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Kindle Direct Publishing: Self-publish to Amazon's Kindle Store

Kindle Direct Publishing: Self-publish to Amazon's Kindle Store
Welcome to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Publish your books independently with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on the Amazon Kindle Store. Here's how you benefit: Keep control. Make changes to your book at any time. Distribute globally.

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Michael Robotham UK/Australia Cover USA Cover Marnie Logan often feels like she's being watched. tutorial - Download the free Mobipocket eBook Reader software to read on your PDA and Smartphone. 1) Check you can read the free sample (see Beginning with a free sample ) 2) Find your eBook as explained in the precedent tutorial and click on the "Quick purchase" button: 3) This will lead you to the "Logon or Create Account" page. If you already have an account, enter the username and the password and click on the "Log in" button, else click on the "Create your account" button: 4) Choose a username, a password and enter some personal informations and click "OK".

How to self-publish an ebook A while back I wrote a column titled "Self-publishing: 25 things you need to know," which was mostly about how to create and sell your own paper book. After folks asked me to do something similar for e-books, I created this article, which has now been updated a few times. I begin with one caveat: The whole e-book market is rapidly evolving, and a lot of self-publishing companies are offering e-book deals bundled into their print book publishing packages, which makes them harder to break out and evaluate. It's all quite complicated, and in an effort to sort through the confusion, I've decided to offer a few basic tips and present what I think are some of the best options out there for creating an e-book quickly and easily. As things change -- and they will -- I'll do my best to keep this column up to date.

Action Adventure, Mystery, Horror & Thrillers, Espionage Parajunkee’s ViewFiction, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy Moderator Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy ModeratorEmail Moderator www.parajunkee.comFiction > Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult African American Mystery/Authors Opinions > Action Adventure, Mystery, Horror &Thrillers, Espionage Book Blogs Alchemy of > Action Adventure, Mystery, Horror &Thrillers, Espionage Book Blogs Alive on the > Action Adventure, Mystery, Horror &Thrillers, Espionage Book Blogs Fiction > Action Adventure, Mystery, Horror &Thrillers, Espionage Book Blogs Wondershare MePub The easiest way to build your own EPUB eBooks ever Build EPUB eBooks from 10+ popular formats (.doc, .pdf, .html, .txt, .chm, etc.) Support merging up to 100 files into a single EPUB eBook at one time Allow users to customize eBook cover, info, layout, tables of contents, etc. Convert a 500-page document to EPUB eBook in less than 1 minute Go to MePub for Mac

eBooks Our book-making tools let you create graphically rich fixed-layout ebooks for the iPad® that keep your layouts and designs exactly how you intended them—and even add a few tricks. Here’s how. Make your book.When you use BookWright™ (our downloadable book-making tool) to create a book, you can publish it in print, as an ebook, or both. BookWright keeps it all tidy for you in one book project file. You can also use Adobe® InDesign®to make an ebook—our InDesign plug-in has an iPad-specific template built right in.

australian veterans for peace Statement of Purpose We, having dutifully served our nation, do hereby affirm our greater responsibility to serve the cause of world peace. To this end we will work, with others: How to Convert JPEG to eBook, Convert JPG to eBook with JPEG to eBook Converter Home > iPad Resources > eBook DRM > How to Convert JPEG to eBook Are you hoping to convert your JPEGs into ePub books for reading something like a graphic novel or comic book in iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony Reader and so on? If the answer is Yes, you have come to the right place! Here this article shows you how to convert JPEG to ebook, convert JPG to ebook and even convert PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, etc. to ePub book format easily.

eBook Maestro: Download eBook Compiler The eBook Maestro software is available in three versions: eBook Maestro FREE, eBook Maestro STANDARD and eBook Maestro PRO. eBook Maestro FREE can be used for creating any non-commercial eBooks. This version is absolutely free and you don't have to register to use it. eBook Maestro STANDARD and PRO can be used for creating any eBooks including commercial ones. - Tragedy outweighs triumph I do not agree with the structure of this book. John Hamilton has divided it into two parts: part one Triumph; part two Tragedy. I think the whole thing is a tragedy from start to finish but I suppose any writer would know that you can't make a long book work employing just one voice throughout. We readers need the light before we get the shade.

Blog » Get Your eBook in the Apple iBookstore After weeks of anticipation — and months of speculation — the iPad is finally here. We know many of our authors are excited by the possibilities of this new device. And we’re excited to offer you access. Apple has selected Lulu as a certified aggregator to provide content for the iBookstore. 7 Top Ebook Creation Software for Windows – Make Ebooks Easily If you’re new to creating ebooks and are looking for some good solutions to creating ebooks from scratch then look no further as we have compiled a list of 7 of the best ebook creation software you’ll find on the web today. Some of them do require other software to use them while others are an all-in-one solution though all are not free but most are. Enjoy. CutePDF writer is not really a standalone software nor an all-in-one solution to creating PDF files from your documents.

Throssell spy fiction SO ASIO kept communists in check, says an anonymous former ASIO office. ("Aunty's sneering aside, ASIO effectively kept communists in check", 13/11). If you had had the same dealings with ASIO as the Throssell family, you might sneer too. Here are the facts: My grandmother Katharine Susannah Prichard was a founding member of the Australian Communist Party and proud of it. But being a communist doesn't automatically make you a spy.

Self-Publishing: Why You Could Be the Next Stephen King Let me tell you a secret: I published a story on Amazon. You can buy it and read it on your Kindle today. That makes me, I guess, a published author. There are lots of people like me bridging the gap between amateur writer and published author.

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