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10 Kick-Ass Secret Passage Bookshelves If there’s one dream that unites all bookish folks (aside from, you know, universal literacy) it’s the dream of having a secret passageway hidden behind a bookcase. Ok, maybe it just unites some of us- but there’s no denying that there’s something super-nifty about having a bookcase that moves to reveal a space only you know about. You and your builder. Anywoot! Nothing says old money like a piano and a room hidden behind warm wood floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. This kid’s bookshelf opens to a secret reading nook. …Harry, are you in there? A secret passage in a gothic library that opens to reveal…a table for tea? I’ll just be over here, hanging out with ALL THE WHIMSY IN THE WORLD. For the minimalist in the family. Because sometimes you should have to climb a ladder to reach your secret passageway. I feel like this would be in the Beauty and the Beast library. Old school like the old school. For when you need to hide your Cold-War-spy era desktop computer.

Tesla - Master of Lightning: A Weapon to End War Tesla inherited from his father a deep hatred of war. Throughout his life, he sought a technological way to end warfare. He thought that war could be converted into, "a mere spectacle of machines." In 1931 Tesla announced to reporters at a press conference that he was on the verge of discovering an entirely new source of energy. War clouds were again darkening Europe. The idea generated considerable interest and controversy. By 1937 it was clear that war would soon break out in Europe. What set Tesla's proposal apart from the usual run of fantasy "death rays" was a unique vacuum chamber with one end open to the atmosphere. Of all the countries to receive Tesla's proposal, the greatest interest came from the Soviet Union. Tesla hoped that his invention would be used for purely defensive purposes, and thus would become an anti-war machine. Tesla also contemplated peacetime applications for his particle beam, one being to transmit power without wires over long distances.

Southern Ghost Stories, Folktales, Myths and Legends from The Moonlit The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in ghosts, there are some places in which none of us would want to spend a night. These places have well earned their reputations as being so creepy, tragic or mysterious (or all three) that they definitely qualify as "haunted." Places like... Aokigahara is a woodland at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan that makes The Blair Witch Project forest look like Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood. It probably has something to do with all the dead bodies scattered around. What Niagara Falls is to weddings, Aokigahara is to suicide. More than 500 fucking people have taken their own lives in Aokigahara since the 1950s. The trend has supposedly started after Seicho Matsumoto published his novel Kuroi Kaiju (Black Sea of Trees) where two of his characters commit suicide there. Also skulls. Besides bodies and homemade nooses, the area is littered with signs displaying such uplifting messages like "Life is a precious thing! Winchester Mystery House Oh, bitch...!

Eh?Canada IS HAUNTED!!!!! Alberta - Edmonton - Jhon A. Mcdougall Elementary school - During the lunch hour a young girl can be seen climbing up and down the stairs. Rumor has it the girl died when she was sliding down the banister of the stairwell and she was pushed off backwards. Alberta - Edmonton - The Macdonald Hotel- A horse and carriage often be heard running through the halls of the top floor. They are never seen only heard. Alberta - Edmonton - Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts - The school's theatre, the Eva O. Alberta - Edmonton - Walterdale Theater - This was originally built as a fire hall in the 1920's, it was converted to a non-profit theatre playhouse in the 1960's, though not absolutely sure. Alberta - Fort Macleod - The Empress Theater -There's a resident at the Empress who never goes home for the night. Alberta - Grande Prairie - Crystal park school - Reports of a ghostly man and woman emerging from the statue holding hands and are in a bluish-white color. Manitoba - Winnipeg - St.

Bookshelf Porn - StumbleUpon Ross Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7 Lettings Refreshed 2 days ago This is a 2 bedroom, spacious cottage house. I am looking for someone to move into the spare room. This is a large single room for €400 per month, all in, including bills. Enquire Now Finance this property with EBS Mortgages BER: BER No. Features ParkingMicrowaveInternetAlarmCable TV Other Suits StudentsSuits ProfessionalsFemales OnlySmokerNon Smoker Accessibility Walk-in Shower

Aokigahara: Japan's Haunted Forest of Death Located at the base of Mt. Fuji, Aokigahara is perhaps the most infamous forest in all of Japan. Also known as the Sea of Trees, Suicide Forest, and Japan’s Demon Forest, Aokigahara has been home to over 500 confirmed suicides since the 1950s. A Horrifying Legend is Born Legend says that this all started after Seicho Matsumoto published a novel by the name of Kuroi Kaiju (Black Sea of Trees) in 1960. Wataru Tsurumui’s controversial 1993 bestseller, The Complete Suicide Manual, is a book that describes various modes of suicide and even recommends Aokigahara as the perfect place to die. Japan’s suicide rate is already bad enough as it is, and having this forest and suicide manual on top of it all is pretty terrible. Legend has it that in ancient times families would abandon people in the forest during periods of famine when there was not enough food to go around. In addition, there are many other ghost and demon stories associated with the forest. Terrifying Topography Destination Truth

The Meaning Of A Pentagram The Pentagram is a symbol of a star encased in a circle. Always with 5 points (one pointing upward), each has its own meaning. The upward point of the star is representative of the spirit. The other four points all represent an element; earth, air, fire, and water. All these things contibutite to life and are a part of each of us. To wear a pentagram necklace or other form of jewelry, is to say you feel the connection with the elements and respect the earth. The number 5 The number 5 has always been regarded as mystical and magical, yet essentially 'human'. The number 5 is associated with Mars. Five were the virtues of the medieval knight - generosity, courtesy, chastity, chivalry and piety as symbolised in the pentagram device of Sir Gawain. The number 5 is prime. Human stars Expressing the saying Every man and every woman is a star, we can juxtapose Man on a pentagram with head and four limbs at the points and the genitalia exactly central. The Golden Proportion Protection against evil

Real EMTs Share True Ghost Stories When life and death is an integral part of your job, you’re bound to have a strange experience or two. We’ve already heard from nurses and cops, now it’s time for the EMTs. Here are 5 true ghost stories I found on paramedic forums and message boards. Enjoy! Together Forever “I’ve had a couple of weird calls. One was a major MVA-head on many, many years ago when we played M.E. as well. While en route, we noticed the husband’s arm had come loose so I went back to re-strap it. Will I Go to Heaven? She then told me ‘I am going to heaven and I know it,’ and I asked her how she knew that and she told me something that I will never ever forget. Well, to tell you I was pretty well affected by that statement. We then prayed and I will never forget that interaction between the two of us. Otherworldly Screams at the ER “I have had fellow coworkers swear that strange things have occurred in the ER. 666 “We responded to a ‘sick call’ at about 4 a.m. Poor guy, I hope he’s ok now.” Like this post?

About Women on Web — Women on Web Women on Web is a digital community of women who have had abortions and individuals and organizations that support abortion rights. Women on Web is an international collective that answers thousands of help-emails every day in many languages from women around the world. As Women on Web helps women in very many countries, there is no phone number to the helpdesk, but we will respond to every email and will support you. Never hesitate to contact us at with all your questions, we are here to help you and you can count on us! The contact address of Women on Web network is: Women on Web, PoBox 15683, 1001 ND, Amsterdam. Underneath you will also find a list of other highly respected Organizations, Foundations and Individuals that support the work of Women on Web network. The Women on Web website is collection of personal experiences and a source of reliable information. Click here to read full articles online. Video about Women on Web.