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Adobe ditch FLV support in CC 2014. I’m currently going through the process of updating my Creative Cloud applications to CC 2014.

Adobe ditch FLV support in CC 2014

I wasn’t aware that the release was even due until I received an email from Red Giant telling me that the latest update of their popular suite of After Effects plugins was fully compatible with the latest release of Adobe CC 2014 announced TODAY. Odd that. Given that I have a Creative Cloud panel, winking away in my task bar throughout the working day, Adobe appear reluctant to use it to actually promote their own products.

So I check out my CC panel and sure enough there’s a host of new software packages to update. First thing I thought I’d do was to check out After Effects’ release notes – I click the “What’s New” link under the After Effects CC 2014 icon in my Creative Cloud Panel and fire up a webpage. . • You cannot export to the following formats in the 2014 version of After Effects CC. Creando soluciones RIA con Apache Flex. Con Flex y Adobe AIR podemos desarrollar para la gran mayoría de plataformas disponibles hoy en día, tales como iOS, Android, Mac, Windows o cualquier navegador por nombrar las más importantes.

Creando soluciones RIA con Apache Flex

No obstante, vamos a centrar este artículo en el desarrollo para iOS ya que más allá de las necesidades concretas de la aplicación que queramos realizar, hay una serie de particularidades que debemos de tener en cuenta en cada plataforma y que merece la pena señalar. Este artículo está escrito en un portátil MacBookPro con OSX Mavericks 10.9.2, por tanto se centra en la desarrollo desde el punto de vista de la plataforma de Apple y no hay indicaciones para Windows. No obstante puede servir como base para aquellos que estén desarrollando desde Plataforma Microsoft Windows. Adobe lanza componente de video: Open Source Media Framework. Create a AS3 / Flash 9 MP3 Player with spectrum display. In this tutorial, we’re going to build a Flash mp3 player with a spectrum analyzer written in AS3.

Create a AS3 / Flash 9 MP3 Player with spectrum display

We’ll focus on the spectrum analyzer and build just the basic functionality for the player itself. Actionscript 3 has a new class called SoundMixer which gives you global sound control in the SWF file. It comes with the computeSpectrum method that takes a snapshot of the current sound wave and places it into the specified ByteArray object. Why I keep using Adobe Flash. AS2: 10 años y no más. The Future of Flash (Pro) Today, the Flash Pro team is releasing an update that should be a fairly major milestone in the tool’s history.

The Future of Flash (Pro)

AR Air Native Extension supporting Android and... Sophisticated drawing feature on mobile (Adobe Air) Starling 1.5. Daniel Sperl on May 20, 2014 As always, it has been a busy spring here in Austria.

Starling 1.5

Over the last weeks and months, I added a huge number of optimizations, bugfixes and new features. Stage3DPunk Public Release! - FlashPunk Developers. So it's been a while in the works.

Stage3DPunk Public Release! - FlashPunk Developers

I'd like to thank all of the developers who have spent time working with us during our beta phases to help bring us to this point; your time and effort is massively appreciated (and to those who have already published games with us, we're looking forward to increasing cross-promotion opportunities now that we'll be expanding our catalogue of games!). Apache FlexJS 0.0.1 Released! Apache has made the first official (alpha) version of the new FlexJS framework available to download.

Apache FlexJS 0.0.1 Released!

The BEST way to acquire this is to use the new Apache Flex SDK Installer version 3.0. Check out the official announcement and read up on the FlexJS wiki. Apache Flex 4.11+ and OSMF Quick-Tip. When using Apache Flex 4.11 (or 4.12) – and the Spark VideoDisplay component (based around OSMF)… you may encounter the following runtime error:TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

Apache Flex 4.11+ and OSMF Quick-Tip

This happens when attempting to reference the videoObject element of a VideoDisplay component. For example, when attaching a camera:videoDisplay.videoObject.attachCamera(camera); Why does this work correctly in 4.10 and breaks in never versions of Apache Flex? In Flagrante Delicto! With the release of Apache Flex 4.12.0, users can now get the SDK and related libraries through use of the excellent AIR-based installer.

In Flagrante Delicto!

A few choices, a couple clicks, and you have the final bits. So what’s new in this release of Flex? Adobe AIR. NativeProcess. FFMPEG. Awesome. ND2Dx: continuation of a 2D Game Framework in AS3 for Stage3D. Edit: if you want to see the current state of the source code of ND2Dx, I invite you to check the game tutorials I’m currently writing using ND2Dx: part1 & part2.

ND2Dx: continuation of a 2D Game Framework in AS3 for Stage3D

My intent with those tutorials is to show how to make a game and explore the inner workings of ND2Dx. It’s not yet stable and still under development. A couple of features are missing but the point of this framework is to limit those “base” features to a minimum and allow adding them easily via a simple technique named: component entity system. Component Entity System. Getting Started with MadComponents. 2D GPU framework. Creating Components - Apache Flex. FlexJS Components Components in the FlexJS framework are bundles of functionality formed by composition, rather than by inheritance. The concept of adding functionality (composition) is different from the current version of Flex which tends to extend (inheritance) functionality resulting in more complex components or adding features (overloading) to existing components. For example, to have a text input field also include password and prompt features, you might use inheritance to create additional classes and wind up copying code between them.

Another option is to add these properties to the text input field and overload it with features. Feature overloading makes it convenient for developers but most of the time only a basic set of features are ever used. Gliffy Zoom. Custom telemetry with Adobe Scout. Utilidades para Apache Flex: Installer Badge, Mavenizer… 3 ways to create PDF document in Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex application.

PDF is great, most popular cross platform document format for this era, and it looks like still keep going on this name. Even you are working your project with Adobe Flash or Adobe Flex application, both web or mobile platform, you may stuck with the requirement: Create PDF. Las 10 mejores aplicaciones para móviles y tablets hechas en Flash. Getting started with Adobe Scout. Adobe Scout is the next-generation profiler for Flash content running on both the desktop (Flash Player) and on mobile devices (Adobe AIR).

It gives you insight into the behavior of your Flash content that simply wasn’t available in the past. Best of all, it’s really easy to get started using Scout—there are no complicated setup steps! Before Scout, you could use the Flash Builder profiler to investigate performance issues at the level of your ActionScript 3 code, but all the internal operations of Flash Player were hidden from you. If you had a problem with rendering or you used a Flash API incorrectly, it was impossible to figure out what was wrong using the profiler, since you couldn’t see what was going on behind the scenes.

Adobe Gaming SDK: The Essential Building Blocks for Game Development. Gaming SDK Updated. FDT – Actionscript, Flash, Flex, MXML, HaXe – IDE, Editor. Designer & Developer Tools - Apache Flex. Skip to end of metadataGo to start of metadata Tools you can design your Apache Flex applications with ... Commercial Tools Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 & CS6 Convert Flash-Symbol based on UIMovieClip to Flex Component & Flex Container: Download the LoginExample.fla Flash Professional CS5.5 project shown above. Adobe Air - Application updater. iOS Air app - Performance test. Compiled using the new ASC 2.0 Compiler. Built for BlackBerry and Adobe AIR.

Over the last year, our mantra has been “you ask, we act”. We announced two new initiatives last week: Built for BlackBerry® and the $10K Developer Commitment. We’ve put a lot of thought and work into both programs – with two ultimate goals in mind; a chance for you to build a successful business on BlackBerry® 10 and a great app experience for our users. BlackBerry® WebWorks™ and our BlackBerry 10 Native SDK are designed to help achieve both these goals.

You asked (and rightly so): “What about apps built in AIR?” Contributing to the FlexJS Framework - Apache Flex. Arquitectura de Componentes en FlexJS™: Strands y Beads. Gamua - Consistent Game Development across all Platforms. Starling Framework Features - The Open Source Game Engine for Flash.