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6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pi Today is Pi Day. You know, March 14. 3/14 is sort of like 3.14. Get it? OK, it’s a bit of a stretch because 3/14 looks like a fraction and not Pi. Whatever. 7 Sites for Free (and Beautiful!) Stock Photos By now, many of us in the presentation business have heard the mantra, “visual is viral.” But just how seriously should we be taking it? Pretty seriously, it turns out. The proof is in the numbers. Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without (images used in SlideShare decks from 2013 to 2014 increased by a whopping 53%, according to O GRUSHA About 23 Sep uvre:Carl Andre(via berndwuersching) 23 Sep the-drawing-center: Thread Lines is on view Wed-Sun 12-6pm; Thurs 12-8pm. #Repost from @clementinestudio —- Favorite from #ThreadLines @drawingcenter // William J. O’Brien, felt on felt. Also worth seeing #LouiseBourgeois fabric line drawings (at The Drawing Center) 23 Sep magictransistor: रवीन्द्रनाथ टैगोर 23 Sep (Source: waxwingartslab, via cinoh) 11 Sep thekimonogallery:Woman with the tools of her trade. 1870’s, Japan. National Museum of Denmark(Source: Flickr / thenationalmuseumofdenmark, via goodmemory) 11 Sep (Source: sensitive, via goodmemory) 11 Sep magictransistor: The Computers Are Coming!

10+ Ways to Leave Your Pie Chart Big Data Panel from NJ Tableau User Group – Part 2Lee Feinberg, President of DecisionViz, is moderating the panel: Jose Maldonado, Verizon Wireless Jamie Fox, Tableau Software Ted Frisch, Alteryx Our presenters have nicely agreed to field a few questions and share their views on how they see big data challenges out in the real world…. Verse 12 of 10+ Ways to Leave Your Pie ChartMy company recently became an Alteryx partner and I wanted to stretch my imagination on how to fulfill the promise of this blog series, and do something pretty cool. This final verse delivers a unique viz combining the data visualization power of Tableau + Alteryx (and replaces… Verse 11 of 10+ Ways to Leave Your Pie ChartEven I am starting to feel a little sorry for the pie chart. My fellow viz peers generally accept using pie charts on maps. Andy ( might still not let this one pass as he says, “Friends don’t let friends use pie charts.”

COMPUTER ANIMATIONS AND SIMULATIONS IN GENERAL CHEMISTRY By Chung Chieh and Newman K.S. Sze Department of Chemistry,University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1 Outline Abstract Computer simulations and animations are usually excellent tools for education. 10 Most Common Rookie Mistakes in Public Speaking In this guest post, Terry Gault, Managing Partner and Vice President of The Henderson Group, provides insight into how to become a better presenter by avoiding a few common mistakes. Terry oversees all curriculum and services at The Henderson Group. In addition he is responsible for the selection, training and development of all trainers and facilitators for The Henderson Group, and has been an instructor with the Henderson Group for over 15 years. Having coached clients on presentation skills since 1997, I’ve noticed some clear patterns in the behavior of inexperienced presenters. Take a look at the prezi we've made to illustrate these 10 mistakes, and the easy ways that you can avoid them.

Mathematics Made Visible This image, drawn by Greg Egan, shows a cardioid and its catacaustic. The cardioid is a heart-shaped curve traced by a point on the perimeter of a circle that is rolling around a fixed circle of the same radius. The catacaustic of a curve in the plane is the envelope of rays emitted from some… A 3-dimensional honeycomb is a way of filling 3d space with polyhedra. Chemistry tools and simulations for teachers & parents. Chemical Structure Drawing Looking for a free chemical structure drawing tool? Then look no further as your search is now over. ACD/ChemSketch, a fantastic piece of software from Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.