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12 Addicting Websites You Won't Be Able To Leave. Play online, learn online and feed the hungry. What would happen if I drilled a tunnel through the center of th" Want to really get away from it all?

What would happen if I drilled a tunnel through the center of th"

The farthest you can travel from home (and still remain on Earth) is about 7,900 miles (12,700 kilometers) straight down, but you'll have to journey the long way round to get there: 12,450 miles (20,036 kilometers) over land and sea. 25 Things I've Learned In My 20s & Thought Catalog. 50 Of Life’s Little Pleasures. 1.

50 Of Life’s Little Pleasures

The scrumptious residue left on your fingers after eating Doritos or Cheetos products. 2. Completing a form on the internet without missing a required field, on the first attempt. LibraryGhost - Powered by Southern Ghost Stories, Folktales, Myths and Legends from The Moonlit Aokigahara: Japan's Haunted Forest of Death. Located at the base of Mt.

Aokigahara: Japan's Haunted Forest of Death

Fuji, Aokigahara is perhaps the most infamous forest in all of Japan. Also known as the Sea of Trees, Suicide Forest, and Japan’s Demon Forest, Aokigahara has been home to over 500 confirmed suicides since the 1950s. 20 Spectacular Abandoned Mansions of the World. All over the world, grand mansions, stately homes and other opulent residences that have fallen into ruin are reminders of an elegant past and the changing nature of the times. Underscoring both a rich history and the transience of existence, the reasons behind their abandonment may range from lost fortunes and changing fashions to war, violence and myriad other factors.

Today, the crumbling remnants of these great houses serve as a window in time and offer urban explorers the opportunity to capture the ruins in all their glory. In this article, we’ll travel to 20 of the most impressive abandoned mansions across the world. (Images) 56 Inspirational Picture Quotes That Will Motivate Your Mind. Now and then when we need a little Inspiration we often reach for a daily quote or motivational video.

(Images) 56 Inspirational Picture Quotes That Will Motivate Your Mind

So I decided to share 56 of my favorite picture quotes, share them with your friends or plaster them on your wall and desktop for your daily Inspiration. Ten games that make you think about life. At the start of this year, we decided to come up with a list of Flash casual games with a philosophical bent.

Ten games that make you think about life

To be honest, we struggled. After days of research, we could only find a handful of games that had the thought-provoking depth we were looking for. Our list (which you can view by clicking here) was therefore only five games long. Fast forward to now, and it is remarkable how much difference a few months can make. Thanks to the work of pioneers like Daniel Benmergui, Gregory Weir and PixelAnte, there is now an abundance of clever arty Flash games to pique our intellects, and as a result creating this follow-up list of games that make you think has been a doddle.

In a wonderful twist, it seems it is the Flash gaming space - until now known more for the throwaway nature of its games rather than depth - that is leading the way in this exciting new area of gaming, as we hope the following games prove. 1Immortall The game starts with you crash landing on a planet. 950+ Photoshop Tutorials To Keep Your Skillset Updated. I know how much everyone loves tutorials, I know I love writing them too. Well in this post I have taken my time to roundup some Photoshop Tutorials and some Photoshop Roundups that I think is valid to be featured in this post. I know quite a few people are going to love me for this, but let’s keep it professional. If you think that I was kidding about the title, well then you’re making a mistake, there is really 1000 tutorials in this post. I hope you guys enjoy the post and the resources. Design a Brilliant Product Advertisement Source. Explore Topics at Anobii - Find New Books to Read.

Ten Most Extreme Substances Known to Man. 50 Amazingly Helpful Time-Tested Tips for the Kitchen. What You Wish You'd Known Before Your Job Interview. 50 Problem Words and Phrases. Youtube Documentaries - Mobile. Everyones Mixtape.

Love letters. 10 of the Weirdest Futurist Scenarios for the Evolution of Humanity. Curious to know which of these visions you feel is the most and least plausible.

10 of the Weirdest Futurist Scenarios for the Evolution of Humanity

I've got to hand it to you, Mr. THE HORNET SPOOK LIGHT. Twelve miles southwest of Joplin, Missouri, an obscure paved road runs through a open patch of countryside.


This nearly forgotten track runs across the Oklahoma border but is only about four miles long. Nearby is the former border village of Hornet, and close to that is the site of what once was a spook light museum. Rare and very interesting photos. Interesting and very rare photographs, you may never see.

Rare and very interesting photos

The first McDonald’s. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. UNEXPLAINED AMERICA - UNSOLVED MYSTERIES! Expand your vocabulary! Creepypasta Index. My name is Andrew Erics.

Creepypasta Index

I lived, once, in a city called New York. 5 Freewriting Secrets for Being a &Genius&. You've heard of freewriting, certainly. At its most basic, it's about forcing your internal editor to stay away while you splash your most raw and unusual thoughts onto the page. In Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insights, and Content (2nd edition, revised & updated), Mark Levy tells how he uses freewriting, not only to loosen up his writing muscles, but to solve business problems of all kinds. Levy, author, writing teacher, and marketing strategist, shares a few "secrets" for making freewriting an indispensible tool: 5 Freewriting Tips. 100 Websites You Should Know and Use.

In the spring of 2007, Julius Wiedemann, editor in charge at Taschen GmbH, gave a legendary TED University talk: an ultra-fast-moving ride through the “100 websites you should know and use.”

100 Websites You Should Know and Use

Six years later, it remains one of the most viewed TED blog posts ever. Most Popular Repurposing Tricks of 2011. The Best of British - The Americans guide to speaking British... - StumbleUpon. Thinking Of Our Relationship, Thinking Of You, Boyfriend Poem - StumbleUpon. Psychologists chase down sleep demons - StumbleUpon.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- What do Moby Dick, the Salem witch trials and alien abductions all have in common? They all circle back to sleep paralysis. Less than 8 percent of the general population experiences sleep paralysis, but it is more frequent in two groups -- students and psychiatric patients -- according to a new study by psychologists at Penn State and the University of Pennsylvania. Sleep paralysis is defined as "a discrete period of time during which voluntary muscle movement is inhibited, yet ocular and respiratory movements are intact," the researchers state in the current issue of Sleep Medicine Reviews.