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Humans TXT: We Are People, Not Machines.

Humans TXT: We Are People, Not Machines.

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holmes.css - CSS Markup Detective What does it do? The holmes.css file will display either an error (red outline), a warning (yellow outline), or a deprecated style (dark grey outline) for flags such as: Missing required attributes on tags, such as name attributes on inputs (lots of these) Potentially improvable markup, such as links with href="#" Deprecated and Non-W3C Elements - see's article on obselete tags Non-W3C Attributes - as above, just the most important ones since there are MANY Thanks to Anthony Mann, holmes now displays an informative error message when you hover over the element. Support for :after/::after on images is non-existent however in most browsers. How do I use it?

10 open source e-learning projects to watch - Collaboration - Open Source As corporate and government organizations embrace the Web for delivering more education and training programs, a wealth of free and open source e-learning applications will help lower the barrier to entry. TechWorld looks at the options. ATutor ATutor is a Web-based learning content management system (LCMS) designed for accessibility and adaptability by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto. ATutor claims to be modular for new looks and functionality. Like Moodle, ATutor is a PHP application with some 25,000 registered installations.

Add IE 9 Pinned Sites, Dynamic Jump Lists & Notifications to MVC Razor Views-Rachel Appel If you have an MVC application, why not spice it up by adding in IE 9's Pinned Site features? Pinned sites are an excellent way to keep links to your site handy as well as provide notifications and interact with the users. Adding pinned site capabilities to your app is also very easy to do, so it's low effort, high reward. Add pinned sites to partial views. Pinned sites work because of a set of <meta> tags that IE 9 recognizes to produce an integration point with the desktop - the pinned site.

Sending e-mail Although Python makes sending e-mail relatively easy via the smtplib library, Django provides a couple of light wrappers over it. These wrappers are provided to make sending e-mail extra quick, to make it easy to test e-mail sending during development, and to provide support for platforms that can’t use SMTP. The code lives in the django.core.mail module. Quick example In two lines: from django.core.mail import send_mail send_mail('Subject here', 'Here is the message Font sizing with rem Determining a unit of measurement to size our text can be a topic of heated debate, even in this day and age. Unfortunately, there are still various pros and cons that make the various techniques less desirable. It's just a matter of which less-desirable is most desirable. There are two main techniques that are extolled: Size with pxSize with em Let's review these two approaches before I reveal the magical third.

Open Source: the Meritocracy vs the Circle of Trust There has been this idea running around the back of my head for a while, and it's only now that it is starting to crystalize into something that I can express. When we look at Open Source projects, we see that there is a hierarchy of involvement. There are different levels at which you can be involved, and at each higher level, there will be less and less individuals.

Color Contrast Checker You are here: Home > Resources > Color Contrast Checker Contrast Ratio: 8.59:1 Normal Text WCAG AA: Pass WCAG AAA: Pass Sample: I am normal text Large Text WCAG AA: Pass WCAG AAA: Pass Sample: I am large text Model instance reference A few object methods have special purposes. __unicode__ Model.__unicode__() The __unicode__() method is called whenever you call unicode() on an object. The internet is our social network. What if social networks were more like email? What if they were all inter-connected, and you could choose which software (and even which provider) to use based purely on what they offered you? Now they are!

High quality patterns for your next web project The seigaiha or wave is a pattern of layered concentric circles creating arches, symbolic of waves or water and representing surges of good luck. Made by Olga Libby Download A Detailed Django Tutorial: Blog Basics Part IV This is the last part of this 4 part series by Jeff Hui. If you wish, you can download the entire tutorial without having it split up. Today we’ll be learning the gist of Django, a pythonic web framework. In the spirit of a stereotypical web framework tutorial, we’ll produce a primitive blog with the minimal amount of code possible. Yellow background color text indicates text to be entered into a command line/terminal and blue indicates code. If you’ve followed my django screencast, you’ll be familiar with the most of what this tutorial covers.

CSS Selectors and Pseudo Selectors and browser support This page has not been updated for some time and some of the browser versions are obsolete - I'm working on a better format for the page, so check back every now and then :) The following is a range of CSS tests of the most common browsers' support for selectors and pseudo selectors. The tests includes basic stuff from the good old days of CSS1 and funky stuff from the future (CSS3). If you feel like reading more about the selectors and which attributes they support, the W3C is the place to go! Apprentissage des langues et Réseaux Médias Sociaux - Language learning and social networks Les réseaux sociaux peuvent jouer un rôle décisif dans le domaine de l’enseignement d'une langue étrangère, car ils favorisent la communication réelle, le travail collaboratif entre apprenants, entre classes et entre enseignants , ainsi que le développement des échanges et contacts interculturels. "Members of online communities learn by making and developing connections (intentionally or not) between ideas, experiences, and information, and by interacting,sharing, understanding, accepting, commenting, creating and defending their own opinions, their view points, their current situations and their daily experiences. Online communities allow, form, guide, foster, and stimulate connections. Learning in online communities takes place through storytelling, making jokes, giving examples, linking and making available different resources, asking questions, providing answers, developing empathy, and simply reading, to list a few examples. RESSOURCES - Studies

The MediaLoot HTML5 Compendium Let's face it, it's difficult to keep up with all of the new coding languages. Despite that difficulty, and the fact that some of these standards aren't even finalized, there's still a lot of pressure for designers to start using HTML5. The purpose of this compendium is to make it easier for everyone by providing an up-to-date reference on the new features and uses of HTML5. The W3C specs for HTML5 and CSS3 are also incredibly long and practically unreadable, not to mention unfinished - so it’s easy to see why a lot of designers choose to hold off on taking the effort to learn the new languages, however it’s really not that hard to start using both languages today, there doesn’t need to be a lot of pressure either because the beauty of adopting early is that you can work your way into it slowly and the only thing you actually need to know if you’re already using XHTML/HTML4 and CSS2 is what’s new and how can it benefit you. Tag Reference Browser Compatibility in Depth