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Anomalies -- the Strange & Unexplained Tesla - Master of Lightning: A Weapon to End War Tesla inherited from his father a deep hatred of war. Throughout his life, he sought a technological way to end warfare. He thought that war could be converted into, "a mere spectacle of machines." In 1931 Tesla announced to reporters at a press conference that he was on the verge of discovering an entirely new source of energy. War clouds were again darkening Europe. The idea generated considerable interest and controversy. By 1937 it was clear that war would soon break out in Europe. What set Tesla's proposal apart from the usual run of fantasy "death rays" was a unique vacuum chamber with one end open to the atmosphere. Of all the countries to receive Tesla's proposal, the greatest interest came from the Soviet Union. Tesla hoped that his invention would be used for purely defensive purposes, and thus would become an anti-war machine. Tesla also contemplated peacetime applications for his particle beam, one being to transmit power without wires over long distances.

Ghosts I've always got a kick how people will fall reverently silent and consider you blessed if you say you saw an angel or some "vision", but if you tell those same people you saw a ghost they'd tell you how full of it you were. Is there a difference? I sat in the library for 9 solid hours one day (heaven!), looking at every ghost book they had; "psychic photography", famous hauntings, the haunted; the stupid-ass "ectoplasm" photos of long-ago Mediums, badly faked portraits of spirit photography, the psychology and physiology behind those who claim demonic possession, EVP, infrared ghost photos, Near Death experiences. Maybe not. But - I know better. Hopefully I can share some of the latter here, but those debunking stories make good reading, too. Any good ghost stuff, Emaill me.

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Top 10 Best Ghost Photographs While trying to decide which ghost photos are the “best” is largely an exercise in subjectivity, it’s difficult to know which ones are the best with any degree of objectivity. These are the photos I consider the most authentic “captures” of ghosts ever caught on film, but I leave it to you to decide for yourself how real they may be. Of course, I realize that almost any photo can be hoaxed, but many of these were taken many years or even decades before digital cameras and the advent of Photoshop and other photo manipulation software came on the scene, making them somewhat more difficult to fake than it would be today. 10. The Queensland Photo, 1946 Taken in 1946 in Queensland, Australia by a mother who was taking a picture of her teenage daughter’s grave. 9. This famous photo taken in 1924 apparently shows the faces of two recently deceased crewmen appearing in the waves alongside the merchant ship S.S. 8. 7. 6. Taken by Reverend R.S. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. J.

About Women on Web — Women on Web Women on Web is a digital community of women who have had abortions and individuals and organizations that support abortion rights. Women on Web is an international collective that answers thousands of help-emails every day in many languages from women around the world. As Women on Web helps women in very many countries, there is no phone number to the helpdesk, but we will respond to every email and will support you. Never hesitate to contact us at with all your questions, we are here to help you and you can count on us! The contact address of Women on Web network is: Women on Web, PoBox 15683, 1001 ND, Amsterdam. Underneath you will also find a list of other highly respected Organizations, Foundations and Individuals that support the work of Women on Web network. The Women on Web website is collection of personal experiences and a source of reliable information. Click here to read full articles online. Video about Women on Web.

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