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Rare and very interesting photos Interesting and very rare photographs, you may never see. The first McDonald’s. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Capital of Brazil, on the beginning. Pius XII and Hitler. The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings Visit Dave's bio page / Tina's bio page Online 24/7 and also at 16 Church St, Mt Holly, NJ Dave's Internet Radio Show and Podcast Visible Only From Above, Mystifying 'Nazca Lines' Discovered In Mideast The giant stone structures form wheel shapes with spokes often radiating inside. Here a cluster of wheels in the Azraq Oasis.David D. Boyer They stretch from Syria to Saudi Arabia, can be seen from the air but not the ground, and are virtually unknown to the public. They are the Middle East's own version of the Nazca Lines — ancient "geolyphs," or drawings, that span deserts in southern Peru — and now, thanks to new satellite-mapping technologies, and an aerial photography program in Jordan, researchers are discovering more of them than ever before.

Area 51 Front Gate Local anchors: White Bus Cameras The road to the front gate is long and dusty, but good enough to travel at the rated speed (45 MPH) most of its length. This view is from route 375 looking down Groom Road. The puffs of smoke are the dust trails from vehicles going down the road. I parked near the entrance of the road for about an hour just to see if anyone official looking used the road. YLM vol iii pp303/314 - Folk-Medicine (Moore) [From Yn Lioar Manninagh Vol 3 pp303/314] The methods resorted to by our ancestors for the cure of diseases may be divided into two categories. The first comprises those remedies which were employed for wholly superstitious reasons, and the second those which, though magical rites were not wholly discarded, were, for the most part, connected with the use of wholly discarded, herbs. Let us then, accordingly, divide our account of Manx Folk medicine into two parts, the first dealing with superstitious remedies. The reason for many of the superstitious methods of cure are absolutely unintelligible until the primitive conceptions of disease and death are understood.

THE HORNET SPOOK LIGHT Twelve miles southwest of Joplin, Missouri, an obscure paved road runs through a open patch of countryside. This nearly forgotten track runs across the Oklahoma border but is only about four miles long. Nearby is the former border village of Hornet, and close to that is the site of what once was a spook light museum. The place is remote and far from civilization, so why do so many people come here? They are searching for an unexplained enigma, a puzzle that most of them actually seem to find. Eighth wonder of the world? The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by 'paranormal' eccentric by HAZEL COURTENEY Last updated at 09:58 22 November 2007 Nestling in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, 30 miles from the ancient city of Turin, lies the valley of Valchiusella. Peppered with medieval villages, the hillside scenery is certainly picturesque.

How to Detect Lies - body language, reactions, speech patterns Interesting Info -> Lying Index -> How to Detect Lies Become a Human Lie Detector (Part 1) Warning: sometimes ignorance is bliss. After gaining this knowledge, you may be hurt when it is obvious that someone is lying to you.

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