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World History Encyclopedia (formerly Ancient History Encyclopedia) A Belgian farmer moved a rock and accidentally annexed France: the weird and wonderful history of man-made borders. This week, a farmer in the Belgian town of Erquelinnes caused an international ruckus when he moved a stone standing in his tractor’s path.

A Belgian farmer moved a rock and accidentally annexed France: the weird and wonderful history of man-made borders

This stone marked the boundary between Belgium and France. By moving it 2.29 metres, he expanded Belgium’s territory. We must assume he had driven around it before — the stone was placed on this site in 1819, as part of the proceedings that established the Franco-Belgian border in 1820 after Napoleon’s defeat. For the farmer, it stood in the way of his tractor. For the governments of France and Belgium, it was an active international border. This story suggests a fragility to borders that contradicts their apparent solidity in an atlas or on Google Maps.


Radiooooo: Discover the Musical Time Machine That Lets You Hear What Played on the Radio in Different Times & Places. Radio has always been a fairly transportive medium.

Radiooooo: Discover the Musical Time Machine That Lets You Hear What Played on the Radio in Different Times & Places

During the Great Depression, entire families clustered round the electronic hearth to enjoy a variety of entertainments, including live remote broadcasts from the glamorous nightclubs and hotels where celebrity bandleaders like Count Basie and Duke Ellington held sway. 1950s teens’ transistors took them to a head space less square than the white bread suburbs their parents inhabited. During the Vietnam War, South Vietnamese stations played homegrown renditions of the rock and soul sounds dominating American airwaves. The site (there’s also a version available for the iPhone and Android) allows modern listeners to experience a bit of that magical time traveling sensation, via an interactive map that allows you to tune in to specific countries and decades. The content here is user-generated.

Find a user whose tastes mirror your own? And you need not limit yourself to a single destination. Related Content:

Slave Trade

Articles and events. Women Also Know History. World Heritage Centre - Interactive Maps. StoryMapJS. Found Poems. People on the Move - Exhibitions. Get the History of the World in 46 Lectures, Courtesy of Columbia University. When you dive into our collection of 1,300 Free Online Courses, you can begin an intellectual journey that can last for many months, if not years.

Get the History of the World in 46 Lectures, Courtesy of Columbia University

The collection lets you drop into the classrooms of leading universities (like Stanford, Harvard, MIT and Oxford) and essentially audit their courses for free. You get to be a fly on the wall and soak up whatever knowledge you want. All you need is an internet connection and some free time on your hands. DocsTeach. Map of Contemporaries. SBS On Demand. Historical Atlas of the 20th Century. Famous Trials. The History of Print Technology. Moments in Time - History (8,9) World History. Google Maps. 13 Mysterious Historical Monuments. People who lived thousands of years before us created some striking buildings.

13 Mysterious Historical Monuments

These buildings were so extensive that scientists have been looking for centuries for answers to who, why, and most importantly, how they were built. There are all different kinds of theories, from practical to extraterrestrial. The Bright Side’s team also wanted to touch on these ancient secrets and make a list of places where ancient charm and a shade of a mystery surround them. Stonehenge, England According to legend, the stone complex was built by the magician Merlin. Baalbek, Lebanon A temple ensemble in this antique style is the pearl of the ruins of a once prosperous city.

Newgrange, Ireland Despite the fact that road builders ran into the monument in the XVII century, people started to research this mysterious landmark only three centuries later. Dolmens of North Caucasus, Russia Here on the mountain slopes stands small houses built of flat stones. Tikal, Guatemala Petra, Jordan. Library Lydia.

History of Asia

WORLD HISTORY SOURCES: FINDING WORLD HISTORY. Imperialism - C3 Teachers. World History Timeline. Embed Code.

World History Timeline

World & US History Online. Imperialism/Colonialism. French Revolution. History vs…: a TED-Ed Lesson playlist. “History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; art has remembered the people, because they created,” wrote William Morris.

History vs…: a TED-Ed Lesson playlist

To learn how 7 notorious leaders are remembered by history, watch the TED-Ed Lessons below: 1. History vs. Richard Nixon.

Russian Revolution

Atlas of World History. Cold War. Industrial Revolution. U.S. History. Vietnam War. World Wars. History PowerPoints for Teachers - Smithsonian's History Explorer. Home > Error.

Smithsonian's History Explorer

World Digital Library Home. A History of the World - Home. They were children - Google Cultural Institute. In July 1942, nearly 14,000 Parisians were arrested by French police and, for the most part, assembled at the Vélodrome d’Hiver, simply because they were Jewish.

They were children - Google Cultural Institute

Among them were many children. More than half of the 11,400 Jewish children deported from France between 1942 and 1944 were Parisians. Now, in 2012, on the 70th anniversary of the 'rafle du Vél d’Hiv' [Vel' d'Hiv Round-up], our town wants to honor their memory. Mapping History. CinemaHistory. [OZTL_NET] FW: [LM_NET] TAR: recommended videos for early civilizations - vickibunce - Gmail. Topics - Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts. Great Websites to Explore History.

The websites below are not intended only for history teachers but for anyone interested in taking a journey back into history.Some of them provide document search that allows you to search into the most important historical documents from well known and trusted archives.

Great Websites to Explore History

You will also find timelines documenting the major historical events or if you like maps then you can track back the history on maps. All these resources are free to use and do not require any download or software installation.Just browse through the selection below and click on any title to access the webpage. Make sure you share them with your students and colleagues as well. 1- Look Back Maps This is a website that allows users to view historical pictures of various locations on Google Maps, search for specific locations and even add images.

World History for Us All.