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Beets API. Truly API. Build a Multilingual, Language Translator Chat App with IBM Watson. IBM Watson has a variety of innovative APIs that allow you to build cognitive capabilities into your applications, powering language, speech, vision, and insights.

Build a Multilingual, Language Translator Chat App with IBM Watson

Essentially, it upgrades your app in order to do some pretty amazing things with your structured and unstructured data. IBM Watson’s suite of APIs plays wonderfully with PubNub Data Streams in our BLOCKS Catalog, allowing you to build cognition into your realtime data streams, processing inputs on-the-fly, and returning an output based on the work of Watson’s APIs.

In this tutorial we’ll build a multilingual chat app and utilize the IBM Watson Language Translator BLOCK, which translates messages in near realtime from one language to another. With 11 different languages available, you’ve got a powerful, robust language translator to translate messages as they’re sent and received. Our result will look something like this: Getting Started with IBM Watson on Bluemix. Learn Angular 2 Development By Building 12 Apps. **Course has now been upgraded to the final Angular version with two new projects.

Learn Angular 2 Development By Building 12 Apps

We have added complete set of new lectures and have modified lot of code and files to bring you the most relevant and real world learning experience. 10 Most Productive New Tab Extensions For Google Chrome. Advertisement When you start a new tab in a browser, are you looking to go somewhere or are you looking for information to come to you?

10 Most Productive New Tab Extensions For Google Chrome

Google Chrome has so many extensions to make it productive, and the New Tab department is no different. How To Turn Google Chrome Into A Productivity Beast How To Turn Google Chrome Into A Productivity Beast The Internet has made us more productive than ever before, and the browser is the gateway to all that productivity. Chrome's many extensions and apps can help you turn it into a productivity beast. The administration framework for Ruby on Rails. Simplenote. GitHub - iSoron/uhabits: Simple habit tracker for Android. Building Your First Web Scraper, Part 1. Rubyland has two gems that have occupied the web scraping spotlight for the past few years: Nokogiri and Mechanize.

Building Your First Web Scraper, Part 1

We spend an article on each of these before we put them into action with a practical example. Web Scraping? PermissionThe ProblemNokogiriExtraction? PagesAPINode Navigation There are fancier terms around than web or screen scraping. 7 Incredibly Ambitious Virtual Reality Projects. Programmableweb. Programmableweb. Editor's Note: This is the second part of a two-part series that examines the degree to which built-in biometrics like Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor that's present on recent model iPhones improves or worsens device and application security.


In the first part of this series (see FBI Apple Debacle Is A Reminder Of How Fingerprint Sensors Actually Worsen Security), contributor Hitoshi Kokumai explains how, as implemented on smartphones today, the presence of such fingerprint sensors can easily mislead users into thinking their device security has been improved when in reality, it has not. Whereas the first part of this series focused on the role that fingerprint sensors play in improving or diminishing device security, this part of the series explores the role that such device-based biometrics can play in securing mobile and Web app interactions with a server.

Programmableweb. Programmableweb. Programmableweb. Programmableweb. SkidPaste API. AYLIEN Launches Machine Learning and NLP-Driven News API. AYLIEN, a natural language processing and data services provider, has launched a machine learning and natural language processing (NLP)-driven news API that allows users to search, source, and index news and blog content from across the Web in real time.

AYLIEN Launches Machine Learning and NLP-Driven News API

This is just the latest machine learning and NLP-driven service offered by the company. Leftronic's Fetch Tool Retrieves and Visualizes Data from Any HTTP API. Leftronic, a real-time data visualization platform provider, has launched Fetch, a new tool that can retrieve, transform, and visualize data from any HTTP API.

Leftronic's Fetch Tool Retrieves and Visualizes Data from Any HTTP API

Fetch can be used to retrieve data from third-party APIs in the event that specific API data is not already available from existing Leftronic integrations. In the past, users that wanted to incorporate data from a third-party API had to write a script, host the data, and then push the data to the platform using the Leftronic native format. Leftronic's Fetch Tool Retrieves and Visualizes Data from Any HTTP API. Programmableweb. Programmableweb. In case you haven’t heard of them, A Cloud Guru is the social learning platform for cloud professionals that helps engineers prepare for AWS certification exams.


In this post on Medium, founder and CTO Sam Kroonenburg explained the startup’s decision to employ a serverless architecture on AWS. A Cloud Guru bootstrapped their launch and limited funds made the decision easier, but it seems that the more the team considered it, the more sense a serverless approach made. “Why manage something, if someone will manage it for us?” , says Kroonenburg. Kuzzle API. Programmableweb. Programmableweb. Programmableweb. A Neural Network Playground. Um, What Is a Neural Network?

A Neural Network Playground

It’s a technique for building a computer program that learns from data. It is based very loosely on how we think the human brain works. First, a collection of software “neurons” are created and connected together, allowing them to send messages to each other. Exploring and Working with Photos in Canva - SitePoint Premium. Programmableweb. Programmableweb. Programmableweb. Two Google developers recently published a draft version of the WebUSB API that provides Web pages direct access to USB devices.


The goal of the API is to provide a safe, standard method to expose USB-connected devices to Web services. While the API certainly applies to standard, legacy USB-connected devices (e.g. keyboards, mice, AV equipment, etc.), the API could have a major impact on the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) movement. LucidCam is an Affordable, Pocket-Sized Virtual Reality Camera. In Brief Lucid VR has raised $2.1 million to make it’s 180-degree virtual reality camera, LucidCam, and it's pocket-sized.

Major Backing. New Remarkably Thin E-Skin Turns Your Body Into a Walking Display. In Brief University of Tokyo researchers have created an ultrathin and ultraflexible organic e-skin that supports PLED and OLED displays. Thin Skin Researchers from the University of Tokyo have created a protective layer of organic material that’s ultrathin and ultraflexible. And the have demonstrated the material’s usefulness by making an OLED display that’s air-stable. This opens the possibility of developing better electronic skin displays, the next major leap in wearable technology.

The thickness (or rather, thinness) and flexibility of wearable electronics is an essential factor in its further development. That is, they weren’t, until a group of researchers led by Professor Takao Someya and Dr. Future Wearables. Image Recognition with the Google Vision API and Ionic. Image recognition allows computers to recognize images in a similar way to humans. In the past developers had to use complex image recognition techniques and algorithms such as pattern recognition.

With the release of the Cloud Vision API by Google, developers now have a powerful suite of tools available from a company with some of the best image recognition functionality available. Programmableweb. Programmableweb. 3 Ways to Choose an Instrument. Edit Article Three Methods:Choosing a VarietyChoosing the Right InstrumentFinding the Right FitQuestions and Answers Learning to play an instrument is one of the coolest things you'll ever do.

Whether you're just starting out in school, decided you wanted to play in a band, or have decided to learn to play music now that the kids have grown, it's a fun and rewarding thing to do. If you don't already know what you want to play, you're in great shape—that means everything is a possibility! See Step 1 for some helpful advice about picking the right instrument for you. Ad Steps. How to Paint: 27 Steps. Featured Article Categories: Featured Articles | Painting In other languages: Español: pintar, Italiano: Dipingere, Português: Pintar, Nederlands: Schilderen, Deutsch: Richtig malen, Русский: рисовать, 中文: 画画, Français: débuter en peinture, Čeština: Jak malovat, Bahasa Indonesia: Melukis. How to Write a Novel (with Examples) Edit Article Four Parts:Writing HelpCreating a Fictional WorldDrafting the NovelRevising the NovelQuestions and Answers.

The ultimate color combinations cheat sheet. Finding a correct color combination is one of the most important steps in designing a stylish and holistic look. This is why we’re offering you this cheat sheet, so you’ll always hit the bullseye when choosing clothes and interior decor. Nine rules for taking the perfect photograph. All About Big Hero 6: Reviews, Ratings, Similar Movies, Trailers & More! Gnod - The Global Network of Discovery. Brian Whitman. Find and Browse Music on — Top 15 music APIs to power your next mashup. Rhythm API. The Gracenote Rhythm APIs provide adaptive radio and music recommendation features in a convenient Web service.

The page below provides an introduction and basic getting started information. For complete Rhythm API documentation, see the Rhythm API Developer's Guide and Reference. Interactive Rhythm API console. Rhythm API Developer's Guide and Reference. Gracenote Rhythm APIs' key features include: Pandora Competitor Senzari Rebrands Its Music Service “Wahwah,” Goes Mobile-First With New Personalized Radio App. Senzari, the Miami-based Pandora competitor backed by $3 million in funding from 500 Startups and other angels, is making good on its recent acquisition of the Berlin-based streaming music app The company is now spinning off its music efforts as a mobile-first streaming radio application, rebranded as just Wahwah.

Seevl Releases API To Let You Add Music Recommendations And Artist Data To Your App. Today in APIs: Gracenote to Launch Music Recommendation API, and 6 New APIs. Gracenote has announced an internet music recommendation API: Gracenote Rhythm. A new API Documentation Workshop will be held in Silicon Valley next month. Plus, Sony provides SmartWatch developers some API advice and 6 new APIs.

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