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Vending Machine

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DIY Minifridge Beer vending machine kit - 3/4. Slide Pot - Motorized (10k Linear Taper) - COM-10976. Description: These motorized sliders are very cool.

Slide Pot - Motorized (10k Linear Taper) - COM-10976

Each is essentially a standard slide pot which is belt-driven by a small motor. The slide contains two separate 10k linear taper potentiometers so that you can use one as servo-feedback in order to read the position of the slider and use the other to control whatever your target is. There is also a touch sense line which is electrically connected directly to the metal slider tab so that you can interface the slider with capacitive touch circuitry. Motorized potentiometers are useful when you need the ability to jump to preset positions or when you want physical feedback from virtual controllers. There are also a variety of unconventional uses for these potentiometers such as pulsing the motor to provide haptic feedback or just using it as a linear actuator for super light-duty robotics. Check the related items for plastic knobs that fit these sliders. FSR. V-Slot Belt Driven Linear Actuator Build. VS-19 Pico Linear Servo. Remember all those projects where you thought to yourself "I really wish I had some kind of linear motion for this", well now there is an affordable solution!

VS-19 Pico Linear Servo

After all these years of waiting we are now finally blessed with the gift of linear actuation. The only limits to this servo signal driven actuator is your imagination! Use it to turn 'on' and 'off' light switches, raise and lower legs, trigger a latch, and/or bring up the periscope. It's also perfect for stealthy remote control applications. You could always use it to make your own angry useless box as well. This actuator accepts a servo pulse from 800 - 2200 microseconds (uS) with a neutral position of 1500 uS.

Please Note: This linear actuator runs at 3.7V so if you are using this in a standard servo application circuit you will have to drop the voltage supply from 5V down a bit to around 3.7V, with either a voltage regulator or a couple diodes in series (ex: 1N4001). - Low Cost Linear Actuator. This article shows the steps I took to make a low cost linear actuator for Android 5 - 'Combotron'. - Low Cost Linear Actuator

Although it could have many other uses in robotic arms, legs or anywhere else where 'piston' style movement is required at high torque and relatively low speed. I decided that the idea should be based around a nut moving up and down threaded rod as it turns. I started with some M6 threaded rod and some bits of wood: I found these hex shaped threaded nuts that are for joining two bits of M6 threaded rod together. One of these will be my 'moving nut': I made 5 holes in the bits of wood, inserted the hex nut into one of them and 6mm inside diameter aluminium tubing into the others.

Here is the sliding part with the push rods attached: and the rails. L12 Linear Actuators & Servos. 10mmx10mm Flexible Semi Enclosed Towline Drag Chain Carrier 100cm. Shipping to: Worldwide.

10mmx10mm Flexible Semi Enclosed Towline Drag Chain Carrier 100cm

4 ea New Haydon Z26841 12 007 Can Stack 12V Linear Actuator for CNC 3D Printer. The Bobbinator. Step #1: Wind the bobbin.

The Bobbinator

PrevNext Place an empty bobbin onto the bobbin filler on the sewing machine. Feed the end of the copper wire into the hole at the top of the bobbin. I left about 1" of wire sticking out of the top, so I could solder the coil in place later.Feed the wire through the thread guide nearest to the bobbin filler. Do not use the tensioning wheel or the other guides.Place the spool of wire somewhere that it won’t snag, and run the sewing machine slowly. Step #2: Wrap the bobbin. Hacking the Tassimo single-serve coffee machine.

Update: See Part 2 of my investigation.

Hacking the Tassimo single-serve coffee machine

Like many techno-geeks, one of my favourite kitchen appliances is the coffee machine. Mine happens to be a Braun Tassimo T1200, which is by far and away the coolest coffee machine because it is actually a programmable beverage dispensing system. With it I can make anything from a run-of-the-mill cup of Maxwell House to espresso, latte, cappucino, hot chocolate and everything inbetween. And with almost zero cleanup. What makes this possible are the pre-packaged, sealed pods (called T-DISCS) for each drink type that has a barcode printed on its lower surface. Spektrum New 2 9g Linear Long Throw Servo SPMSH2040L. Antares Combo Vending Machine Chip Coil Spring 15 Snack.

2 Spiral Motors Crane National 147 148 Snack Vending for 1 Price P 1577038. Meet the Bibliomat: a homemade vending machine for old books (video) Orange narwhals: todo, DIY vending machine (countertop and oshw) (I get to the whole build-my-own vending machine thing further down the page.

orange narwhals: todo, DIY vending machine (countertop and oshw)

Got a bit ADD). Well, in other news, my 2.008 group did not fall over themselves to build a PoV yoyo. This is okay. I will just make one or two PoV (persistence of vision) yoyo's manually then. (you, dear reader, have just been saved from a pages-long rant as I sulked over the last few days :P) In other news, in MAS.863, it's waterjet and shopbot week! Orange narwhals: vending machine / start of epic asia trip. Well speed update made cardboard proto of vending machine, final project of mas.863 then CAD'd and emergency lasercut one, but still didn't have time to do electronics :/ (buttons are just stuck on there, and i didn't leave space to route servo wires, and i'm using janky self-made continuous rotation servos / zip tie couplers to springs.

orange narwhals: vending machine / start of epic asia trip