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Arduino The Documentary (2010) English HD

Arduino The Documentary (2010) English HD

View topic - LiquidTWI: High-performance LCD library for I2C Backpack Module I like fast things. And I like clean code. Often, the two go hand-in-hand ;) After looking through the modified LiquidCrystal library for use with the i2c backpack and darn near crying when I saw all the faux digitalRead() and pinMode() being done on each transfer, I was bound and determined to never let that happen to another friendly Arduino user again. I first made a proof of concept modification to the library to "burst" all the "LiquidCrystal::send" bits instead of digitalWrite()'ing them out one at a time (read I2C, modify, write... read, modify, write... read, modify, write... read, modify, write - over 16 I2C commands for each single character). It worked great.

Arduino Powered Remote Control Lawnmower We’ve seen loads of great Arduino projects and even a few RC lawn mowers, but we’ve never seen the two combined until now. Â This project walks you through the entire build process step by step and includes a thorough guide for creating remote control robotics. You can read the entire build tutorial to perhaps create your own robotic servant. Â Now all you need is a hammock to relax in while your new robot mows the grass for you Automate your Chores: DIY Cymatics Display A simple vibrating platform can be made from a piezoelectric sounder mounted on a plastic tube. The piezo sounder can be connected to a signal generator or even a PC sound card. By placing a small amount of powder or fluid on the sounder, various patterns and motions can be seen depending upon the applied frequencies.

Efficient Polygon Fill Algorithm With C Code Sample Efficient Polygon Fill Algorithm With C Code Sample © 2007 Darel Rex Finley. This complete article, unmodified, may be freely distributed for educational purposes. Before reading this page, you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the point-in-polygon algorithm. While the point-in-polygon algorithm is useful for determining whether a few points are inside a polygon, it is woefully inefficient for filling a polygon, because it requires checking every side of the polygon for every pixel in the image. To speed things up tremendously, we will check each side of the polygon only once per pixel row.

i2c / SPI character LCD backpack [v1] ID: 292 - $10.00 LCD backpacks reduce the number of pins needed to connect to an LCD. LCDs are a fun and easy way to have your microcontroller project talk back to you. Character LCDs are common, and easy to get, available in tons of colors and sizes. We've written tutorials on using character LCDs with an Arduino (or similar microcontroller) but find that the number of pins necessary to control the LCD can be restrictive, especially with ambitious projects. Tutorials An Arduino Compatible Wearable Electronics Platform For the last few years Ladyada has been thinking about everything she wanted in a wearable electronics platform for Adafruit's community of makers, hackers, crafters, artists, designers and engineers. After numerous prototypes, we finally have what we think is the perfect platform.We call it the FLORA. Learn how to use the FLORA in your wearable electronics projects.

Twine : Listen to your world, talk to the Internet by Supermechanical The Kickstarter is over, but if you missed out on backing us, not to worry. You can still join the thousands of other awesome Twine owners by pre-ordering on Supermechanical. It's the next best thing to being an original backer! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Want to hook up things to the Web? Bipolar junction transistors as switches : Worksheet Question 1: Solid-state switching circuits usually keep their constituent transistors in one of two modes: cutoff or saturation. Explain what each of these terms means.

Flood fill recursive flood-fill with 4 directions The algorithm[edit] recursive flood-fill with 8 directions Depending on whether we consider nodes touching at the corners connected or not, we have two variations, Eight-way and Four-way, respectively. Stack-based recursive implementation (Four-way)[edit] One implicitly stack-based (recursive) flood-fill implementation (for a two-dimensional array) goes as follows: Send a Tweet to Your Office Door It was back to Google, where I soon found a way to do the new Twitter authentication using PHP, a popular programming language for Web sites. That meant shifting the authentication from the Arduino to the Web. I wrote a PHP program that retrieves the tweet and stores it in an XML text file.

Prix Ars Electronica Logo Prix Ars Electronica The Prix Ars Electronica is one of the most important yearly prizes in the field of electronic and interactive art, computer animation, digital culture and music. It has been awarded since 1987 by Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria). In 2005, the Golden Nica, the highest prize, was awarded in six categories: "Computer Animation/Visual Effects," "Digital Musics," "Interactive Art," "Net Vision," "Digital Communities" and the "u19" award for "freestyle computing." Each Golden Nica came with a prize of €10,000, apart from the u19 category, where the prize was €5,000.

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