ Pen Tool, not another request for that.” If you have ever used it, you know exactly what I am talking about and have probably said even worse expletives in front of “Pen Tool”. How to Clean Your Camera Sensor - f64 Academy. I can remember the first time I realized I needed to clean my camera sensor.

How to Clean Your Camera Sensor - f64 Academy

I was on a mini vacation with my wife, and I was shooting her glowing, radiant, and very pregnant portrait on the boardwalk of Pismo Beach, CA a few weeks before our first child was born. In the middle of the session, I checked my frames on the LCD screen and saw a giant blob of darkness on my images. I freaked out. I had no idea what it was and no idea how to fix it. I was bummed until we went back to the hotel. How to Use Adobe Color Themes - f64 Academy. One of my favorite tools in Photoshop is Adobe Color Themes.

How to Use Adobe Color Themes - f64 Academy

It is a neat little extension that helps you build color palettes around a central color that you have in mind. It can be very helpful in any sort of design work (which I usually need a lot of help with). Adobe Color Themes has replaced the Kuler Extension found in CS 6. If you are looking for Kuler in CC you won’t find it, you’ll see Color Themes instead. Likewise, if you are looking for Color Themes in CS6, you won’t find it, it is called Kuler in CS6. Dehaze Brush in ACR and Lightroom - f64 Academy. It goes to show you that if enough people ask Adobe will listen.

Dehaze Brush in ACR and Lightroom - f64 Academy

A Dehaze Brush feature has been added to ACR and Lr with the most recent update to Photoshop and Lightroom. This is great news and really opens the floor to some limitless possibilities! You’ll see how shortly. In my first tutorial discussing Dehaze a few months ago we touched on just how critical this feature would be to have as a brush. The Long Exposure Workflow with ND Filters - f64 Academy. How to Use Color Range in Photoshop - f64 Academy. Luminosity Masks are all the rage these days it seems and rightfully so, they are extremely powerful.

How to Use Color Range in Photoshop - f64 Academy

A Luminosity Mask is nothing more than a selection of the luminance range in your image. Think of it like separating lights, darks, and colors, kinda like doing the laundry. Salvaging Underexposed Photos - f64 Academy. Surely I never get everything correct in the camera.

Salvaging Underexposed Photos - f64 Academy

More often than not I am over or underexposed. I don’t always get the shot in focus, and I rarely get my horizons straight. Other photographers and subscribers to the blog seem to think my exposures tread on water, because they only see my highlight reel. The truth is I’m just like every other photographer out there. I do not have super human abilities to make every shot amazing out of camera and for this I am very thankful for the RAW file!