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Sky Chart. ESSAIM-4. Planet Hunters. Jupiter Statistics. Chromoscope - View the Universe in different wavelengths. Current Moon Phase / Lunar Phase / Moon Calendar. Partial Eclipse of the Moon: 2009 December 31. Global Circumstances The global visibility of this lunar eclipse is shown in the diagram to the left.

Partial Eclipse of the Moon: 2009 December 31

A higher quality version of this global plot can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on this image. An explanation of this diagram can be found here. Eclipses in 2009. Tonight's Sky: February 2011. Stellarium. Moon. Mars. Heavens-Above Home Page. WIKISKY.ORG. Current Moon View of the Earth. Moon's current position over Earth The current position of the Moon over the Earth is important to Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) moon-bounce communications, because two or more stations on Earth must be able to see the moon simultaneously to communicate. C urrent View of Earth from the Moon This is how the Earth would appear through a telescope from the Moon right now if the clouds currently around the Earth were removed.

The Size Of Our World. MicroObservatory Home Page. Stardust - NASA's Comet Sample Return Mission. View from Satellite.