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Make a Logo Design Online. Logo Wall - The Best Logos By The best Web & Graphic Designers. The Ultimate List of the Top Best Logo Design Resources. Posted on 02'08 Dec Posted on December 2, 2008 along with 259 JUST™ Creative Comments Below are the best logo design resources you will find on the web.

The Ultimate List of the Top Best Logo Design Resources

Period. You can click on the links below to quickly go to that section. You can find graphic design resources here. Practical pointers from our team. The Logo Factory designers have been in the ‘trenches’ for years, with thousands of successful logo and brand identity projects under their collective belts and who better to ask for a series of tips and pointers when it comes to developing great logos?

Practical pointers from our team

Accordingly, here’s some design advice from some of the best designers in the field. It should be noted that most of these tips are not absolutes (you’ll probably be able to find instances in our logo design gallery that will contradict each and every one.) They are, however, a decent set of guidelines that will help you hone in on the best logo for your particular requirements. Start out right.

When you’re in the market to have a new logo developed, there’s always the temptation to take some short cuts. Simple is sometimes better. A complex logo can be difficult to reproduce and more importantly, difficult to remember. A logo doesn’t have to convey what your company does. Size matters. Aspect ratios. Disconnecting icons and text. Repetition. 45 Rules for Creating a Great Logo Design. Originally written September 30, 2008 for This list is an exploration of design principles used in some of the world’s most famous logos.

45 Rules for Creating a Great Logo Design

At the same time, the list was created as a way for designers to question themselves and the creative techniques they use when creating a logo design. Forcing the reader to reflect not only on the actual list, but also on their reaction to each listed insight, the last rule is the most important. Logopond - Identity Inspiration. Latest Project: Miami MLS Team. It’s been seven months since David Beckham announced his intention to bring an MLS team to Miami, and even though I’ve never trusted Miami politicians, I was excited because I love the game and would love to get my kids involved in it as I was since a very early age.

Latest Project: Miami MLS Team

So, I ignored the “Don’t trust Gimenez” banners – which proved to be accurate – and watched the press conference, joined my local official supporters group and shared the news with friends. Fast forward a few months and we are still in limbo. We have no stadium location (mostly because Beckham is funding this project privately, which means no commissions for local politicians and contractors), we don’t have a team name or even an identity. Needless to say, every other MLS team and city in the US is laughing at us. Now, for a couple of months I’ve been thinking about this issue and the possibility of taking action and doing my part to spread the word and at least get the ball rolling on this subject.

Les meilleurs logos du monde! - 15 mars 2012 - Un regard certain. 15/03/2012 par Typhaine WOLDA est un organisme qui récompense les meilleurs logos et marques de commerce conçus à travers le monde.

Les meilleurs logos du monde! - 15 mars 2012 - Un regard certain

Tous les logos récompensés sont sur le site Il existe des archives qui permettent de suivre l’évolution des styles, des goûts année par année. Eulda Books, la maison d’édition a été créée spécifiquement pour le projet Wolda. Fondée à Milan en 2005 par une équipe de professionnels, l’ambition de ce projet est de célébrer, d’inspirer et de promouvoir l’excellence créative dans le monde entier. Dessine-moi un logo > Forme logo : Quelle forme employez pour une création de logo.

Dessine moi un logo est le site référence de la création de logos d'entreprise.

Dessine-moi un logo > Forme logo : Quelle forme employez pour une création de logo

Formée en 2009, notre équipe rassemble des graphistes talentueux et des professionnels de la communication, riches d'une longue expérience dans le domaine de la création de logos. Logospire - Logo inspiration gallery. Logotype. Wolda - the worldwide logo design annual. ‎ Home.