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Always Up-To-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes. How to write a good business story. Commandites: «L'activation doit servir l'événement» Dans le cadre du Festival Montréal en lumières, Bell a décidé cette année d'offrir aux visiteurs une activation conjointe avec Le Massif afin de proposer une expérience inédite.

Commandites: «L'activation doit servir l'événement»

Discussion sur la stratégie de commandites en 2017 avec Nicolas Poitras de Bell. L'activation déployée cette année sur la Place des festivals permettait aux intéressés de vivre, par la réalité virtuelle, une descente du Massif (également commandité par Bell) au lever du soleil.


PR. Employee Communications. 5 ways to overcome the challenges of mobile communication. You think you have problems reaching your staff?

5 ways to overcome the challenges of mobile communication

Try communicating to 12,000 employees when 80 percent of them are not desk-bound—or even earthbound. That's the challenge that communicators for Canadian airline WestJet faced when they decided to amp up mobile messaging to its far-flung staff. WestJet employs pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers and others in airports across Canada and elsewhere, says Robin Farr, director of internal communications and culture manager. Some are on the road for days at a time, and powering up the laptop might not be a priority for an crew member collapsing in a hotel after a redeye flight. WestJet isn't alone in recognizing the need for mobile. In the survey, "The State of Internal Communications," 83 percent of respondents say they aren't using text or mobile, making it the least-used channel. [Free download: Want better employee engagement?

Mobile holds more promise than intranets do, says Shel Holtz of Holtz Communications + Technology. 1. 11 must-read articles for communicators. “I am surprised to see how much I have written; with stories, even a page can take me hours, but the truth seems to flow out as fast as I can get it down.”

11 must-read articles for communicators

—from Dodie Smith’s “I Capture the Castle.” Having recently published my 300th blog post, I can now say with assurance, “I wrote a blog about that once,” whenever my colleagues bring up random discussion topics. Below are a few posts of mine that might be useful to corporate communicators and PR pros: 1. Le blog du communicant. 15 tips for improving your photos and videos. Communicators tend to think of themselves as wordsmiths, whether it's writing press releases or cranking out stories for the intranet.

15 tips for improving your photos and videos

Nowadays the demand for photography and video skills are rising, given that nearly everyone owns a photography studio in the form of a smartphone. The question is how to take better pictures? Yes, by all means, hire a pro if you possibly can. Professional-quality photos or video matter. Sometimes, though, you're forced to snap a shot. So we sought out tips from professional photographers and videographers. 1. The famous war photographer Robert Capa once advised, "If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough. " Of course, he also died on the job when he stepped on a landmine, notes Kristin Griffin of Kristin Griffin Photography. 2. Shoot from far away, medium distance and close up, says Alyssa Craft, a videographer with Pure Living for Life, a site for people who quit the city to start a homestead from scratch. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Choix CRM: 9 éléments clés à considérer. Avec l'avènement des technologies de l'information au cours des dernières décennies, nous avons assisté à plusieurs bouleversements sur le plan culturel, économique et social.

Choix CRM: 9 éléments clés à considérer

Du côté des entreprises, nous avons assisté à une informatisation des systèmes de gestion. Dans ce contexte, les CRM ont fait leur apparition. Bien que les CRM ne sont plus considérés comme nouveaux sur l'échiquier des solutions technologiques dans les organisations, ils demeurent peu connus et plusieurs entreprises ont de la difficulté à les implanter efficacement. Lorsqu'elles y arrivent, c'est le support à plus long terme qui fait défaut. Souvent, le problème est à la source. Dans cet article, nous verrons 9 éléments à considérer dans le choix d'un CRM. 1-Vérifier la compatibilité avec les outils déjà en place Un premier élément à vérifier avant de choisir un CRM est la compatibilité des solutions CRM que vous envisagez avec les outils qui sont déjà implantés dans votre entreprise.

6 sources for unique stock photos. It's no secret that for today's bloggers, many websites are offering free, high-quality stock photography.

6 sources for unique stock photos

While lots of these websites are wonderful, the sheer volume of images available on them can be overwhelming to sift through. These sites tend to be generalists, offering a smaller number of photos across a broader range of categories. If you're looking for something unique, specific or offbeat, you might end up searching multiple sites to find that one perfect image you need. Luckily, a handful of free stock photo websites are targeted toward a specific niche or category. Whether your blog caters to foodies, history buffs or creative freelancers/marketers, you can find a stock photo site worth checking out. Why It's Not Too Late To Start A Blog (And 7 Steps To Get Started)