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80 Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

80 Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration
They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and that is definitely true when it come logo design. A well-thought logo design can effectively use a simple icon to leave a deep enough impression for the public. Most logos communicate ideas to people, for instance the kind of quality services a company can provide for its customers. While there’s no easy answer as to what kind of logo design is the most effective and impressionable, it is probably intuitive to assume that creatively designed logos are more likely to stand out. Here is a compilation of 80 creative logos of different variety, all categorized under these groups: Wordmark, Symbolic, and Combined mark. Wordmarks As you shall see, these logos involve the creative arrangement and modification of words to enhance the name of the company they represent. Symbolic, Iconic & Combine Mark Using symbols and icons, the logo desingers attempt to establish an association between the brand name and the image.

Create a Cool Ribbon Style Logo Graphic in Illustrator Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to create a cool ribbon style logo graphic with gradients and effects in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll create the graphic as a vector design to allow scalability as a logo and add flat and mono versions to keep the logo versatile. Usually a logo project would involve lots of research in order to develop a brand that reflects the company, but for this tutorial we’ll focus just on the practical task of building a cool looking graphic in Illustrator. The design we’ll be creating features a continuous ribbon style shape wrapping to form a spiral. View the final ribbon style logo design Open up Adobe Illustrator and draw a long thin rectangle on the artboard. Press CMD+C to Copy then Paste in Front (CMD+F) a duplicate of the rectangle then select the top two points of the overlapping rectangle with the Direct Selection tool. Select both rectangles and hit copy, then paste in front a duplicate. Download this file

150 of the best logos of 2014 - Getmarvia The Logo. So much information can be contained within those few shapes and lines. Despite it’s small canvas size, it can make or brake a brand. Getting the logo exactly right is crucial. But few things in life are as challenging as designing the perfect logo. From business cards and letters to your website and adverts, logos are everywhere and have a huge impact on how your company is perceived by the outside world. Here at Marvia we love great design and we think exceptional work should not go unnoticed. The road to a topnotch logo can be quite bumpy. This is where Brandlocker comes in. Brandlocker is made for designers who want to share their work with their clients as projects progress. Download all logos in high-res Adventure Badges by Carl Bedard AABridge by George Bokhua A for ARC by Jose 38 Dots by WLKYK 3rd Rock Logo by Vova Nurenberg 9 to 5 Graveyard by Tom Grunwald Yosemite by Jarrett Arant Yellowstone by Jarrett Arant Wooden Nickel Circus by Sergey Shapiro Wiejski Targ by Belc

This Summer's Best Logo Designs - 40 Logos Normally, summer is a time for vacation but somebody still has to work and that’s an opinion that some designers share with me. The proof for that lies in this article with 40 great logos, probably the best that appeared in these last months. Creation Rubens Nuts Jaguar Pale Ale enigma Nacho Macho Starr Gardens Macho grill Parallax Effects Soverinn Vital Imaging By Award Logohype Aqua Style Lion Bird Tort Silfver Creations Serenity Stingmaster Baby Online Ypsilon Royal theater 5R Construction hoo giraffeo Blue Mountain Electric DesignTent Lyric omniscient Northridge Homes Guitarshop Airtistic Bones Type Fetcher Browsera Xavier Fence artlovers Zerowork Daily Jazz You must check these past articles if you haven’t seen them already:

10 Inspiring Black and White Logo Designs When you want to create an iconic logo that people recognize instantly, try sticking to black and white. This popular color combination has recently become a hallmark of sophistication and simplicity. Use these 10 black and white logos as inspiration. #10: Black Flag Image via Flickr by Love and Rage DENVER Black Flag has never been a mainstream band, but its members are punk rock royalty. #9: Long Neck Music Image via Another great example of inspiring logo design, Long Neck Music’s brand has the company’s name printed underneath the musical symbol for a quarter note. #8: Michael Jackson Memorial Logo Image Via The Michael Jackson Memorial logo stands out as one of the most inventive logos in recent years. #7: Egg-n-Spoon Image via The Egg-n-Spoon logo stands out for its unique use of negative space. #6: Anthrax Image via Leave it to a metal band to make a logo that really grabs your attention. #5: Lexus Image via

Create a Retro Folded Text Effect in Illustrator (+ Source Files) In this tutorial we’ll learn how to create a Retro Folded Text Effect using Adobe Illustrator and adding some final options in Adobe Photoshop to create a nice presentation which can be used for your portfolio. This text effect is simple and attractive and holds a vintage 50′s look with the type of font used. Resources: Final Result 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Photoshop Options you can do 1. 2. Go into Adobe Illustrator and select all of the text effect with the Selection Tool. Download Source File Powered by Tweet to Download

10 New Trends of Logo Design for 2015 When the foundation of a business firm is laid, the most cardinal aspect that can help in the development of a business’ stance is a logo, a trendy creative logo plays an important role in making up the impression and to display the perspective of the firm. New and latest techniques come into the world of art and design so people can get the best outcome in the most possible ways. Experts are coming up with new logo trends to give new directions to the genre of logo designs so I am presenting before you 10 new trends of logo design for 2015. 1. Low polygon is mostly used in backgrounds and wallpapers in the year 2014. 20+ More Polgonal > logos 2. At times, logo designs are embellished with intricate elements that don’t make a logo design beautiful rather complex. More beautiful examples of negative space logo designs Credit: 1,2 3. A new technique is recently introduced where two design elements overlap each other with shading to form a shadowed logo design. 4. 5. Credit: 1,2, 3, 4 7. 8. 9.

Lessons We Learned from Our Biggest UX and Design Mistakes We’ve finally hit the 500,000-user mark at Buffer, a product that helps you share on your social media networks more efficiently. About two years ago when we started on our path to building Buffer, we knew we’d be meeting obstacles and making mistakes along the way. One of the main things we’ve kept in mind is that making mistakes is unavoidable and that if we choose to learn from them, they’ll be helpful in giving us good guidance on how to move forward more effectively. And I believe that it’s partly because of these mistakes that we were able to get to where we are today. The Experience That Shaped How We Build Our Product Before I discuss the biggest lessons we learned from some of our UX and design mistakes, I want to talk about one of our primary product development principles: "Validate first, code later" Let me tell you how this came about. A few minutes into his coding session, he realized that that wasn’t the way to go. So he tried something else. This is how we learned this lesson.

Showcase: 50 Modern Logos for Your Inspiration Last week we looked at 50 retro logos. This week we will take a different path, showcasing 50 modern looking logos. If you are a logo designer, you have many options in the pursuit of a modern logo, from a minimalist approach to the use of exuberant color. The following 50 logos show confidence in their visual appearance, and also have a deeper meaning for the viewer to figure out. Thinking Couch AlcedoMedia Rabby Brand Rasa creativejuice Sixbase Dark Secret Mediastudio Ria Products The wineline Parking FishKing Rayada Universal Gear Growth Trading the aromatherapist 2 Cardinal mark FruitDealer BioBuy Pink Godzilla tricic La miche Lakeside Inn My Modern Met tykocin castle trotyl Diamondtie Xcellon soodo group exoticate Logo The Lollygaggers Researchr Squarton Networks 1 Rocket’s Berliner Assekuranz CreativeBar Vapora appland insideapps Sprinted mindway Frogat mark cottonbox kids Amber Projects Voltpix Participate in modern design contests and provide quotes for logo design jobs at DesignCrowd.

65 expert logo design tips | Logo design | Page 4 Ensuring your design works 33. Don't use more than two fonts Obviously, there are always going to be exceptions to this rule. 34. The client may be happy seeing your logo against a white background, but be wary of him coming back a year later saying that the company is producing new marketing material and demand it will work against a dark background too. 35. Paying attention to current logo design trends doesn't mean slavishly following them. 36. Subtraction is a great technique for removing redundancy in any creative endeavour. 37. If you can't rationalise an element that's part of your logo design, the chances are you need to remove it from the overall piece. 38. Don't try to make the logo do too much: it doesn't have to reflect every aspect of the company's history or demonstrate what the product or service is. 39. A logo often comes with a tagline (or strapline) that conveys a brand message. 40. 41. Experiment with your designs at different sizes. 42. 43. 44.

Developing an Effective Logo Design Brief This post was written with the client in mind, however may also prove to be a useful resource for other designers. To develop an effective brand identity for your business it is essential that you are proactively involved in the process from the start. A designer can’t possibly hope to design an effective logo without your input, which is why the very first step in a logo design process should always be the development of a detailed design brief. The risk of not completing a detailed brief is the possibility that your organisation ends up with a half-baked identity, that is not representative of who you are. While the brief does not completely mitigate that risk – it at least provides a solid platform to work from, and ensures that both you and the designer are on the same page. Inside the Design Brief Below I have outlined some of the questions you can expect to be included in a typical design brief, along with some advice to help you get prepared. Company Profile Related Sample Questions:

Icon Search Engine | Iconfinder Typographic logos: 34 eye-catching examples | Logo design It's tough enough to create an effective and memorable logo design, let alone restrict oneself to using typography alone. But often getting down to the bare essentials is where the most remarkable solutions and brilliant ideas emerge. Sometimes it's a beautifully thought out ligature that nails it, or an imaginative use of letters. At other times it's clever use of colour, scaling or re-arranging of letters or even subtly removing something from the logotype that gives it a twist of brilliance. Dan Cassaro aptly summed up this potential of a purely type-based identity when he said that "Letters sit squarely between information and meaning so what we choose to do with them is very important and exciting" (p8, Little Book of Lettering by Emily Gregory). These examples from across the globe show the way. Take a look, and you should emerge freshly inspired and challenged to look at typography in a new way... 01. 02. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 24 Heures du Mans 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.