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New Grids — Strategy

New Grids — Strategy
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Seamless Pattern Background Designs 23 Oct 2013, 18:01 Hi, and thank you for sharing your wonderful pattern creator. I'm getting the hang of it, but there is one option that I cannot figure out how to use. I go to Pattern Cooler home and select a pattern that I want to edit (colors). I click the option to edit colors but the editor never comes up. It seems as though it gets stuck and never gets to the editor. Please help :( nN 09 Sep 2013, 02:49 it´s amezing !!! 25 Aug 2013, 17:32 I have been looking all over the web for a program that does EXACTLY this. 08 Aug 2013, 11:55 Great GREat BREAT ! Is there any way to creat a pattern ? thanks a lot sousou! 25 Jul 2013, 00:14 I can't thank you enough for what you've done here. 17 Jun 2013, 09:23 Amazing app! I may (do) have a way to send you $$ on a regular basis. Thanks! Robert 14 Jun 2013, 13:50 Great job with this. 28 May 2013, 17:45 very nice. thank you. 23 Apr 2013, 18:49 I really love what you have done! 18 Apr 2013, 16:10 hello from Ukraine... thank you for this project! May

// Andreas Preis // fantastic design works Brand identity style guides from around the world This is great! The University of Connecticut has a nice one designed by Peter Good. Web and link to PDF version. Peter did a great job of differentiating the three identities a university typically has. – The academic and marketing identity (what most would think of as the main identity). – The athletics or mascot identity. UConn has a pretty simple color palette but, many academic systems also include extra Pantone colors to be used for marketing or just for the presidential or university seal (gold, etc.). Stanford University just redid their system too! I also like Vanderbilt University’s.

Tyrsa 1.5 Million Stitch Sweatshirt by Ashley Marc Hovelle About this project Risks and challenges Challenges: Ensuring every sweatshirt has at least 1.5 million stitches due to size differences! Risks: Production errors or defects. Qualified: With over 10 years experience in the fashion industry I am able to handle all quality control checks in person before, during and after production with a full inspection before packaging to ensure our garments are of the highest standard. Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Have a question? Ask a question

Illustration Design Blog Graphisme « Salle des machines Oana Befort Quand on réussi à trouver sa spécialité, autant ne pas s'en détacher ! C'est certainement pour cette raison que Oana Befort nous offre ce beau Stitch Design Co – Produce Candle De jolis packaging de bougie "Produce" aujourd'hui, réalisé par Stitch Design Co. Karina Cukierman Sur le bateau parfois ça nous arrive de faire de la couture, de la broderie, du tricot ... OSB – Kerozen Aujourd'hui graphisme ! Fullfill – Koultoura Coffee Une identité très belle pour un café, réalisée par Fullfill. Lucille Michieli Bercée dans le graphisme depuis toute petite, Lucille Michieli fait maintenant ses preuves dans ce métier, et mène son petit bout de chemin dans Kitkat Pecson Zoom sur le travail de Kitkat Pecson, comme présentée ci-dessous : graphiste & illustratrice. Jono Garrett Follow my blog with Bloglovin Habituellement nous n'écrivons pas le dimanche, on en profite pour prendre notre temps, se pavaner sur notre canapé

Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects This new deck by Joe White follow the Contraband one. You know Joe and his amazing detailed design as we work together on the (sold out) 2015 edition of the calendar and he designed the front cover. Every single playing card within the High Victorian deck was designed from scratch - even the Aces, Jokers, and court cards exude the grand excess of ornamentation quintessential to the Victorian era. Antler is a deck designed by Tom Lane, who also creates this year edition of the front cover of the letterpress calendar! I contact Jeff Trish as I love his design of this deck, and I am pleased to say he participates in this year edition of the calendar too! As both Tom Lane and Jeff Trish participate in this year calendar I propose you 2 packs with the calendar (Deluxe or Normal) and their decks.

MoMo Modular Furniture by TACADI MoMo [mobiliario modular], is a flexible modular furniture that seeks to merge the concepts of solid and ethereal, creating practical and minimalist space configurations. Elegant and synthetic, MoMo’s noble materials combine orthogonal wooden structural lines, guided by copper nodes and a soft and flexible felt skin. The collection is conceived as an open system which includes four different modules; chair, deck chair, book shelf and table. Design: TACADI / Jerónimo Fanelli / Mecha Palacio / Bea Palacio Photography: Santiago Lopes Exhibition: “Diseño de Raíz”, Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sívori, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Design Zoom | Обзоры лучших работ в сфере дизайна и архитектуры ressources Yvonne Goas