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Fun With Wax Paper: Abstract Melted Crayon Art Here's a fun craft activity that can also be an interesting way to introduce your children to the idea of abstract art! Grated crayons sandwiched between wax paper and then melted with an iron make beautiful abstract works of art, even worthy of hanging on the wall! The wooden Moroccan frames that we have hanging over our kitchen table have now become useful for a rotating art exhibition, including these works of crayon art. (Read my previous post about decorating with empty frames here.)

Designer Makes Fairytale Dress From Recycled Children's Books Photos: Ryan Novelline Think children's books are only suitable for tots to read (or chew) on? Well, they've finally gone from cute to glam with Boston-based designer Ryan Novelline's gorgeous gown, made entirely from pages taken from discarded children's books. Check out how this fairytale dress was created from start to finish: Fittingly enough, the 22,000 square-inch skirt uses illustrations culled from Golden Books' classic line of kids' books and is sewn with gold metallic thread. That's a lot of pages!

Daily Life inside a Book UK-based artist Kyle Kirkpatrick carves pages from reading books to make “imaginary landscapes.” He uses miniature figures to setup a fictional living environment. “I myself see books as a fountain of knowledge that can inspire, inform and provoke imagination,” [1] states Kirkpatrick. See also: “Amazing Book Carvings.” Fun With Wax Paper: Pressed Leaf And Flower Art Here's another great craft activity using just wax paper and fresh leaves and flowers! This activity has two parts, making it that much more fun, and time consuming, usually a good thing right about now? First take a nature walk and collect leaves and flowers, and then use the things you've collected to make beautiful window art. Or wrap your creations around jars or vases and use as candle holders, gorgeous! You'll Need:

50 Best Non-fiction Adventure Books Following up on our recent look into the world of fictional adventure literature, we now turn to the true life tales of exploration, adventure, and survival against all odds that have inspired countless readers for generations. Unlike their fictional counterparts, these riveting tales of conquests and ill fated journeys are completely true, and stand as a testament to man’s unquenchable desire to seek out the unknown, often against all odds and in the face of unbelievable hardship. This is not considered a complete list of all the great tales of true life adventure, so please take advantage of the comments section to share what other true life tales of adventure you recommend to your fellow men. And now, to continue on in the world of high adventure…

Knotology, the art of creating spheres from strips of paper Projects The second project: A sphere of colored strips. Take 6 strips with a length of 12 times the with. In our example we will use 6 strips of 2cm x 24cm in the colors purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Because of the fact that these strips also need diagonal folds, you can make witches ladders at a different way. We will make one witches ladder from one strip. Brian Dettmer: Book Autopsies Brian Dettmer carves into books revealing the artwork inside, creating complex layered three-dimensional sculptures. Update: see Brian’s response in the comments. LINK/IMAGES [@ Haydeé Rovirosa Gallery] (via Future Feeder Josh Spear)LINK/IMAGES [@ Toomey Tourell Gallery] (via Josh Spear)LINK/IMAGES [@ Aron Packer Gallery] (via Josh Spear) Update: If you like Brian’s work, please consider digging this post. lagte achhe mp3seal accursed mp31964 mp3 dostimonkeys mp3 acrticmp3 prone accidentmp3 fillmore actraiserachi mp3 mefaridzemp3 tom accused Map

Gadi Vishne - Flexicube This is a really neat model, so I folded it, took some pictures, and made little photo-diagrams. Flexi-Cube by Gadi Vishne With the CP, we can see that there are three basic parts. CP- Part 1- Part 2- Part 3-