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Create a custom naked-eye map of the whole sky for any place on Earth, at any time of day or night, for any year between 1600 to 2400. Our Interactive Sky Chart requires Java to work. The schematic chart tells you where stars and planets are located with respect to your horizons and zenith. The window to the left shows your view along the horizon, and to the right you'll see a full-sky chart. You can even print the chart to use it outdoors. Have fun with it! Sky Chart Sky Chart
ESSAIM-4 ESSAIM-4 EARLY THIS MORNING, ORBITAL SCIENCES CORP. DECIDED TO SCRUB TODAY'S LAUNCH ATTEMPT OF THE ANTARES RO - Early this morning, Orbital Sciences Corp. decided to scrub today's launch attempt of the Antares rocket and the Cygnus cargo spacecraft on the company's first resupply mission to the International Space Station due to an unusually high level of space radiation that exceeded constraints imposed on Antares. The solar flux activity that occurred late yesterday afternoon resulted in an increasing level of radiation beyond what the Antares engineering team monitored earlier in the day. More (Source: NASA - Jan 8) SPACEX KICKS OFF THE YEAR WITH LAUNCH OF THAI SATELLITE - Launching for the second time in five weeks, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral on Monday and successfully put a broadcasting satellite in a high-altitude for a Thai communications operator.

Planet Hunters

We find new planets by looking at how the brightness of a star changes over time As the planet passes in front of the star we see a dip in the light from it. Depending on how far the planet is from the star, you may see one or many dips in the lightcurve Can you spot the transits? Planet Hunters
Jupiter Statistics Jupiter Statistics Jupiter Image Archive Comparative Planetary Statistics -- in table form Comparative Orbital Statistics -- in table form Actual Distance to Earth
NASA Breaking News New NASA Science Arrives at Space Station Aboard Orbital Sciences Cygnus SpacecraftAstronauts aboard the International Space Station Sunday used a robotic arm to capture and attach the Cygnus supply spacecraft, which carried dozens of new science experiments from across the country and the world to the orbiting laboratory. The arrival capped the first successful contracted cargo delivery by Orbital Sciences Corp. of Dulles, Va., for more... NASA Administrator Bolden and Senator Vitter See Space Launch System Progress in New OrleansNASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana will visit the agency's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, La., Monday, Jan. more... NASA, Obama Administration Highlight International Space Station Extension at Global ForumSpeaking at a global space exploration forum Thursday, John P. Current Moon Phase / Lunar Phase / Moon Calendar Current Moon Phase / Lunar Phase / Moon Calendar
Partial Eclipse of the Moon: 2009 December 31
Tonight's Sky: February 2011


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Current Moon View of the Earth Current Moon View of the Earth Moon's current position over Earth The current position of the Moon over the Earth is important to Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) moon-bounce communications, because two or more stations on Earth must be able to see the moon simultaneously to communicate. C urrent View of Earth from the Moon This is how the Earth would appear through a telescope from the Moon right now if the clouds currently around the Earth were removed.
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