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Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government

Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government
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Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17 This important article was first published in August 2014. Its assessment is broadly correct. We’ll go considerably farther than has yet been revealed by the professional intelligence community, to provide the actual evidence that conclusively shows that (and how) the Ukrainian Government shot down the Malaysian airliner, MH-17, on July 17th. The latest report from the intelligence community was headlined on August 3rd by Robert Parry, “Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts,” and he revealed there that, “Contrary to the Obama administration’s public claims blaming eastern Ukrainian rebels and Russia for the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, some U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded that the rebels and Russia were likely not at fault and that it appears Ukrainian government forces were to blame, according to a source briefed on these findings. Go to That youtube snippet in an interview with Michael Bociurkiw, comes from a man who is U.S.

Ukrainian Election Results Will Push The World Into World War III! | War and Conflict (Before It's News) “I’ll remind you that Russia is one of the largest nuclear powers. These are not just words, this is reality and, moreover, we are strengthening our powers of nuclear restraint. The architect of WW III The above quote represents “fighting words” and Putin’s most recent setback in his struggle against America’s attempted dominance of his country through economic means makes the election results of Ukraine very difficult for Putin to accept! Russia Loses Political Control Over Ukraine “Ukrainian voters handed the country’s pro-European leadership a resounding victory in the first parliamentary elections since the Euromaidan uprising cut ties with Moscow”. The rest of Europe is beginning to react in fear. The conflict in the Ukraine is an outgrowth of BRICS nations attempting to undermine the U.S. petrodollar by moving the world away from using the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The Death of the Dollar By the BRIC Nations Will Be the Motivating Force Behind WW III

Space Technology's Role in Corporate Destruction of the Planet Tuesday, October 28, 2014 Satellies direct all war on the planet(image by Global Network) I live in Bath, Maine where Navy destroyers are built. These ships are outfitted with so-called "missile defense" systems that the Pentagon is today using to help surround Russia and China. Few people in my community, including activists, are interested in where these ships go or what their military mission is. We began the walk up in the beautiful mountain and lakes region called Rangeley where the Pentagon's 'Missile Defense Agency' is considering putting up to 60 so-called 'missile defense interceptors,' which, in fact, are key elements in US first-strike attack planning and are aimed at Russia and China.

Downing Of Flight MH17: False Flag Operation … To Blame Russia? Once again, it appears that CIA handiwork is all over another false flag operation designed at Langley in order to falsely accuse Russia of conducting state-sponsored terrorism. No matter how you look at this terrorist event — and it is a blatant act of terrorism — Russia had no reason to be involved; the Ukraine government had every motivation. Especially when the Anglo-American Axis is using the CIA to inflame and incite, at every turn, the Ukraine civil war, does this manmade disaster have the fingerprints from The Company. That an American ‘statesman’ of the stature of Strobe Talbott, who is the current president of the Brookings Institution, would publicly blame Russia shows where the US Intelligence establishment would like this to go. The Western media has been on an obvious mission to control the predominant narrative being poured out there into the mainstream. Strobe Talbott Blames Russia For Shooting Down Commercial Airliner So who gains? Flight Path of MH17 Conclusion: References:

Meet a Town That's Had Enough of Militarized Policing Barry Township PD Facebook pageBarry Township, Michigan, with a population of about 4,000, has four full-time police officers, four part-time officers, two Humvees, two armored personnel carriers (free, courtesy of the Defense Department's 1033 program)—and, until recently, about three dozen unpaid but armed and empowered reserve police officers patrolling the streets. All those cops need to find something to do with themselves, and many of the people of Barry Township are more than a bit bent out of shape that they've been on the receiving end of that something. Writes L.L. Brasier of the Detroit Free Press: If this was just a one-off incident, Nadwornik's friends would be bent out of shape and his lawyer would be prepping a lawsuit. Oh, yeah. "I have preached a vision and the Lord put me here for a reason," he told the township board. So, one small step in rolling back the militarization of modern policing? That might depend on the outcome of tonight's the meeting. H/T to Geoffrey S.

Defense contractors already are reaping the bounty of the all new unwinnable war It's just business The new U.S. war in the Middle East has only begun and already there are clear winners: Support for Islamic State increased after U.S. airstrikes began in Iraq and the militant group may take more hostages to try to force concessions from Washington, the FBI director told Congress on Wednesday. Islamic State is "committed to instilling fear and attracting recruits" and to drawing public attention, as shown through its use of social media and in videos it released of the beheadings of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, said FBI Director James Comey."ISIL's widespread use of social media and growing online support intensified following the commencement of U.S. airstrikes in Iraq," Comey, using an acronym for the group, said in prepared testimony for a congressional hearing on threats to the U.S. homeland. Because the U.S. is doing exactly what the terrorists want: Of course humane people are horrified and outraged by the viciousness of the terrorists.

9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress “This 9/11 data dump is so radioactive the US Government will likely collapse. The world will never be the same when nations everywhere see this report!” — Veteran 9/11 Investigator State of the Nation Huge caverns of “melted granite” were found below the foundations of the Twin Towers. The evidence is now clear and indisputable that the false flag operation carried out on September 11, 2001 was a multi-nation conspiracy. There were other state actors and intelligence agencies involved such as Pakistan’s ISI; however, the US Federal Government and Israeli Secret Services are by far the most complicit. Enter Russia … Edward Snowden … and the Alternative News Media When Edward Snowden opted to stay in Russia after fleeing the USA little did he know that the NSA treasure trove he absconded with would serve as the basis for so much 9/11 revelation. President Putin Reveals Possession Of 9/11 Satellite Imagery Evidence Indicating USA Gov’t Complicity In False Flag Attack Conclusion Author’s Note

America Descends Into Abyss As World War Nears World's Largest English Language News Service with Over 500 Articles Updated Daily "The News You Need Today…For The World You’ll Live In Tomorrow." Descends Into Abyss As World War Nears “The First Amendment rests on the assumption that the widest possible dissemination of information from diverse and antagonistic sources is essential to the welfare of the public, that a free press is a condition of a free society. Freedom to publish means freedom for all, and not for some. Freedom to publish is guaranteed by the Constitution, but freedom to combine to keep others from publishing is not.” US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black in decision: Associated Press v. 3(1945) Page 326 U. Special Report from Sister Ciara In 1945, the nearly century long propagandist reign of the Associated Press (AP) that had single handedly manipulated the American public into 38 wars in 99 years came to end when the US Supreme Court ruled that their monopolistic business model was unconstitutional. Please do so now.

Follow the Money: War Hawks and the Military Industrial Complex “Follow the money.” This was the advice given by an informant on how to discover who was behind the Watergate break-in, as portrayed in the 1976 movie All the President’s Men. The suggestion is still sound, and following the financial connection between pro-war pundits and defense contractors reveals relationships between the two that have borne deadly offspring. From President Obama’s promise to “degrade and ultimately defeat ISIL,” to the ubiquitous appearance of former generals on cable news shows, all calling for a U.S. military response to the alleged threat, the war drums are constantly sounding in the ears of Americans. One example of the promotion from former brass to send in the armed forces to combat ISIL came from retired Marine General Anthony Zinni, who reportedly recommended putting “as many as 100,000 boots on the ground in Iraq” and using “special operations forces or CIA operatives on the ground there to get detailed intelligence.”

How to Break the Rules of Writing (& More) According to Bestselling YA author Ransom Riggs Like most first conversations and bad first drafts, my (WD’s Managing Editor Adrienne Crezo) interview with Ransom Riggs begins with a discussion about the weather. And not just any weather, either, but peculiar versions of standard precipitation: dust storms, cloudbursts, thundersnow and tornadoes. Of course, Riggs is experiencing none of those phenomena as he sits in the warmth of the never-ending summer of Los Angeles. “I hate to tell you what it’s like here right now,” he says. “No, I don’t. That kind of easygoing humor is familiar to Riggs’ fans. Whatever dreams Riggs may have had about his future, he couldn’t have predicted the wild success of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, a tale of time travel and magic set against the eerie backdrop of unnerving black-and-white photos of levitating girls and creepy twin clowns. It’s easy to see why Riggs is enjoying the ride, but what appears to have happened overnight actually evolved over many years. What about schedules? Yes.

All Wars Are Well Planned Banker Wars, Including World War 3 Jamie Lee, ContributorWaking Times When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, There Will Be Peace. – Jimi Hendrix The Cause of War Wars start when one nation moves into the territory of another; depressions occur when markets take unexpected downturns; inflations occur when prices are driven up by shortages; revolutions start when the people, always spontaneously, rise up to overthrow the existing government. These are the traditional explanations of historical events. Events happen by accident; there do not seem to be any causes. But this explanation of history leaves gnawing questions in the minds of serious students. Two Fundamental Views of History There are two fundamental ways to view history. Accidental History In the catastrophic or accidental view of history we are led to believe that historical events, such as wars and revolutions were the direct result of some sudden or surprising event. Conspiratorial History Franklin D. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. Dr.

Cashing In On the ‘War On Terror’ Source:AJ+ Labs There’s BIG money behind war. Since 2001, the “War on Terror” has done little to end global violence and has cost a staggering 4.4 trillion dollars. So who actually benefits from its perpetuation, and how are lobbyists and military industrial complex involved? We break down four of the biggest profiteers of the war including defense contractors, weapons manufacturers, private intelligence contractors, and more. Tags: featured, war on terror costs