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A weekly Saturday recap to share with you our favorite links, discoveries, exhibitions, and more from the past seven days. This week: a perfect marriage of plant and pot, a permanent home for a previously nomadic gallery, and a ceramic series inspired by the Fantastic Four. Introducing the Gramaway on Sight Unseen! Every month you’ll be able to enter to win a prize by Instagramming your best image in response to a related theme. We’re kicking off the series with this 8-inch long, neon-yellow tassel by the Brooklyn design duo Fredericks & Mae, who we profiled back in 2010, and who will be launching their brand new 2014 collection — of which this tassel is a part — at next month’s Sight Unseen OFFSITE show. Fredericks & Mae have built a practice around tools, games, and vaguely ritualistic objects “with confused origins,” they say; the tassel may not have an obvious provenance or use, but it’s a lovely decorative object nonetheless.

Le voyage créatif Let me take you with me on one of my afternoon strolls through the city. It takes time to get to know a new place, and I’m an eager explorer. So I use as much time as I can running between work and some classes to sniff out places I can call my own. Amazing DIY Lamp Of A Waste Bin Amazing lamp of a waste bin done with your own hands? Of course, it’s possible. You’ll need a $2 wire waste basket, scrapes of fabric of beautiful color and pattern, a “hemma” cord set from Ikea. You can do it very easily: snip out a space to feed the cord through. Cut strips of fabric to weave and wrap around basket. Weave fabric strip through basket about every 6 inches.

Jane Stockdale’s lush, personable photographs of the Kosovo Olympic team There are few young photographers better charged with the task of capturing an Olympic training season than Jane Stockdale. No stranger to documenting athletes, she brings out the almost psychological element of competitive sportsmanship, which we have seen in her photographs of England’s football team and portraits of a Team GB sprinter. The 2016 Olympics will mark the first time in history that Kosovo will compete in the Games, and to preserve this moment of anticipation, Jane has been on the sidelines of the training program, beautifully documenting the Kosovo team as they prepare. “They’re all really humble, really hard working and a lot of them can’t believe they have this chance,” she says. “Some of them have brothers and sisters who are also really great athletes but they just never had the opportunity to compete.”

Module H, par Shigeru Ban pour Hermès L'an passé, Hermès lançait, après la réédition du mobilier de Jean-Michel Frank, sa collection de mobilier contemporain avec de grands noms comme Antonio Cittorio ou Enzo Mari. Pour la deuxième édition présentée l'autre semaine, au salon du mobilier de Milan, Hermès a collaboré avec un architecte japonais, Shigeru Ban, qui a créé un système modulaire de panneaux en aluminium, sous le nom de Module H, soit pour couvrir des murs, sout pour créer des divisions dans une pièce. Le système se développe en trois étapes : - 1ère étape : la pose d'une structure en aluminium au mur.

Link wall panel de ANNE KYYRÖ QUINN Link wall panel Fabricant ANNE KYYRÖ QUINN Année de lancement 2006 Numéro ID d'Architonic 1043226 Request catalogue PDF catalogues Offer volvo changes the way we commute in autonomous cars with modifiable interior concept nov 20, 2015 volvo changes the way we commute in autonomous cars with modifiable interior concept volvo changes the way we commute in autonomous cars with modifiable interior concept all images courtesy of volvo it is during the commute and on long-haul highway trips that people are most willing to delegate the act of driving to their car. with that in mind volvo has developed ‘concept 26’ – a morphing interior cabin that prioritizes the driver in doing something important while the responsibility of steering is delegated to the car’s on boarding self-driving system. the adapting volvo cabin video courtesy of volvo the cabin in driving mode

Inspirations pastel world credits and source: Obsolete Collections Fine Art Events We Love Contact All New Arrivals The Curator 09 Nov, 2012 Dear BFF, The ‘forever’ part is starting to feel like a real hassle. Interior Design « cabbagerose …dream a little dream for me…Float House by one of my favorite firms…Pitsou Kedem Architect… via …it’s Monday morning and time to get to work making a difficult choice…fab kitchens by raad studio, NYC…both complete with blackboards…one with a ladder and mega counter…one with a bench and a view…which would you choose?

HAPPY SEXY WEEKEND! Blue Frog Acoustic Lounge :: Serie Architects Mumbai, India Planning a hot date? Or looking for a sexy night out on the town? Indulge in Sheer Luxury at the Elegant Armani Hotel Dubai Armani Hotel Dubai, the first hotel designed by Giorgio Armani, in collaboration with leading property developer Emaar Properties PJSC, in Burj Khalifa, is offering visitors to Dubai an unprecedented choice for luxurious indulgence in elegant settings. Since opening, the hotel has welcomed several thousand guests, who seek an exclusive lifestyle experience with signature suites and rooms designed by Giorgio Armani, a delectable range of food and beverage choices, or the first in-hotel Armani/SPA. A spokesperson for Emaar Hotels & Resorts, said: “Armani Hotel Dubai has created a new benchmark in luxury hospitality, pushing the accepted norms and frontiers in the industry.