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Animated Logo Design Inspiration — BP&O. Curated by Richard Baird.

Animated Logo Design Inspiration — BP&O

50+ Minimal logos, past and present. Simple and clean designs can sometimes have an even bigger impact than a logo that has a lot going on.

50+ Minimal logos, past and present

Good use of form and negative space can go a long way toward creating a strong visual impression. Minimal logos can be easier for your customers to remember, too. Think of the simplicity of the Pepsi logo and how recognizable that is. Or the FedEx logo with it’s hidden arrow. Both are simple and clean (the newest incarnation of the Pepsi logo arguably less so), yet are instantly recognizable just by their shape and form. Below are more than fifty minimalist logos, both from the present and past (1950s to the early 1990s or so). Modern logos These logos were all created in the past decade or so. Hatch Inc. Farmhouse. 60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs. Depending on the flavor of your business, your logo may appear big and flashy, bold and colorful or just plain simple and clever.

60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs

In this roundup, I’ve turned the spotlight towards the more simple and clever logo styles that leave a strong impression. As simplistic as they may appear, there is genius behind these 60 highly clever minimal logo designs. OneFund Filmaps Folder back Bipolar Backspace Stairs.

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25 Creative & Modern Logo Designs. 25 Outstanding Logo Designs. 20 Beautiful Monogram Logos - UltraLinx. A monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol.

20 Beautiful Monogram Logos - UltraLinx

Monograms are often made by combining the initials of an individual or a company, used as recognizable symbols or logos. In this post you will find 20 beautiful examples of monogram logos. Hopefully these examples will inspire you to get one for your company or yourself. Most Common Logo Shapes That should Be Avoided. Before making others know what your company owns and hold under its designation, you at first try to capture the best impression through your logo design.

Most Common Logo Shapes That should Be Avoided

Some people make silly errors and downright low mistakes that can hardly be accepted. Most Common Logo Shapes That should Be Avoided. Difference between Pictogram, Logo Mark & Logotype. A logo is the mandatory aspect which a company can never overlook.

Difference between Pictogram, Logo Mark & Logotype

A logo design unfolds the whole story of the brands, organizations or companies, what work they do, how they perform their pursuits, what they stand for and how they manage quality and excellence. So the very glimpse of the logo design embarks the stature and standard of the company. It is always designed in a prudent way; simplicity in logo design is preferred because it is possible if the design has complex elements people won’t understand it. Previously, I recommended you logo trends of 2014, and I am overwhelmed by the feedback of people. So today I will be throwing light at the different types of logo designs. Perfect Examples of How a Logo Design Should Be Made. I have seen the kind of work graphic designers usually do these days, gone were the ages when good and experienced work came to the surface, people now perhaps use less of their creative senses or what, or maybe they don’t want to get engrossed in what they do, in the hassle of completing every day’s tasks, graphic designers have failed to meet the quality and standards they should look up upon.

Perfect Examples of How a Logo Design Should Be Made

In this hodge-podge of filthy and insane designing works we come across on daily basis, I was actually got bedazzled by the work of an artist, I personally would feel overwhelm to highlight his awesome and inspiring logo designs, his work surely portrays that “creative souls” are still alive who are devoted to make an innovation in the field of graphic designing. These days people just want to get rid of the tasks, they are more like straight shooters, who don’t go to execute minute detailing that makes a design noticeable and worth seeing. 15 Best & Beautiful Free Fonts for Logo Design 2014. Logos are the representatives of companies; they have a vital role to play in developing a company’s impression.

15 Best & Beautiful Free Fonts for Logo Design 2014

20+ Overlapped Logo Design Examples. In the field of designing; nature, beauty and art are involved simultaneously without having any of these, a masterpiece cannot be made.

20+ Overlapped Logo Design Examples

Colorful designs grab eyes and they look spectacular likewise simplistic designs have their own charm and elegance. It depends on the designer how he manipulates the ideas and plays tricks with his designs in an unconventional way. 10 New Trends of Logo Design for 2015. When the foundation of a business firm is laid, the most cardinal aspect that can help in the development of a business’ stance is a logo, a trendy creative logo plays an important role in making up the impression and to display the perspective of the firm.

10 New Trends of Logo Design for 2015

New and latest techniques come into the world of art and design so people can get the best outcome in the most possible ways. LogoLounge - Trend Reports. 150 of the best logos of 2014 - Getmarvia. The Logo. So much information can be contained within those few shapes and lines. Despite it’s small canvas size, it can make or brake a brand. Getting the logo exactly right is crucial. But few things in life are as challenging as designing the perfect logo. From business cards and letters to your website and adverts, logos are everywhere and have a huge impact on how your company is perceived by the outside world.

Logo Of The Day - Logo Design Inspiration, Gallery & Award Scheme! 80 Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration - Hongkiat. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and that is definitely true when it come logo design. A well-thought logo design can effectively use a simple icon to leave a deep enough impression for the public. Most logos communicate ideas to people, for instance the kind of quality services a company can provide for its customers. A memorable logo is always a plus if one wants to ensure first-time visitors to their websites will return in future. While there’s no easy answer as to what kind of logo design is the most effective and impressionable, it is probably intuitive to assume that creatively designed logos are more likely to stand out.

However, that does not necessary mean that a logo has to be very elaborated. Here is a compilation of 80 creative logos of different variety, all categorized under these groups: Wordmark, Symbolic, and Combined mark. Wordmarks Symbolic, Iconic & Combine Mark. 65 expert logo design tips. Ensuring your design works 33.

Don't use more than two fonts Obviously, there are always going to be exceptions to this rule.

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Typographic logos: 34 eye-catching examples. It's tough enough to create an effective and memorable logo design, let alone restrict oneself to using typography alone. But often getting down to the bare essentials is where the most remarkable solutions and brilliant ideas emerge. Sometimes it's a beautifully thought out ligature that nails it, or an imaginative use of letters. At other times it's clever use of colour, scaling or re-arranging of letters or even subtly removing something from the logotype that gives it a twist of brilliance. Dan Cassaro aptly summed up this potential of a purely type-based identity when he said that "Letters sit squarely between information and meaning so what we choose to do with them is very important and exciting" (p8, Little Book of Lettering by Emily Gregory).

These examples from across the globe show the way. 65 expert logo design tips. Great logo design requires a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and skilful application. Any designer worth their salt can create a fit-for-purpose logo, but truly mastering all aspects of the craft takes time.

Exclusive offer: Save 15% on Adobe Creative Cloud now. What makes a good logo? Posted on 27'09 Jul Posted on July 27, 2009 along with 385 JUST™ Creative Comments. Logos & Type « FOUR EYES ARE BETTER THAN TWO. Logos & Type Woodfinn | Logo Woodfinn is a cloud-based solution and online marketplace for the real-estate valuation industry. This was a very quick design project(3 days from start to finish), due to the product launch set for a tradeshow. Initial logo sketches totaled 36 different ideas, client selected 5 versions to flesh out. Here is the progression from sketch, to refinement and final client selection. Adventure Alliance. Logo Inspiration Gallery. Logo design community.