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Director of U.S. Political Parties DEMOCRATIC PARTY (DNC) - The Democrats won the White House in 2008 and 2012, won some key governorships (PA, NY, MO, MN, and CA) -- but lost control of the US House in 2010, and lost the US Senate in 2014. Democrats run the wide gamut from the near Euro-style democratic-socialist left (Barbara Lee, Raúl Grijalva and the Congressional Progressive Caucus) and traditional liberals (Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden) to the pragmatic "centrist" moderate-to-liberal style (Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner) to the Dem center-right (Harry Reid and the New Democratic Coalition) to the dwindling GOP-style center-conservative right (Joe Manchin, Blue Dog Coalition). Official affiliated national Democratic sites include: REPUBLICAN PARTY (RNC) - Republicans lost control of the Presidency in 2008 and 2012.

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi Bhikkhu Bodhi is an American Buddhist monk from New York City. Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1944, he obtained a BA in philosophy from Brooklyn College (1966) and a PhD in philosophy from Claremont Graduate School (1972). Drawn to Buddhism in his early 20s, after completing his university studies he traveled to Sri Lanka, where he received novice ordination in 1972 and full ordination in 1973, both under the late Ven.

I Was Relentlessly Harassed by the Media After Cutting My Own Penis Off Andre Johnson, a.k.a. Christ Bearer Last year, one of the biggest mental health-related stories to hit the mainstream was the case of Andre "Christ Bearer" Johnson, the Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated rapper who hacked off his own penis while high on angel dust and suffering from depression. The media frenzy surrounding his story was intense; he went from only being known among underground hip-hop fans to being plastered across the pages of nearly every newspaper and celebrity gossip magazine. It was bullying on a grand scale, with mainstream journalists mocking him for a potentially fatal act of self-harm. For World Mental Health Day (October 10), I decided to get in touch with him to see what impact the actions of the press had on his recovery.

150520100607.htm#.VV2wONPmBPA Researchers have found a way to couple the properties of different two-dimensional materials to provide an exceptional degree of control over light waves. They say this has the potential to lead to new kinds of light detection, thermal-management systems, and high-resolution imaging devices. The new findings -- using a layer of one-atom-thick graphene deposited on top of a similar 2-D layer of a material called hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) -- are published in the journal Nano Letters. The Primaries Project: Understanding American Parties and Factions Editor's Note: This blog post is part of The Primaries Project series, where veteran political journalists Jill Lawrence and Walter Shapiro, along with scholars in Governance Studies, examine the congressional primaries and ask what they reveal about the future of each political party and the future of American politics. In more than 200 years of American history, two things have been true about our politics. One, Americans really hate the whole idea of political parties and they proudly tell friends and pollsters that they vote “for the person, not the party.” And two, the best predictor of a person’s vote is their political party. In spite of what they say, most Americans identify with one party or the other most of the time and they vote for their party with an amazing degree of consistency. The two American political parties are, as the saying goes, “big tents.”

Stoa del Sol The Stoa of the ancient Greco-Roman world was a teaching forum for the philosophical precepts of Stoicism. First expounded upon by Zeno of Citium (c. 366-264 b.c.e.), Stoicism was one of the loftiest and most sublime philosophies in the record of Western civilization. Its scope included a cosmology, logic, and ethics. How to Be a Good Kisser – 10 Tips From Scientific Research What Does Science Say About How To Be A Good Kisser? Regular readers might be saying “What the hell is this, Cosmo Magazine?” In all fairness, how to be a good kisser is something no one really gets instruction in. Yet, it can be a huge part of one’s personal life and the sources we do get info from are, well, far from scientific. Let’s tackle it.

Big data, IoT to boost Taiwan's information services sector| Viktor Mayer Schorberger gives a speech on Big Data at a forum in Taipei, June 9, 2014. (File photo/Chen Hsin-han) Global efforts in developing big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are expected to give a boost to Taiwan's information services industry, the Market Intelligence Center (MIC) said Saturday. On the back of development in these two sectors, Taiwan's information service market is estimated to grow to NT$176.3 billion (US$5.78 billion) in 2018 from a projected NT$156.7 billion (US$25.2 billion) for 2015, the MIC said. Operating under the government-sponsored Institute for Information Industry (III), the Center added that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the sector is expected to grow 4.5% during the four-year period, indicating stable growth.

What is The Libertarian Party? The Libertarian Party is your representative in American politics. It is the only political organization which respects you as a unique and competent individual. America's Heritage Flaneur Magazine »Rome is so boring, Rome is so dry.« Architectural performance group LAC, ATI and Stalker believe the answer to Rome’s future is the transformation of the ancient ruin Largo Argentina (located on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II) into a lake. Let the Romans swim! Let Romans touch their history instead of viewing it from afar! After several brainstorming sessions (scuba diving gear, crabs and safety floats being mentioned) Flaneur and the performers/architects met by the ruin armed with flyers, posters, empty vessels for collecting water and a model of the ruin-turned-lake including live gold fish. Through skills of persuasion we got passer-byers to sign petitions noting down how much water they are willing to donate, then as a symbolic start to the controversial transformation every petitioner had to take water from a fountain and pour it into the ruin. Some concerns arose: what would happen to the cat population home among the ruins and wouldn’t the water be harmful to the ruins?

This Hellish Underground Fire Has Burned for 100 Years Fires rage unimpeded just below the earth’s surface in Jharia, India, slowly consuming a vast store of coal and occasionally opening immense chasms that swallow everything above them. Johnny Haglund documents what it’s like living with such an inferno for The Earth is on Fire, which recently took second place at Pictures of the Year International for Science and Natural History Picture Story. The best explanation is the fires, which started in 1916, are the result of coal mines that were improperly shut down. Twenty years ago, the earth opened and destroyed 250 houses in just two hours. Over time the flames have chewed through 41 million tons of the coal, worth billions of dollars.

?utm_content=buffer74899&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter Mike Curtis may not have the typical background of someone dedicated to vanquishing bureaucracy. AltaVista, AOL, Yahoo, Facebook — he’s a veteran of some legendary Silicon Valley behemoths. Now VP of Engineering for Airbnb, he's at the helm of a small but rapidly growing team.