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My Fake Wall -

My Fake Wall -
Misting fans represent an excellent alternative cooling option to air conditioners. The world’s demand for energy is steadily increasing on a yearly basis. More and more people want energy, but the supply is just not keeping up with people’s needs. Right now, the world is in a state of flux as countries and companies are looking for a sustainable solution to their energy problems. In the meantime, people are looking for alternatives to air conditioners given just how expensive they can be to run. This is where mist fans come in.

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The history of the paper clip: It was invented in 1899. It hasn’t been improved upon since Getty Images/BananaStock via Thinkstock. The paper clip is something of a fetish object in design circles. Its spare, machined aesthetic and its inexpensive ubiquity landed it a spot in MoMA’s 2004 show Humble Masterpieces.

Citations de Philippe Geluck - Ses 282 citations Artiste belge (1954- ). En 1983, sur commande du grand quotidien belge, Le Soir, il crée le personnage de bande dessinée qui le rendra célèbre, Le Chat. 374 citations (Page 4 sur un total de 19 pages) Plus mon cigare raccourcit et plus je dois tendre le bras vers le cendrier. Un patron aussi a ses soucis.Le chatCitations de Philippe GeluckRéférences de Philippe Geluck Livres de Philippe Geluck Biographie de Philippe GeluckPlus sur cette citation de Philippe Geluck issue de Le chat | Imprimer la citation | Envoyer la citation à un ami Commenter cette citation de Philippe Geluck | Recherche Google livre | Ajouter à mon carnet de citations Citation

7 Outstanding YouTube Channels for History Teachers Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has recently started featuring some educational YouTube channels pertaining to different subject matters. Up to this moment, we have covered channels for Math, Science, and yesterday we posted a list of channels for kids. The purpose behind such collections is to help teachers and educators have instant access to educational videos they might need to use with their students. The channels we post are among the top ones you can find on YouTube and some of them are created by teachers like you and me. Donjon de Naheulbeuk - Téléchargement et miroirs Notes : Les fichiers ZIP contiennent des MP3 ! Bande de titre en rouge : les derniers fichiers. Les miroirs sont gracieusement fournis par : PATCHOU | Maudits Pirates | Blacktrap | Zabbraxas | Mioux | La Haute Tour | Les Citations | Naheulbeuk au Québec | OverSu | Pour les questions relatives à la diffusion consultez la rubrique questions-réponses. Remerciements à : ENIX, AO, Tortuez, GDI, Cyril de MSGPLUS, Talienekov, Vincent, Zabbraxas, Mioux, BLACKTRAP, Woow-FR, Grarsh, Alhena, ANLteam, Laboratoire des Poulpicks, Archipel-nwn, JeuxFusion, STEFIPRABAIBA, DarkWanderer, Mark, Maudits PiratesLa Haute Tour, Les Citations, iCustomZ, Teamspeak-gratuit, Naheulbeuk au Québec, Le Serveur Phenix, Celebo, OverSu

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History Educator Review What's It Like? The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History highlights the New York-based museum's extensive collection, ranging from 8,000 B.C. to current-century fashion. Its content is written by Met curators, conservators, scientists, and educators and includes 930 essays and nearly 7,000 objects to view. You can locate artwork from a certain region by clicking on a world map; select an era on a timeline, or search for specific pieces by entering qualifications like name, artist, material, or technique.

A quoi ça sert, les maths ? Si l'on est professeur de maths, mathématicien, étudiant en maths ou simplement parent d'élève, on sera forcément confronté un jour à LA grande question : à quoi ça sert, les maths ? Qu'elle se présente sous la forme "à quoi ça sert, la trigonométrie / le calcul d'intégrales / de savoir que aplusbéaucarréégaleadeuxplusdeuxabéplusbédeux ?" ou sous sa variante affirmative "de toute façon, les maths, ça sert à rien", le fond reste le même. A quoi peuvent donc bien servir les mathématiques ? Situation du jour : Sylvestre, 14 ans, vous pose la question "à quoi ça sert, les maths ?". Que lui répondre ? An Introduction to 100 Important Paintings with Videos Created by Smarthistory If you have an interest in how the internet has widened the very concept of education, you may well know about Google's Art Project, a digital wealth of free visual art information and viewing opportunities we've featured before. And you more than likely know about Khan Academy, the highest-profile producer of educational videos on the internet. Now, from the combined power of their learning resources comes this collection of video introductions to over 100 important paintings.

Prizee Top 10 Toilets Through Time It’s not glamorous, but everybody needs to do it. From Romans gossiping on the loo to medieval royal bottom-wiping, to the invention of our modern flushing toilet, here are 2,000 years of toilet history! *Updated November 2017* 1. Housesteads Roman Fort, Hadrian’s Wall: All together now… The best preserved Roman loos in Britain are at Housesteads Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall. Blog Gadgets: l'univers des Geeks

Prelinger Archives : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive by Rick Prelinger Home Movies from the Prelinger Archives. For more information see the Prelinger Archives Ten Great Tech Tools for Social Studies Lessons Over the last decade I've written about a lot of excellent resources for social studies lessons. Over time some of those tools have faded away and others have moved to the forefront of my top recommendations. Here's my current list of ten top tools for social studies lessons. The toppling of statues is enriching not erasing history and it has thrilled my heart These are not debates, but facts. We don’t get to choose whether or not this happened; but we do get to choose whether or not we deny it. Or see it as somehow not significant.