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Exploring the impact of Apple's iPad on schools & schooling.

Exploring the impact of Apple's iPad on schools & schooling.

Apps in Education 20 Amazing iPad Apps for Educators When one looks at how technology has changed education over the past decade, one can’t help but be blown away by the sheer number of iPad apps for educators that have absolutely flooded the electronic marketplace. There are so many iPad apps for teachers released every month that even the most plugged-in educator would have a difficult time processing and utilizing them all. Luckily, when teachers are looking to learn how to use iPads in the classroom, they need to look no further than TeachHUB magazine and -- an educator’s primary go-to resource when researching iPad apps for teachers and iPads in the classroom. Read on to learn about TeachHUB magazine and’s updated list of the hottest iPad apps for teachers and iPad apps for education, destined to forever alter your curriculum landscape, organized here by subject. Scroll down for an index of many of TeachHUB's helpful iPads in the classroom app reviews and more of the best usage of iPads in the classroom. Trello

iPad for every child at Clevedon - if the parents pay for them Clevedon Community School are hoping to get iPads for each child Comments (0) STUDENTS at Clevedon Community School could soon each have their own iPad in the classroom – as long as their parents are willing to pay for them. Leaders at the school are holding meetings next week to talk to parents about the possibility of all 1,233 students having their own iPads to help them with their studies. The school has been trying out Apple iPads since May, with 25 students and teachers being issued with the tablet computers. The trial has proved positive and now school bosses are looking at two different schemes to provide the hand held computers for students. iPads retail at between £300 and £400 – and parents will be asked to pay for the tablet computers for their children. Students who get free school meals will have an iPad purchased for them by the school. Clevedon School is the first school in North Somerset to look at such a scheme. Mr Bowkett added: "The time is right for the school.

Tools to Teach Paperless | Thinkspiration™ The Inspiration® Software Blog One hundred acres of rainforest are cut down each minute to help fuel our 85 million tons of annual paper consumption in the United States. This equates to each American using about a single 100-foot Douglas fir tree every year in paper products. These products include the notebooks, handouts, books, printed documents and more that are used in classrooms across the United States. While at times it is necessary for students to have paper copies or hand-written notes, paper conservation is a lesson that can begin in the classroom with the help of technology. Why Teach Paperless?The use of paper is not only costly to districts’ tight budgets, but it also is hard on our environment. This diagram, created in Inspiration®, may be downloaded for any non-commercial use. What Tools Help You Go Green? Below are just a few ideas you can incorporate into your classroom: With so much technology at our fingertips, we can cut back on our paper consumption. Mona Westhaver

Learning and Teaching with iPads 8 Great Free Web Resources Focused on Using the iPad in Education The popularity of the iPad in our schools continues to grow, and with it, the proliferation of related web articles, tips, how-to's, and so on. This week we searched out some excellent free Internet based web sites and resources dedicated to the use of the iPad in the instructional setting. 1. Apple's Education Resources for the iPad It should come as no surprise that the iPad's maker has done a good job of putting together pages dedicated to education related applications and uses for it's popular tablet. Here Apple has put together links to apps grouped by Academic Subject. For each subject section, they provide a few specific app examples, plus one or more links to applicable subsets of apps in the iTunes store (e.g. 2. 3. ( This is a unique site, in that it has a great side bar for searching for content. 5. 6. 8. Bonus!

iPads in Education - Exploring the use of iPads and Tablet computers in education. The school that gives every student an iPad: How the system was set up Although using an iPad is simple, setting up the school's system was anything but for Fraser, and limitations in Apple's ecosystem soon became apparent. The school currently has an Xserve providing user-login services to iMacs and notebooks, and Fraser's "beloved" iMac suite was dismantled, to enable each classroom to house an iMac. Each morning, pupils log in to accounts to sync their iPads with their class's iMac. Secondary pupils each have their own library, enabling a certain amount of customisation (such as podcast subscriptions); in primary, every iPad is synchronised to the same account. In terms of app purchase and deployment, Fraser buys apps on his computer and copies them elsewhere via Home Sharing. "No iTunes account can buy an app more than once, and it would take too long to create an account for each pupil. The downside Elsewhere, problems exist. Even the thorny issue of funding never became a block. Time to relax First published in MacFormat Issue 228 Liked this?

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