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High Risk Merchant Services

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PearBudget. Payment Gateway India, Merchant Account Integration, e-Commerce Transactions – iWay Pay. iWay World is a member company of Synergy Corporate Group.

Payment Gateway India, Merchant Account Integration, e-Commerce Transactions – iWay Pay

The Group has hundreds of small to medium businesses and large Corporate as its clientele across the Globe. The flagship company of the Group is a leader in Financial and Strategic Corporate solutions for Equity Investments, Cross-border transactions, Deal structuring and due diligence including legal and regulatory affairs, Business Valuation, structuring new venture, Business performance, Project benchmarking , Organisation Revival and Globalization advisory. The Group comprises of companies focusing on following diversified businesses: Financial services Wealth Management Global Business Development Corporate strategic & operational consulting Business Application services Real Estate Human Resources Information Technology E-Commerce Solutions In today’s market scenario, the steady and fast growth is the key to success for any organisation.

High Risk Merchant Account Services in India, Payment Gateway Integration, Credit/Debit Card Payment Gateway - iWay Pay. 14 Payments APIs that Made Waves in 2014. This is the season of giving and gifting.

14 Payments APIs that Made Waves in 2014

Happy Holidays! We will give you a set of 3 whitepapers, with our compliments. Gift yourselves some great content by subscribing to our free daily newsletter. Now, that's a sweet deal! The payments industry is embracing a range of disruptive payment systems that are changing the way we pay, especially as digital payments becomes mainstream. Apple 2014 saw the advent of a secure and convenient way to pay at stores using an iPhone 6 or 6+ with NFC and finger-print Touch ID. Braintree Braintree’s Partners APIs provides users with an integrated way to start accepting payments using the Braintree payments gateway. CardConnect The CardConnect API allows secure acceptance of a wide-range of credit, debit and alternative payments.

Dwolla The Dwolla API provides an interface to integrate the Dwolla payments platform into a software application. Google Instant Buy: this API gives a cloud-based way to access and store payment information. Intuit iZettle. American Credit Card Processing Corporation - Internet Merchant Account. Payment Gateway High Risk Merchant Account Load Balancing.

Collection Agency Merchant Accounts. Debt Collection Payment Processing Provider There are very few banks or solutions out there that can handle or are friendly towards this high risk industry.

Collection Agency Merchant Accounts

Most payment processing companies will not go near collection merchant account companies. They fear that the clients of these companies already have poor credit and having issues with credit cards, debit cards and the ability to pay their bills. This can result in their clients issuing chargebacks which then results in the collection agency having its payment processing account placed on hold. Advantage processors can place both new debt repair companies, collection agencies, debt consolidation and established businesses. Best rates possible taking Visa and MasterCard Multiple underwriting banks available. Industries We Support Include: To set up your merchant account for collection agencies, you are going to need to gather documentation about your business.

High Risk Merchant Account Solutions. Swift and Easy application process!

High Risk Merchant Account Solutions

99.8 % approval rating! Onshore and offshore check processing available! World class customer service! Accept checks at less expensive rates than credit cards! Apply Now. Top Rated High Risk Merchant Accounts. Merchant Account Glossary Payment & Settlement System India, ACH Processing, Electronic Payment – iWay Pay. Automated Clearing House (ACH) ACH is used primarily for electric fund transfer (EFT) by different organizations and agencies.

Merchant Account Glossary Payment & Settlement System India, ACH Processing, Electronic Payment – iWay Pay

Acquirer Financial Institution, public/private Company or any bank that processes credit/debit card transaction for a merchant is an Acquirer. Acquire haves arrangement with Issuer to exchange funds on behalf of merchant. Address Verification Service (AVS): Address verification is a service provided to help seller to identify his customer. Average Ticket Average amount of highest and lowest value of transaction of a merchant. Card Validation Code (CVC) CVC is a 3-4 digit number security code present on the credit card. Card Verification Value (CVV or CVV2) This is a three digit number used by Visa for additional verification of the credit card. Chargeback The Chargeback is refund of money to the issuing bank specifically due to a dispute.