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iPod Touch/iPhone App Round Up for Users with Significant Disabilities and Those who Teach Them

iPod Touch/iPhone App Round Up for Users with Significant Disabilities and Those who Teach Them
Updated June 19, 2010 Please note YGWYPF notation means "You get what you pay for!"T&T means the blog author uses this applicationBIC is Best in Category, based only on the authors impression, no other criteria are in play * means that the app has been used by the author Related:  Apps for special needs

Education - Special Education Complete Guide to educational and special needs apps, complete list at One Place for Special Needs Complete guide to educational and special needs apps With over 300,000 apps it's easy to become overwhelmed by the number of app choices. It's also easy to spend a small fortune on a lot of useless apps. As a special needs parent I wanted to get right to the "good stuff" and figured you did too. Check out our guide that breaks down the best of the apps by skill set so you can easily find and buy apps that most benefit your child. Great for kids with autism, ADHD, apraxia, learning disability, sensory issues and more. by Dawn Villarreal, One Place for Special Needs Android apps (all) Android does not have the nice interface of iTunes for viewing apps on the Internet as opposed to your device. Aphasia appsApps specific to those with aphasia Apraxia appsApps specific to those with Childhood Apraxia of Speech Articulation appsApps that focus on articulation. Auditory memory apps Auditory memory is the ability to remember what you heard. Autism appsApps specific to those on the autism spectrum

Special Education Apps for iPad Add In my classroom , I was blessed to have students from amazingly diverse backgrounds and with an array of skills and strengths. I worked relentlessly to build in supports and foster an inclusive community for all of my students. This meant cutting, laminating, velcro-ing, washing, re-making, and constructing what felt like a million supportive learning devices for my students with and without special needs. Now, having an iPad, I often play around with apps that I realize would have been incredibly beneficial for my students with special needs. Continuing with our Education Apps for iPad series, here are some apps grouped by category that students, parents, and teachers can leverage to support all learners! Communication Proloquo2Go . Grace . iConverse . iConverse is a simpler and cheaper AAC device that focuses on basic needs. TapToTalk . iCommunicate . Behavior First Then Visual Schedule . AutismXpress . CBTReferee . Earn It Stars . Skills Everyday Skills . iDress for Weather .

10 Important jQuery Selectbox/DropDown Plugins In this article i have list 10 very useful and important plugins for designers and developers. I was busy in last few days on a very project and i need some selectboxes which can filter options, multi-Selections, auto complete and search option in huge select list so i got some very useful jquery plugins and today i thought why not share these plugins with you. i am sure it would get an important place in your plugins library. Image Combo Box if you tired with your old fashion selectbox try this one. Image combo box. You can add an icon with each option. Source McDropDown if you needed to develop a unique UI control that would allow users to select from a complex hierarchical tree of options, then this plugin is for you. Source Search Box with Filter This search box reveals a drop down menu after the user clicks into the input field. Source jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget I highly recommend you use this version over the plugin version. Source Droplist Filter Source jQuery Selectbox plugin Source Source

50 Must-Have Educational Apps It’s time for holiday road trips and you know what that means: driving, flying, cranky kids, and… teaching opportunities! What’s that, you say? Well, there is so much downtime during the holidays where kids and adults spend hours just passing the time… why not try out some new apps on your phone? Many of these apps were found by The Teaching Palette, be sure to check out their fantastic site for more helpful resources! From learning the ABCs to doodling, there’s plenty of terrific apps out there that will pass the time but also educate. *Most of the links below are to the iTunes store which will open another window and/or iTunes. Great Apps For Kids (And Adults) Alphabet Animals Perfect for your talented toddler, this game is packed with colorful animations, animal sounds, and tons of tips for learning their letters. WordSearch Kids Kids search and highlight vocabulary words by tapping the first and last letters. Mad Libs Just as goofy and fun as your remember. SmackTalk Annoying?

A Look at Accessibility and VoiceOver in iOS 5-- The Mac-cessibility Network – News [] As is our custom at Mac-cessibility, we won’t be covering the more general enhancements and additions to the iOS operating system which powers Apple’s mobile devices in this review. While some of the new features will certainly be relevant to our discussion, we’re going to be primarily focussing on what’s new in terms of accessibility, especially where regards VoiceOver. A Note on Timing A few people have asked us why we waited so long to publish our review of iOS 5 and the new features found in VoiceOver. General Accessibility A subtle but welcome change in iOS 5.0 for totally blind users is the default setting for the triple-click of the Home button. Low-vision users can use a three-finger triple tap to toggle the Zoom magnification feature on or off at any time. Like ringtones, users can now define custom vibration patterns, and assign these patterns to specific contacts when they call or text. VoiceOver in General VoiceOver’s settings have been expanded and refined in iOS 5. Wrap Up

IPad Tips & Tutorials | iPad Academy - Part 4 Using the Back Button or Previous Page in the Safari Web Browser on the iPad A participant in my Master Class recently asked this question: How do I go “back” in Safari? Sometimes the “back” button works and sometimes it doesn’t. Here’s my reply: When you tap on a link on a webpage, one of two things generally happens: 1. Continue reading... How to Open Adobe Digital Editions Books on the iPad – Dealing with DRM I recently received this request for help with reading an Adobe eBook format on the iPad: I have tried to download purchased epub files to my ipad by following the instructions for itunes. Continue reading... iPad Video Lessons – Learning to Use the iPad – A Story, A Gift and A Deal In January 2012, I launched the iPad Academy Master Class, my series of online video lessons to help others learn to use the iPad. Continue reading... iPad Tip: How to Open Videos Attached to Email Messages I recently received this request for help from one of the members of my iPad Academy Master Class.

Special Needs iphone/ itouch apps jQuery Slideshow & Content Slider Plugin For Wordpress | SlideDeck iPad Curriculum 喷嚏网----阅读、发现和分享:8小时外的健康生活! iPad Insight | iPad blog for app reviews, news, tips,how-tos iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education

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