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Machine Learning

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Neural Networks: You’ve Got It So Easy. Neural networks are all the rage right now with increasing numbers of hackers, students, researchers, and businesses getting involved.

Neural Networks: You’ve Got It So Easy

The last resurgence was in the 80s and 90s, when there was little or no World Wide Web and few neural network tools. The current resurgence started around 2006. From a hacker’s perspective, what tools and other resources were available back then, what’s available now, and what should we expect for the future? For myself, a GPU on the Raspberry Pi would be nice. The 80s and 90s. TensorFlow — an Open Source Software Library for Machine Intelligence.

Multistyle Pastiche Generator. Vincent Dumoulin, Jonathon Shlens, and Manjunath Kudlur have extended image style transfer by creating a single network which performs more than one stylization of an image.

Multistyle Pastiche Generator

The paper[1] has also been summarized in a Google Research Blog post. The source code and trained models behind the paper are being released here. The model creates a succinct description of a style. Research Blog: Introducing the Open Images Dataset. Posted by Ivan Krasin and Tom Duerig, Software Engineers In the last few years, advances in machine learning have enabled Computer Vision to progress rapidly, allowing for systems that can automatically caption images to apps that can create natural language replies in response to shared photos.

Research Blog: Introducing the Open Images Dataset

Much of this progress can be attributed to publicly available image datasets, such as ImageNet and COCO for supervised learning, and YFCC100M for unsupervised learning. Today, we introduce Open Images, a dataset consisting of ~9 million URLs to images that have been annotated with labels spanning over 6000 categories. We tried to make the dataset as practical as possible: the labels cover more real-life entities than the 1000 ImageNet classes, there are enough images to train a deep neural network from scratch and the images are listed as having a Creative Commons Attribution license*. CILVR Lab @ NYU. OverFeat OverFeat is an image recognizer and feature extractor built around a convolutional network.


The OverFeat convolutional net was trained on the ImageNet 1K dataset. It participated in the ImangeNet Large Scale Recognition Challenge 2013 under the name “OverFeat NYU”. This release provides C/C++ code to run the network and output class probabilities or feature vectors. I'm Ken Stanley, artificial intelligence professor who breeds artificial brains that control robots and video game agents, and inventor of the NEAT algorithm – AMA! : IAmA. CORPORA: 1.9 billion - 45 million words each: free online access. Large Network Dataset Collection. Social networks Networks with ground-truth communities Communication networks Citation networks.

Large Network Dataset Collection

Computational Investigation of Translationese. Project description Objective To use insights from Translation Studies for improving the quality of machine translation; and to use computational methodology for corroborating hypotheses of Translation Studies.

Computational Investigation of Translationese

Researchers In Haifa, Noam Ordan, Gennadi Lembersky, Vered Volansky, Ella Rabinovich and Shuly Wintner. This project is joint with a team at Bar Ilan University, headed by Moshe Koppel. Status Ongoing Funding. Alternative Interfaces. I have every publicly available Reddit comment for research. ~ 1.7 billion comments @ 250 GB compressed. Any interest in this? : datasets. MassMine: Your Access To Big Data. Java API for WordNet Searching (JAWS) From within the application you started you can use JAWS by first obtaining an instance of WordNetDatabase with code like the following, which assumes that you've performed an import of the classes in the edu.smu.tspell.wordnet package: WordNetDatabase database = WordNetDatabase.getFileInstance(); Once you've done so, you can begin to retrieve synsets from the database as shown in the example below.

Java API for WordNet Searching (JAWS)

KOPI - Wikipedia as text download page. Datasets for Data Mining and Data Science. See also Data repositories AssetMacro, historical data of Macroeconomic Indicators and Market Data.

Datasets for Data Mining and Data Science

Awesome Public Datasets on github, curated by caesar0301. Full Reddit Submission Corpus now available (2006 thru August 2015) : datasets. Data: Querying, Analyzing and Downloading: The GDELT Project. AWS Public Data Sets. High resolution climate data to help assess the impacts of climate change primarily on agriculture.

AWS Public Data Sets

These open access datasets of climate projections will help researchers make climate change impact assessments. Yahoo Labs. Summary of Data Sets by Data Type. Caesar0301/awesome-public-datasets. Now Available on Azure ML – Criteo's 1TB Click Prediction Dataset - Machine Learning. This post is by Misha Bilenko, Principal Researcher in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

Now Available on Azure ML – Criteo's 1TB Click Prediction Dataset - Machine Learning

Measurement is the bedrock of all science and engineering. Progress in the field of machine learning has traditionally been measured against well-known benchmarks such as the many datasets available in the UCI-ML repository, in the KDDCup and Kaggle contests and on ImageNet. Today, we are delighted to announce the availability of the largest ever publicly released ML dataset – produced by our friends at Criteo, this dataset is now hosted by Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. This new benchmark allows us to compare the performance of supervised learning algorithms on a realistic dataset representing an industry-defining multi-billion dollar task – namely, advertisement click prediction.

The scale of the data that ML systems are expected to consume keeps growing steadily. New Dataset release. March 31st, 2015 New Dataset Criteo is pleased to announce the release of a new dataset which is an extended version of our Kaggle click prediction dataset. Apache Spark User List - Dataset announcement. This post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list yet. Dear Spark users,