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Musée virtuel - Reproduction de tableaux - Copies de peintures à l'huile peinte à la main

Musée virtuel - Reproduction de tableaux - Copies de peintures à l'huile peinte à la main

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buddhabrot Buddhabrot The 6 capital planes of the good ole Buddhabrot. The Mandelbrot is contained inside a circle, so it can be easily inverted. The following planes represent the inverted Buddhabrot. Nebula-style colored Buddhabrot: the red channel's for high densities, green for average, and blue for low. 100 Ideas That Changed Art by Maria Popova From cave paintings to the internet, or how art and cultural ideology shape one another. On the heels of yesterday’s 100 Ideas That Changed Photography comes 100 Ideas That Changed Art (public library) — a succinct account of the most influential developments in the history of art, from cave paintings to the internet, compiled by art historian and broadcaster Michael Bird. From conceptual innovations like negative space (#98), color codes (#33), and street art (#94) to landmarks of communication like making books (#21), propaganda (#12), and handwriting (#24) to ideological developments like “less is more” (#30), protest (#79), and the body as surface (#9), each idea is contextualized in a 500-word essay with key visual examples. Bird writes in the introduction:

Virtual Museum - Museo Galileo The Online Catalogue of the museum presents the more than 1,000 objects on permanent exhibition through color images and detailed descriptions. The user can access biographical data, explore "In Depth" information and find contextual background related to the selected object. For the more complex objects, simulation animations and/or videos are also made available. Virtual VisitThe museum exhibition occupies two entire floors of the Palazzo Castellani. The first floor preserves the Medici Collection, the second floor houses the Lorraine Dynasty Collection. Video index available through thematic keysVideos and animations that reconstruct the historical contexts and thematic references of the objects on display, allowing for an exploration of the Collections by subject.

Château de Versailles Lying in the suburbs of Paris, the Château de Versailles was the symbol of the absolute monarchy espoused by Louis XIV and royal palace from 1682 to 1789, when the monarch was forced to return to Paris. The first design of the castle was made by Philibert Le Roy and during the next two centuries there were four building enlargements and renewals, when Louis XIV reorganized the government of France and moved there, when the court was fully established on May 6th 1682. The centre of the power was within the palace walls, where the government offices and the thousands of courtiers lived. By obliging the nobility to spend some time every year in Versailles, the king prevented the development of regional powers, and established the etiquette which was rendered famous and copied all around the European court.

Portrait - Collage I adapted this lesson from Deep Space Sparkle about one of my most favorite artists/architects Friedensreich Hundertwasser. I have taught lessons on Hundertwasser's archtecture, but not on his paintings and prints before, so I was so excited to try this out! In 5th grade at Suffield, we talked about the representational and abstract qualities of Hundertwasser's artworks. The students kept this in mind as they worked to try to end up with both types of elements in their artworks as well. You can see the step-by-step process of these collages at Deep Space Sparkle.

J.-P. Luminet : Dessins et lithographies This page contains reproductions of ink sketches, engravings and lithographies I realized between 1979 and 1994 and two tilings devised in 2005. Larger views are available by clicking into the "stamp" pictures. Tiling 1 -- collage (2005) Format HxL 225x300 cm - Private collection University of Pavia, Dept. of Theoretical Physics (Italy) Tiling 2 -- collage (2005) Digital Dada Library - The International Dada Archive - The University of Iowa The Digital Dada Library provides links to scanned images of original Dada-era publication in the International Dada Archive. These books, pamphlets, and periodicals are housed in the Special Collections Department of The University of Iowa Libraries. Each original document has been scanned in its entirety.

The Guggenheim Museum in New York Guggenheim Go New York On View Now On View Now Museums of the World Reviews An Apple Virtual field trip selection. Museums of the World gives you free access to thousands of museums around the world. It’s designed to give you up-to-date information about museums, exhibitions and other cultural events in your city and across the world. This easy to use and professionally designed application is a must-have for art and culture lovers, travel aficionados and all those who want the right information instantly in the palm of their hand! With Museums of the World you can find museums, exhibitions and events near you based on your GPS location and use Maps navigation information to find them.

Lines, Lines, and Fish Bowls Oh My!! We are studying LINES right now and we started this project today. They are not done yet, but I just couldn’t wait! I will post some finished ones next week! We have done the crazy Hair Day project in the past but I thought this would be fun and the kids LOVED it! They had a HUGE VARIETY of materials, paint, markers, colored pencils, stamps, crayons, and, oil pastels Sarah Yeoman - Work Zoom: Philadelphia Story Sarah Yeoman Philadelphia Story Recent Works Latest Blog Posts Upcoming Events How Aubrey Beardsley’s Visionary Illustrations for Oscar Wilde’s ‘Salome’ Subverted Victorian Gender Norms and Revolutionized the Graphic Arts In his short life, Aubrey Beardsley (August 21, 1872–March 16, 1898) became a pioneer of the Art Nouveau movement and forever changed the course of the graphic arts. He was an artist of elegant and unsentimental exaggeration, and yet beneath his grotesque aesthetic lay a subtle sensitivity to human fears, longings, and relationships. Susan Sontag placed him in the canon of camp, but Beardsley’s significance radiates far beyond what she called “stylization.” In addition to influencing generations of artists — his unmistakable aesthetic reverberates through Harry Clarke’s striking 1925 illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy and even William Faulkner’s little-known Jazz Age drawings — he championed the poster and large-scale print work as a modern medium of graphic art. Live (love) now: die sooner or later. That, classically, is the purport of lyrical art.

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