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English Social Media Projects & Case Studies

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A collection of interesting projects using social media in the classroom. These projects are geared toward a general writing/reading/literature/language arts curriculum.

13 Enlightening Case Studies of Social Media in the Classroom. Social media is the thing right now.

This is a great collection of social media case studies that are actually being used in higher education classrooms. They are concise summaries of what each school is doing, which sufficient detail to explore further if so desired. The "Twittering Dante" is a particularly good method for Literature classes, and can be adapted to numerous written works. – brianbetteridge

It provides a way to connect people of similar (or dissimilar) interests from around the world.

13 Enlightening Case Studies of Social Media in the Classroom

Social media also provides networking tools for professionals and even for job hunters. And it offers a platform for friends and family to keep up with each other. Three Reasons Students Should Own Your Classroom’s Twitter and Instagram Accounts. It is quickly becoming a non-negotiable for all classrooms to leverage social media in order to communicate with families and other classrooms—thus engaging others in the daily lives of students.

This is a great article because it features real, personal analysis of actual social media strategies used in the classroom. They are general enough to be adaptable, but with enough direction that they would be easy to implement. Twitter specifically is a great way to teach clear, concise writing styles, so these ideas would work well in a general writing class. – brianbetteridge

While simply posting “fun” photos is a start, this novelty wears off quickly, and as a result, we must think more critically about how we communicate via social media.

Three Reasons Students Should Own Your Classroom’s Twitter and Instagram Accounts

As a second grade teacher who facilitates a student-centered classroom, I now believe our use of social media is an opportunity for students to partake in the type of learning in which they can thrive and shout their story to the world. 1. Genuine Digital Citizenship Opportunities In fall 2012, I liked the idea of Twitter, but the thought of social media infiltrating my classroom was still a bit scary. A month later, I realized the value of students sharing work with more than just those in our classroom. Connecting a Classroom: Reflections on Using Social Media With My Students. Social media for teaching and learning 2013 report.

This scholarly analysis from Pearson gives some specific data regarding how frequent use of social media in the classroom actually is. I found this source useful because it provides some degree of context. Through the data presented, we can get a good idea of how prevalently implemented these projects and lessons are. The best piece of data in the report is a breakdown of which social media networks are actually being used the classroom. I was surprised to see that blogs and wikis are the most used, with Facebook the least used. – brianbetteridge

GRAMMAR ACTIVITY: Editing Celebrity Social Media by Presto Plans. This best-selling resource allows students to edit grammar, spelling, and punctuation in a fun and modern way!

This project, which has been implemented in classrooms, is exciting from a writing perspective. The idea that students could use Twitter to correct the grammar of posts used by celebrities is brilliant. It will focus students and help them recognize grammatical errors through material that is of significant interest. They will then be able to use this new knowledge in their own writing. Finally, the social media literacy gained through the exercise is a great byproduct. I will definitely be using this in my classroom, if I am able. – brianbetteridge

Students will have the chance to read some of their favorite celebrities' social media updates to find errors, correct them, and give reasons for their corrections!

GRAMMAR ACTIVITY: Editing Celebrity Social Media by Presto Plans

Want more celebrity grammar errors? Check out VOLUME 2! =========================================================This Resource Is Included In My Grammar Bundle. Click Below! Grammar Resource Bundle ========================================================= What Is Included In Your Purchase: Beth phillips social media.

This social media curriculum is exhaustive and very well done. It focuses on social media as a whole, but there are some great assessments and activities that focus on writing for brevity on social media. This is an essential writing skill. This has been used in school environments with success. Ideally, it would be best to implement the entire curriculum so students have a well-rounded sense of proper social media use, but for a writing class, the writing-specific portions are excellent. – brianbetteridge

Writing on social networks.

This is a great lesson because it actually uses social networks and requires proficiency in them. Best of all, it teaches writing skills that are practical rather than academic. Not only will it help students improve grammar and brevity, but they will learn how to apply those skills to personal and professional social media use. – brianbetteridge

English writing project using different social media. Shakespeare 2.0: A Social Network Project by Jordan Kent on Prezi.

This project actually came to me from a colleague who provided the link. This presentation is a short outline, but one of my fellow teachers followed the basic information to create a fun Shakespeare project that the students loved. I even used elements of it in my Romeo and Juliet unit each of the past two years. What I liked about it was that it made Shakespeare more accessible to students who would normally struggle with the language and content. – brianbetteridge

Classroom project: social media and literature.