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Crazy Little Projects - F/T

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Current. 3/5/17
Finished. 4/21/17

Bathroom Makeover. We’ve lived in this house for about 14 months now.

Bathroom Makeover

When we first moved in I thought that one of the very first things I would do is decorate the downstairs powder room because it’s so small and would be a bite sized project. Key Fobs. Who likes quick and easy projects?

Key Fobs

I bought one of these a while back from an internet site and just loved it and knew that they would be easy to make and now I’ve done it. They’re easy. Believe me, they’re really easy. Very fast, very easy, inexpensive and could make a really cute gift. Here they are, they’re wristlet key fobs: How cute are those? Here’s what you need: Key fob hardware (I got mine here) Cotton webbing (in the same width as your key fob hardware) Ribbon.

25 things to do with Fat Quarters. Why are fat quarters so tempting?

25 things to do with Fat Quarters

Do they tempt anyone else? I mean, fat quarters are for quilters right? Stenciled Curtains & Giveaway. This is a project that I has been in the works for ages!

Stenciled Curtains & Giveaway

Do you know how good it feels to finally complete a project like that? And to love the results? Stencils are very trendy lately and I keep seeing stenciled things all over the internet and Pinterest and loving the results. Learn to Sew: A Sewing Dictionary. If you are new around here please check out my Learn to Sew series AND my Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge.

Learn to Sew: A Sewing Dictionary

Both are great opportunities to improve your sewing skills or to learn how to sew! I know that learn to sew can be hard, so, I am creating a Sewing Dictionary with pictures to help you in your sewing journey. Bookmark or pin this page so that you can refer back to it as needed while learning to sew. Sewing Dictionary with Pictures: Applique: To applique is to sew one piece of fabric on top of another, done with a satin stitch (a very tight zig-zag). Back-stitch: To back stitch you will simply hold down the reverse lever or button on your machine and the machine will sew backwards. Baste: A baste is a long and loose stitch-the longest possible that your machine will do. Bias: The bias of the fabric is the 45% angle from the grain of the fabric (see grain below). Organizing Craft Supplies {in small spaces} My closet is sort of ginormous.

Organizing Craft Supplies {in small spaces}

As in, like, almost another bedroom. So I use it sort of as my mini craft room. I store all of my craft supplies there and often do my crafting there, but ever since becoming a blogger my craft supplies pile is growing and I have been busting out of my space! So last week I spent some time organizing my craft supplies in my small space and I am so happy with how it turned out! Kind of pretty looking right? Organizing Craft Supplies (in a small space): My closet has built in shelves which is really handy! Learn to Sew #7: How to Sew a Buttonhole & How to Applique. This is it-it’s the last week of the Learn to Sew series.

Learn to Sew #7: How to Sew a Buttonhole & How to Applique

25 Things to do With Fabric Scraps. Do you have a pile of fabric scraps sitting in your house somewhere and you aren’t quite sure what to do with it?

25 Things to do With Fabric Scraps

I have a whole bin of them in all sizes. These projects use scraps of different sizes-some big some small, but all involve ideas of cute, creative, easy and fun things to do with fabric scraps! 25 Ways to Use Fabric Scraps: Diapers and Wipes Case: Mini Messenger Bag: Just the Essentials Tote: Fabric Flower accent pillow from Kiki Creates: 2 Easy DIY Pillow Covers. You guys know that I have a $75 fabric giveaway going right now with Stitch Stash Diva.

2 Easy DIY Pillow Covers

Today’s the last day to enter, so hurry over. And today I am showing you a project that I did for my big, gaping, awful bedroom (that’s right-I am finally doing something with it!) With fabric from Stitch Stash Diva! 25 Gifts to Make for Women. Moms can be hard to think of gift ideas for!

25 Gifts to Make for Women

(Or is that just me.) Seems like they have everything they need sometimes and it’s hard to come up with fresh ideas! 20 Crafts to do with Kids This Summer. 4th of July Shirts to Make {with Glitter!} If there’s anything cooler than glittery iron on heat transfer vinyl, I’m not sure what it is. I think I am in love. It’s so easy to use and turns out SO amazing! Check out my new 4th of July shirt: I don’t know how well you can see it in these pictures, but it sparkles-seriously sparkles. Ipad Sleeve Case Tutorial & 25 Things to Sew for your Gadgets. As I sit here writing this post I’ve got a laptop next to me so that I can watch my favorite show on it while I type my post on my desktop and my husband can borrow my iPad, but someone might text me on my cell phone.

You get what I am saying. Life’s full of gadgets these days! So, in honor of National Sewing Month I thought it would be fun to pull together a post with 25 Things to Sew for Your Gadgets. But first I am going to show you an iPad Sleeve Case tutorial. And guess what? 25 Things to Sew for Home. These 25 Things to Sew roundups have been a HUGE hit this month. 25 Gifts to Make for Men. You requested and now it’s here! I did 25 Gifts to Make for Kids this Christmas and then 25 Gifts for Women, so here you have it-25 Gifts to Make for Men this Christmas!

Now, you and I both know that making things for guys is harder than it is for women. In fact, when I searched the internet for ideas I laughed at what some people called “gifts for men.” To me a throw pillow embroidered with His and Hers doesn’t scream “give this to a man!” I’ve tried to keep these as manly as a can, and I know not all of them are for every man, but hopefully they will get your creative juices flowing! 25 Beginner Sewing Projects. I know who you are! 50 Sewing Tips for Beginners & Pros. With so much excitement about learning to sew, improving skills and the new Sew Crazy Monthly Challenges, I thought it would be a good time to pull together a list of all sorts of sewing tips for beginners, pros and everyone in between. 15 More Bags to Sew. Cute Cloth Doll Sewing Pattern. 25 Things to Sew for Summer. Patriotic Jello Krispy Pops & The Ultimate Red, White and Blue Roundup.

25 *More* Things to Do with Fat Quarters. I have one post on my blog that is hands down, almost every single day and certainly over time my post popular post. 25 Things to Sew in Under 10 Minutes. Understanding Sewing Machine Stitches. Have you ever taken a look at your sewing machine and the stitches available to be used and wondered what on Earth all those stitches do? Me too. Machines vary in which stitches they offer. 25 Things to Sew in Under 30 Minutes. The popularity of my post about 25 Things to sew in Under 10 Minutes was such a huge success that I realized that people are really looking for quick and easy sewing projects. 100 Handmade Gift Ideas. The Ultimate 4th of July Roundup-Decorations, Food, Games & Crafts. Summer is here and there’s nothing better in the summer than the 4th of July!

(Well, if you live in America anyway.) I pulled together TONS of ideas for you today to get you going on your patriotic celebrations. Games, treats, decorations, crafts and more! 4th of July Desserts: 25 More Things to do with Fabric Scraps. How to Sew a Pillowcase. Learn to Sew Series Lesson #3: Turning and Top Stitching. Learn to Sew Lesson #4: How to Insert Elastic. Learn to Sew: How to Sew a Zipper. 30+ Free Bag Patterns to Sew. DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. 25 Things to Sew in Under 1 Hour. 25 Ways to Make Someone Smile :) Craft Room Inspiration. Doll Pattern & Tutorial. Crazy Little Projects — Making Life Happy.