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Free PSD Goodies and Mockups for Designers

Free PSD Goodies and Mockups for Designers

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9 Excellent Tools for Design Mockups So you've just taken some killer photos with your new DSLR, or you captured a great video with your iPhone — what's next? While it feels natural to just post media quickly to your Facebook Page, sometimes great photos or video need their own home in the form of a personal website. But on the other hand, it's not easy to make a website layout that complements rich media. In order to make a great website, professional web designers take advantage of mockup tools to analyze layout, design and functionality. Taking advantage of these applications (some of which are 100% free) is a wise move — especially if you're interested in creating a professional website for your photography or video. We've rounded up nine applications that can help you get the most out of designing your web layout.

Web Design Trends That Will Rule 2015 Web design is a vibrant and diverse industry that is changing and evolving quickly. Website design is, however, not an end product; it’s an asset in the presentation of a product, connecting people with other people, providing a tool or service. After reviewing over 500 websites in weekly series of “Inspiring Sites of the Week” on Despreneur I’ve got a sense of where web design is and where it is going for the next year. ‘No Tech-Zone’ Signs — Ivan Cash The Guardian “'No Tech Zone' sign in San Francisco befuddles residents” The Guardian “More ‘No Tech Zone’ signs Appear in SF as Artist Reveals Identity” KTVU TV Interview: “No Tech Zone Signs Appear in San Francisco Parks” KQED “Artist to San Francisco: Get Off Your F*cking Phone” Fast Company “If You Use Your Phone, You Could Get A (Fake) Fine” Mashable “Someone tried to declare a popular San Francisco tourist destination a 'no tech zone'”

3D Isometric Map Mockup (Psd, Action) A 3D map Photoshop action to convert a flat map to a three dimensional isometric stylish one a single click. Today’s psd freebies is the biggest so far, it took time and hard work to finish this for our visitors. As you see in the thumb image above, this cool Photoshop action will transform any vector smart object shape to a 3d isometric one; although meant for maps, you can convert anything to this isometric 3D nice effect. This might include fonts, logos or anything else. To be honest, this specific freebie was inspired by another artist’s work which we have seen on the web.

10 Amazing Device Mockups for Fitness Apps Sometimes it can be hard to find the best mockup for a fitness app. There are some amazing health and fitness tracking apps out there and they deserve a brilliant photorealistic mockup to really stand out. For the apps whose audience includes gym rats and health enthusiasts we bring you these 10 amazing device mockups for fitness apps. Weight Training Number one on our list is a gold iPhone 6 on a gray gym floor. While this sounds bland, the iPhone’s gold edge is a perfect contrast with the dark gray surface. Freebie: Tourism & Travel Icon Set (100 Icons, PNG, SVG) Everyone loves a good, clean and simple icon set. Today, we’re honored to present to you a set of flat icons that are simple, useful and optimal for apps, websites as well as print. Designed by Freepik71, this icon set is completely free to use for commercial as well as your personal projects, including software, online services, templates and themes. Please note that this set is licensed under Creative Commons. Feel free to modify the size, color or shape of the icons.

Spring Place Tribeca, New York. Manhattan Co-Working Members Club Co-working space; members’ club; global community; swankathon … it seems Spring Place has it covered regardless of your desire to dish out the $750 monthly resident fee. In return, you get to hang out in interiors that recall mid-century Brazilian brutalism on New York’s St Johns Lane, and have full access to a desk, meeting rooms and the plentiful social areas that include a restaurant, bar and lounge. Taking the increasingly popular co-working concept and slapping on a shiny badge of exclusivity, the team behind creative group Spring Studios have already hosted a series epic events since opening its doors last year; DKNY, W Magazine and a Google/Jeff Koons collaboration all demonstrating the pulling power that Spring Place has quickly attained; its members presented with a fairly full calendar of exclusively curated programming to occupy their restless minds.

15 Illustrator Tutorials for Creating Isometric Illustrations We're all looking to improve our vector illustration skills, and if your focus is on learning illustration or icon design, then getting familiar with how to use Adobe Illustrator to create isometric drawings will improve your technical illustration skills greatly. Learning how to use Illustrator to create isometric diagrams, set up isometric grids, and design isometric cubes are fundamental skills that you can build upon. We've assembled a collection of tutorials that will teach you the basics of creating isometric illustrations in Illustrator, as well as intermediate tutorials that teach you how to create complex technical illustrations, and then a few tutorials that show you how to get creative with isometric in Illustrator (such as building isometric retro illustrations and vibrant pattern based isometric cityscapes). Get ready to take your skills with vector drawing at an angle to the next level. Mark Oliver shows us how to create retro illustrations on isometric planes.

45 Amazing Free Photoshop Brush Sets You Should Have Each day you wish to use a new Photoshop brush set as a designer. With the booming new designer brushes you find everywhere, I am sure it gets difficult for you to choose the best. Here I have a set of 45 amazing photoshop brushes just for you to choose from. Welcome to AirSpace By Kyle Chayka | Illustrations by Daniel Hertzberg Igor Schwarzmann is the German co-founder of Third Wave, a strategy consultancy based in Berlin that works with small-scale industrial manufacturers. The company’s clients range across Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States, so Schwarzmann often finds himself moving between poles of the global economy. While traveling, he turns to Foursquare for recommendations about where to eat and drink. "It knows what I like," he says.

How to Create Advanced Isometric Illustrations Using the SSR Method This is the second part of a series of tutorials I'm doing about creating isometric illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. If you've missed that first tutorial I suggest you start with Working with Orthographic Projections and Basic Isometrics. Let's get started! In the last tutorial I covered how to make an isomeric grid and build simple blocky shapes on it. In this tutorial I'm going to talk about another method of creating isometric shapes that doesn't require a grid and is much more useful if your objects are complex or curvy. When creating a complicated isometric illustration it's best to begin by breaking down your object into its simplest parts.

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